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When looking for a roofing company in Scarborough you cant miss Universal Roofs Scarborough! Offering professional roofing and skylight services at the best prices in the industry. 


Scarborough Roofing Experts

Universal Roofs Inc. delivers dependable and affordable Scarborough roofing services to its clients, ensuring they get the best of their property values. With an exceptional approach towards raising stunning roofs in Scarborough, our team will help you determine the best work strategy. We don’t just inspect your roofing system and leave you stranded. Our experts take time out to let you know the best way to go and help you make it come alive.

Our expertise cuts across a wide range of Scarborough roof repairs, maintenance, and installations. So, we know how to handle siding, roofing, gutter, skylights, and other roof-related issues. We realize that no two projects are the same. Each project is unique and requires a separate approach as well as unique materials and parameters. As such, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach for our services. Our team will visit your property to understand what needs to be done, the estimated delivery time, cost, and materials. Afterward, we draw out a working strategy to help pull your project to fruition. We take pride in our ability to offer custom roofing solutions to our Scarborough customers.

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Universal Roofs Inc. is one of the leading Scarborough roofing companies that handle any roof repair like it’s their property. We house roofing experts who flaunt years of individual and combined experience. Having been in the industry for a long and handle several successful projects, we know the possible roof damages that are common with Scarborough properties. We’ve got you covered as virtually no roof damage is so strange to us. Just reach out to us, and we’ll handle your project just like you’ve always wanted.

As a roofing company in Scarborough, we’re veterans and have been providing long-lasting and reliable solutions to property owners in this area. Our roofing specialists and knowledgeable staff are always ready to walk you through any project we handle. We put you in the clear picture, ensuring a high level of transparency others can’t beat. Across the Greater Toronto Area, our name rings a bell in the ears of property owners, and our past customers can’t stop praising our brand and the services we offer.

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We’re roofing contractors you can proudly count on for all your roofing needs. Ranging from repairs to maintenance and installations of shingles, skylights, gutters, siding, among others, we don’t just want to work with you. Instead, we want to show you why we’re exceptional with our services.

Our affordable services and customer-focused solutions set us aside from the pack, and we don’t fail to display our dexterity on every project. With full licensing and certifications, you have every reason to work with our team. We offer emergency services that cater to your urgent roofing needs in Scarborough. Book an appointment with us today, be it residential or commercial roofing service you seek, our experts are always ready to fold their sleeves and get to work.


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