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Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation
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Attic ventilation is one topic that many people can argue about when they get to know about it at first. But property owners who understand the need for attic ventilation don’t waste time seeking help whenever the need to install or maintain their attic vents arise.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Attic Ventilation

The reason for the seeming objection on the part of some people is clear – attic insulation is meant to control fluctuations in temperature; so why introducing fresh air to flow through the attic again? Here’s a quick one; attic ventilation is vital as it helps to regulate the trapped energy in a sealed attic.

Well-installed attic insulation traps heat and moisture depending on the weather condition, if this isn’t controlled, it could have a significant negative effect on your roof shingles. If you wonder if the extra trapped heat is a summer issue, then you should know that hit attic air can melt snow during the day in summer. The melt refreezes at night when there is a drop in temperature. This creates an ice dam that can cause roof damage. If you want attic insulation, you should go for attic ventilation as well.

Universal Roofs is a brand you can trust for everything attic. When it comes to attic ventilation, we don’t just have the knowledge of why you need it. We know how to install it and help you save more on energy bills.

Attic Ventilation Process

Attic ventilation functions in line with the principle that advocates heated air rises naturally. It utilizes two types of vents – hot exhaust vents and intake vents. The former is often mounted at the peak of the roof and this only allows hot air to escape while intake vents are often cited at the lower part of the roofing system and allow air to get into the attic.

Here at Universal Roofs, we know how these things work and we know how to make them work for you. There’s more to choosing attic insulation. Without a proper ventilation process, you put your entire roofing system at risk, and we wouldn’t want that. So, when you come to us with your attic requests, we suggest the best approaches and solutions that are sure to give you long-lasting results. Finally, when we start working on your project, we do it in a way you wouldn’t have to hire any attic expert in the near future.

We offer a full range of attic solutions, starting from attic insulation to insulation removal, upgrade, and ventilation. When we analyze your project requirement, we’ll determine the best vent for it and draw on our experience and knowledge to deliver the best solution. Whether you’re looking to have attic ventilation on your residential or commercial or even luxury building, our team knows how to make it happen. Property owners in Toronto often recommend our attic services because they know what we can do. You too can recommend our services, and we believe you’ll have the confidence to do this when you choose our service and we deliver as promised.

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