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Attic space can serve as convenient storage space and is often upgraded and utilized as an additional room or office in many homes. The benefits of a properly maintained attic are evident throughout Toronto, with homeowners using their attics for their full potential.

Attics with proper ventilation and insulation will significantly contribute to your home’s overall heat management. Sound insulation will prevent heat loss during the cold winter, saving you money regarding heating costs. Adequate ventilation and insulation increase the life expectancy of roof shingles because excessive summer heat exposure is limited. Proper ventilation and insulation will prevent mold and mildew from growing in the attic space, ensuring a safe home for you and your family.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Attic

Since 2005, Universal Roofs managed to gain a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work. Skilled and experienced roofers can assist customers with every type of roofing project. Specialist attic services are just one of Universal Roofs’ fields of expertise.

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, our team of professional roofers will deliver friendly and efficient service. We are known for honest and fair business practices around Greater Toronto. With a visit and inspection of your attic, Universal Roofs’ specialists will be able to determine the scope of the attic work and will provide you with a free estimate. No matter the size or type of attic service you require, Universal Roofs’ team of experienced roofers will be up for the task.

The attic services Universal Roofs specializes in include the following:

  • Attic insulation
  • Attic insulation removal
  • Attic insulation upgrade
  • Attic ventilation

Attic Insulation

Universal Roofs attic insulation services will start with meticulously inspecting your attic space. We will discuss insulation options with you and identify the preparation and installation process. We will prepare a detailed and honest estimate without hidden costs or charges. The best materials and techniques will guarantee good value for your money.

We will schedule the project for a time convenient to you. Universal Roofs’ attic specialist will start by adequately preparing the attic space by cleaning and repairing any minor defects and ensuring no mould or mildew is present. Only after meticulous preparation the insulation is expertly installed.

We will update you during the attic insulation installation project to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Upon completion of the attic installation, Universal Roofs will leave the work area neat and clean of any debris or waste material.

Attic Insulation Removal

Universal Roof’s properly equipped attic specialists can remove all attic insulation quickly and professionally. The most effective and safest techniques are used during the insulation removal, keeping you and your family safe from any airborne risks from the old insulation.

Universal Roofs will start with inspecting the attic and then provide you with a complimentary and all-inclusive estimate. We will schedule the project according to your availability.

Using the best techniques gained from years of experience, Universal Roofs will quickly remove the old insulation and keep your attic space clean.

Universal Roofs will work diligently to ensure you are delighted with the result.

Attic Insulation Upgrade

Universal Roofs can do all attic insulation upgrades. With improved materials and techniques available, upgrading the insulation in your attic can be done quickly and affordably.

Old age and visible defects or damage caused by weather or rodents are some of the reasons to contact Universal Roofs. Universal Roofs will schedule a convenient time to inspect and assess the attic insulation upgrade project and provide a free estimate for you.

Work on the attic insulation upgrade will begin at a time convenient to you. Universal Roofs will safely remove all damaged insulation. Our specialist will then repair any damage to the roof structure where needed and remove all traces of mould or mildew that might have developed. After proper preparation, Universal Roofs will install the new attic insulation. We will clean the workspace and remove all waste materials from the premises upon completion.

Keeping you updated during the attic insulation upgrade is part of our business practices, and we always work towards achieving total customer satisfaction.

Attic Ventilation

Universal Roofs specializes in attic ventilation techniques and the products available to achieve proper airflow in your attic. Adequate ventilation for hot or humid air throughout the year starts with the appropriate placement of an attic ventilation system.

Allowing for the natural flow of air out of the attic will prevent mould and mildew growth and can lower the overall temperature in your home. Additional benefits include the increased lifespan of your roof’s shingles.

Universal Roofs will assess the attic space carefully and discuss available attic ventilation options for your unique layout. We will then compile a free estimate for the attic ventilation installation. Universal Roofs always charges honest and market-related prices. When you contact us to do the work, there are no hidden charges or costs.

Our professional roofers will install the attic ventilation system quickly and securely. To meet all your expectations, Universal Roofs will keep in touch with you during the project. The last step of our attic ventilation service is to leave your attic clean and free of any debris.


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Universal Roofs has provided specialist attic services in and around Toronto since 2005. We have a proud reputation for honest and reliable service.

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