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When looking for a professional East York roofing contractor, Universal Roofs should be your first choice. Helping homeowners for over 17 years will all roofing and skylight needs.

East York Roofing Company

Universal Roofs‘ professional crews have been providing East York business owners and residents with the highest standard of roofing services – repair and maintenance facilities – for years. Our comprehensive knowledge and skills can fix and rectify roofing problems in a very efficient and timely manner. This consistent approach has, in turn, helped local property owners to evade more substantial and wasteful structural maintenance to their homes or buildings while also extending their roof lifetime.

Residents and business owners in East York rely on their roofs to shelter them and their homes and businesses from the extreme temperatures endured throughout the year in this Toronto neighborhood, and most of their roofs perform as expected. Given this durability, though, the combination of repeated exposure to the elements and general aging of a roof can adversely affect its integrity, resulting in a need for repair work or maybe a complete replacement of the roof.

Universal Roofs Inc. Provides a Complete Range of East York Roofing Services

Our East York Roofing Services

At Universal Roofs Inc., we are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers by providing excellent, reliably effective, and genuine support. When renovators, property owners, and companies hire us, they know they can expect nothing but top-quality and effective services. We are proud to be an East York roofing specialist, and in all our offerings, we still strive to exceed expectations. Our services are as follows:


You should count on your friendly East York roofer to come to your rescue if you have a roofing problem. We have experienced specialists in roofing who are readily available during regular office hours. Trust all your emergency roof repair needs with us!


​Particularly for commercial properties, flat roofing has always been a popular choice for roofing. The experts in Universal roofs have the expertise and knowledge you can rely on to install long-lasting flat roofing systems.


Being your nearest East York roofing expert, enjoy a trouble-free skylight installation when you hire us. Let us help you build a stunning, high-performance skylight. A Skylight roofing system is excellent to help you reduce energy costs and increase the value of your property!


From top-of-the-line asphalt to high-quality slate and metal shingles, we offer a wide range of shingle roofing. It can be a daunting task to upgrade your roof, so allow our professional roofers to help you choose the right style, material, and color for your home.


Ventilation is one of the roofing system’s most essential components. It can affect the overall level of ventilation, temperature, and humidity in your home. If you need a roof vent facility, it can be great to have a reliable roofing contractor by your side!


A leaky roof is one of the primary homeowners’ concerns. Ignored, it can also cause a myriad of mold, dry rot, and even flood problems. Don’t wait until it’s too late to put an end to your leaky roof, trust our East York roofers!


We are proud to say that we offer some of the best metal roofing products in East York. We also provide quality artistry, excellent warranties, and reasonable prices that can suit your budget.

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