Skylight Services

Professional Skylight Services in Toronto

Professional Skylight Services in Toronto

Skylights offer a wide variety of benefits to your residential or commercial property. Every skylight should be professionally installed and maintained to ensure roof integrity and durability. Universal Roofers can offer you this professional service at fair and market-related prices.

Universal Roofs is a top-rated Toronto-based roofing contractor with years of experience in the industry. Commitment to customer satisfaction starts with fair and honest pricing. Open communication with our customers ensures we meet all expectations.

Our teams of professional roofers are well-trained and fully equipped, making Universal Roofs the best choice for all skylight-related services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Using only high-quality materials and the latest industry techniques for all skylight projects, we ensure the durability of all installations and repairs we do. 

Skylight Services By Universal Roofs

Universal Roofs are amongst the top-rated roofing contractors in the greater Toronto area. Their excellent reputation makes Universal Roofs the best choice for all skylight services. Skylight services we specialize in include new skylight designs and installations, repairs to existing skylights, maintenance, upgrades, and cleaning services.

Skylight Installation

The benefits of a well-designed and professionally fitted skylight can be enjoyed for many years if done professionally. Universal Roofs crews of skilled and well-equipped skylight technicians will install all new skylights perfectly. With Universal Roofs’ expert advice on available ranges of skylights, you can select the best option for your needs. Types of skylights, including fixed, vented, or tubular, will be perfectly fitted and installed by Universal Roofs.

Skylight Replacement

Universal Roofs is the best contractor to upgrade or replace existing skylights in Toronto or the surrounding areas. Our specialist skylight technicians can assess the existing skylights and provide expert advice on replacement models. It is easy to select the perfect skylight for your budget and style with the wide range in the market. You can contact us today for a free estimate.

Skylight Repairs 

Universal Roofs offers a comprehensive assessment service for skylights and the surrounding roof area, identifying any areas needing repairs. Universal Roofs does all repairs using high-quality materials and the best industry techniques. Repairing leaks, replacing seals, or removing and replacing the flashing around the skylight will be done quickly and professionally. This professional skylight repair by Universal Roofs will allow you to enjoy the skylight benefits for years.

Skylight Cleaning

Universal Roofs offers a professional skylight cleaning service. Removing dirt and debris is part of the maintenance services we provide. Universal Roofs will use the appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques to ensure no damage to the skylight during cleaning. Universal Roofs’ professional cleaning service includes a surrounding roof area and general skylight integrity assessment. We identify any areas needing attention to prevent future problems. Universal Roofs will provide a detailed complimentary estimate for any suggested maintenance or repairs upon request.

Skylight Upgrades

With new technology and materials available in the skylight industry, Universal Roofs can assist with upgrades of skylights to more energy-efficient or stylish options. Universal Roofs’ professional team of skylight technicians can work with you to select the perfect skylight for your unique needs. You can reduce heating and cooling costs to your home throughout the year by installing ventilated skylights. A modern design can add a stylish feature to your living space.

Skylight Accessories

Contact Universal Roofs today to enhance the functionality and appearance of your skylight. Our professional installers can assist with perfectly fitted blinds or shades. Universal Roofs can install remote-controlled openers with added features such as auto-closing functions to prevent water damage when rain is detected. Universal Roofs can provide all the skylight accessories you might need.

Why Choose Us?

Universal Roofs is a licensed and insured roofing contractor in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Skilled skylight technicians have years of experience in the skylight industry. Universal Roofs’ excellent reputation in the roofing and skylight industry is evident in our customers’ reviews. Universal Roofs is licensed and insured. All our customers can rely on honest and competitive pricing when contacting us.

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Universal Roofs invites you to contact us today to schedule a free estimate for all skylight services in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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Universal Roofs invites you to contact us today to schedule a free estimate for all skylight services in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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