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Sun tubes will definitely give you natural lights just like skylights, except with less stress, and it is also less costly. That’s why Universal roofs will lay all the cards on the table and let you make a choice that suits you and your pocket. If you’re thinking of adding more light to your kitchen or dark hallways, sun tubes are an affordable option. A fraction of the cost of a skylight will get you warm, direct light via sun tubes.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Sun Tubes

They are known alternatively as light tubes or solar tubes. It is usually 10 to 14 inches in diameter, sheet metal with its inside polished. The insides display like a continuous mirror that channels light through its entire length while keeping the light’s intensity. It delivers daylight from the roof into your home directly.

 A weather-resistant plastic globe covers the solar tube. The tube connects to a porthole resembling a diffuser in the ceiling of the room below. The globe collects sunlight from the outside while the diffuser spreads it in a pure whitish glow, creating a dramatic effect in the room. Our sun tubes will have you reaching for the light switch when you are leaving a room.

How Much Do Sun tubes typically cost?

One thing is sure, they will not cost you as much as skylights. Unlike skylights, it doesn’t require many renovations around the newly installed Sun tubes. At Universal Roofs, we give you a professional finish to your installation. You can reach out to us anytime for a quote on our affordable sun tubes.

Skylight VS Suntubes which is better?

We will not tell you which one to choose as we offer both services but we will compare the pros and cons of each type of installation.

Pros of skylights

  • They improve a room’s appearance, particularly if it was a previously dark area that had little light penetration from windows or if it was windowless
  • The presence of skylights may add value to a home’s resale 
  • It has options to vent or shade them
  • It can be customised by filtering to block UV rays
  • It can give you a view of the sky

Pros of a Sun Tube

  • It is easier to install when compared to skylights
  • It doesn’t require much in terms of interior finish around the installation
  • Overall, it is less expensive to have installed
  • It is more efficient in terms of energy
  • Those who purchase it may get energy tax reduction
  • There is less heat gain
  • The UV rays are blocked from entering the interior through the exterior dome

Cons of a Sun Tube

  • There is a possibility of water condensation in the tube
  • There’s no view of the sky
  • It doesn’t add value to a house’s resale

Whichever option you decide to go for, we are here to give you the best experience and a hitch-free installation and finish to your product.

Energy-efficient comparison of Skylights and Suntubes

Solar tubes are the more energy efficient of the two because it captures and diffuses light into the home, unlike direct sunlight that can be gotten from skylights.

Skylight gives off up to 3 times the sunlight of regular windows. This means there is an energy loss through heat gain, particularly in the summer and hot climes. To minimise this effect, certain measures such as using low E-glass and coating can help. We can also mount the skylight on a north-facing roof to minimise contact with direct sunlight. If you are looking for a device that doesn’t gain heat unnecessarily, a Sun tube is an excellent choice. You have a choice to make depending on whatever you want. At Universal Roofs, we are here for all your needs and preferences.

UV rays comparison

UV rays can be cut down in skylights by filtering although Suntubes are more effective considering that they block UV rays at the solar dome before they enter the tube. This is an important feature in skylights because the UV rays can harm residents and their furnishings. UV rays can result in sunburns, eyesight damage, skin cancers and even premature aging. This is why it is important to block them as much as possible. They can even fade furniture, fabric and artwork. Because Suntubes are effective at blocking harmful radiation and are recommended by professionals, we can install them in the southwest side of the house to capture enough sunlight.

On water condensation

One common concern about skylights is the tendency to form condensation inside the skylight surface. Manufacturers of traditional skylights and Suntubes claim that condensation in skylights is caused by excess moisture in the house and can be reduced by using a humidifier. Condensation can be an issue in places with high humidity and can be reduced by wrapping a R-15 or R-19 insulation around the tube section. 

We tie all the loose ends and make sure all your installations are done with a perfect finish.

Views and appearances        

There are people who prefer traditional skylights because of the way they appear and the ambiance they add to a room. When you have a view of the sky by day and night, it is like extending the outdoors into the home. Other people prefer solar tubes because they believe it is unobtrusive and looks similar to a standard light fixture. Here, preference is a matter of taste and at Universal Roofs we give you value for your investment.

Universal Roofs is your Best Bet

There are different brands of sun tunnels, skylights and Sun Tubes. If you need an expert to install your sun tunnels, skylights and Suntubes, Universal Roofs is your one-stop-shop. Our professionalism and years of experience are unbeatable in the field. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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