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For so long, owners of homes or offices with flat rooms wished for a skylight specifically designed for them. Well, thanks to the VELUX CFP – Flat Roof Skylights, their wishes have come through.

Generally, skylights are roofing elements that will complement and enhance the beauty and value of your home. You can think of them as transparent doorways to nature. With skylights, you get to fill your home with evenly distributed natural light and ventilate your home automatically or manually. 

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal CFP Flat Roof Skylight

Until now, skylights were only installable in homes and offices with elevated roofs. However, the innovation of CFP – Flat Roof Skylights now makes it possible for individuals with flat or low-pitched roofs to enjoy the skylight experience. They are especially recommended for roofs with a 0-15° pitch.

Flat roof skylights do not sacrifice quality or functionality to fit on flat roofs, courtesy of their amazing design. In fact, they have a few perks up their sleeves too. 

Key features of CFP – Flat Roof Skylights

  • Flat roof skylights typically come with a CurveTech Glass cover or a Polycarbonate dome. The CurverTech glass cover is basically curved tempered glass, which aids water dispersion off the surface. Plus, it is scratch-proof and highly leak-resistant. The Polycarbonate dome on the other hand is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and has edge-to-edge counter flashing that makes it leak-proof. 
  • They have a maintenance-free PVC curb with polystyrene insulation and lacquered aluminum cladding, meaning they require little to no maintenance. In addition to this, they also possess a double-glazed low-energy pane that makes them highly energy-efficient (heat never escapes unless you say so!)
  •  A unique design and streamlined appearance that makes them great options for almost any flat-roofed homes or office buildings.
  • They have excellent external noise-suppression capabilities, a function of the glass domes.
  • Drywall groove for interior finish
  • AA fire rated.
  • The smooth coating on the glass surface makes them easy to clean.
  • They are available in 5 sizes for CurveTech glass and 6 sizes for polycarbonate domes
  • They come in circular and rectangular shapes. 

Accessories for CFP- Flat Roof Skylights

You can make your flat roof skylight experience even better by trying out any of the available accessories. These accessories add extra functionality to your skylight, without sacrificing style.


Usually, CFP- Flat roof skylights come with control rods for their operations, but this accessory makes electric venting and control with CFP- Flat roof skylights possible. With this accessory, you can operate your skylight panel via remote control from anywhere in your home. What’s more, it comes with a pre-fitted rain sensor which automatically closes the skylight when it is about to rain, courtesy of something known as the piezoelectric effect. This accessory is perfect and essential for sudden rains and storms. 


Instead of closing your skylight when it gets too bright or hot, you can opt for blinds instead. Blinds help you control light intensity in your home. Plus, they can keep indoor temperatures cool on hot summer days by reducing heat by up to 76%. 

Installation and repair of CFP- Flat roof skylights

CFP- Flat roof skylights are only nice when they are properly installed. Poor installation of skylights is bad news. You might experience a wide range of faults and issues like leaking, condensation, and whatnot. 

Plus, you have to deal with extra costs to fix these problems. To avoid this, you need to find flat roof skylight installers with a stellar track-record like Universal Roofs.

We have been in the business of installing skylights so long that we are immune to installation mistakes. The professionals in our employ are the best skylight experts in the city of Toronto, and your flat roof skylights could not be in better hands. 

We also repair all types of flat roof skylight faults. Using field knowledge and diagnostic test tools, our experts will detect the issues with your flat roof skylight and fix them without much hassle. A common misconception is that faulty skylight parts cannot be repaired, only replaced. Well, we say that it is wrong and unprofessional. Universal Roofs will fix the parts that can be fixed and recommend replacement for those damaged beyond repair. 

Our Flat Roof Skylight Installation and Repair Services

Installation and repair of CFP- Flat roof skylights don’t get any better than at Universal Roofs. With our experience and tools, you will never have to deal with the woes of poor skylight installations. Our experts are also adept at solving hardware and software skylight issues, so your faulty skylights are in good hands. 

Flat Roof Skylight handle/hinges repair Toronto – The handles or hinges of skylights tend to break, bend, or splinter due to mishandling or natural wear and tear. This is perfectly normal. To fix this, we will simply replace the damaged handle or hinges, and you’ll be able to open or close your skylight without hassle. 

Flat Roof Skylight cracks repair – The glass domes of skylights may break for reasons such as weathering or the heavy impact of external forces. But not to worry, our experts will fix this problem by filling the cracks with special materials like 2-part epoxy. This should solve the problem. But in case the glass dome is beyond repair, we will recommend replacing it with a more durable model. 

Flat Roof Skylight weather gasket repairs – Gaskets are airtight by design. But they become susceptible to becoming loose with time and it will severely affect the performance of your flat roof skylight. A simple, but temporary solution to this is to tape the inner edges of the gasket with insulation tape. On the other hand, you can reach out to certified skylight repairers like us to replace the gasket for you and get your skylight back to optimal functionality. 

If your flat roof skylight is not working as it should be, or you need to install one in your home, you should reach out to Universal Roofs today. We are also available for routine skylight maintenance practices. 


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