Roof Repair in Toronto

Roofing Repair in Toronto For Your Residential Home

Roofing Repairs in Toronto for your Residential Home

Universal Roofs is one of the top-rated roofing companies in and around Toronto. The company was established in 2005 and has gained an excellent reputation for honest and reliable roofing services in the GTA. Universal Roofs’ commitment to customer satisfaction makes their services stand out.

Teams of experienced and certified roofing professionals are ready to take on all roofing projects. Our roofers possess the experience and equipment to diagnose any roofing problem and provide effective solutions. Universal Roofs will quickly and professionally repair or replace all roof damage, from missing shingles to cracks in the roofing material and leaks, to name a few.

Universal Roofs are available for emergency repairs in the event of tree or storm damage. In your time of need, Universal Roofs will repair the damage quickly to preserve the integrity of the roof structure and prevent any additional damage to the inside of your home.

Universal Roofs’ experience in the roofing industry advises homeowners to pay attention to routine roof maintenance and repairs. Exposure to all the elements, from the hot sun to heavy snowfall, impacts the integrity of your residential roof. With a detailed residential roof inspection, you can identify potential problems with shingles, flashing, gutters and eavestroughs. Universal Roofs repairs all damaged or worn components on your roof to ensure your residential roof is ready to weather any storm.

Universal Roofs only uses high-quality materials, which results in professional and durable repairs. Roof repairs are done quickly and economically by our fully equipped roofers using industry-leading techniques.

Storm and hail damage

Homeowners should not dismiss the damage a severe wind or hailstorm can cause on a roof. Damage sustained on the roof might cause minor leaks, harming insulation and roof shingles. Universal Roofs invites you to contact us for a comprehensive roof inspection after a severe weather event to ensure no damage goes undetected. Universal Roofs is ready to assist with a quick and professional inspection to keep your roof integrity intact.

Common Roof Repairs in Toronto

Shingle Replacement

Wind, hail and storm debris can cause shingles to become loose, shifted or broken. Universal Roofs can do roof shingle replacements quickly and professionally to prevent leaks or further damage.

Leak Repairs

Water leaks are one of the most common roof problems we encounter. Universal Roofs has the specialized equipment needed to locate leaks, and our professional team of roofers will do all repairs effectively, using high-quality materials and the best techniques to resolve the issue.

Skylight Repair

Universal Roofs’ specialist skylight technicians can repair, maintain or replace problematic skylights for residential homes. Our roofers will ensure the integrity of the seals and surrounding roof surfaces so you can enjoy the benefits of your skylights for years to come.

Flashing Repair

Universal roofs will inspect the flashing at all protrusion points like chimneys, walls and pipes. Flashing material does become corroded and damaged over time, which can cause leaks. Universal Roofs can identify, repair and replace flashing where needed at a fair and market-related price.

Gutter Repair

Gutters do become cluttered and damaged over time. Universal Roofs’ fully equipped team of roofers can not only clean your gutters but also repair, replace, or install all gutters for you. A properly maintained gutter system will keep water away from your home and its foundation.

Ventilation Repair

Universal Roofs professional and experienced roofers can replace or install efficient ventilation for your roof or attic. Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent moisture buildup that could lead to mould or mildew and will assist in the overall temperature regulation of your home.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are notorious for having leaks. Universal Roofs’ professional roofers can identify the problem area and provide effective repairs, leaving your flat roof adequately sealed and watertight. Our services also include flat roof replacements and new installations.

Chimney Repair

With time and exposure to the extreme climate in Toronto, chimneys can become damaged, resulting in water leaks and other problems. Universal Roofs can repair or replace your damaged chimney and ensure the roof integrity around your chimney with high-quality materials.

Ice Dam Removal

Universal Roofs professional roofers can identify the cause of ice dams forming on your roof and provide effective repairs to prevent ice dams from forming in the future. Ice dams can cause damage to your roof, shingles and insulation.

Emergency Repairs

Universal Roofs offers emergency roof repair services. Our emergency roof repair services will respond quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

Universal Roofs Free Estimate for Roof Repairs

Universal Roofs has a reputation for honest and reliable business practices. Universal Roofs is dedicated to exceptional and reliable service to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Universal Roofs will schedule a visit by an experienced professional roofer to inspect your roof in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Universal Roofs will provide a free, all-inclusive, honest estimate. With Universal Roofs, you will never have to pay for any hidden fees or charges.

We invite you to contact Universal Roofs in Toronto today for all your residential roofing repair and maintenance needs.

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