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A slate is a crystalline metamorphic rocket aged back to over 400 million years. They are stony sediments gathered on the sea bed, which has been exposed to intense pressures over the years resulting in the mineral and stony chemical modification used as slate roofs today.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Slate Roofing

A slate roof’s purpose is to serve as a cover, provide warmth and safety from harsh environmental conditions. At Universal Roofs, we aim to provide you with such, and we accomplish this through the use of basic and flexible installation techniques that have been successfully implemented globally.  The necessity of having such kind of roofs in our locality has resulted in the development of different slate roofs which can be crafted to give a beautiful roofscape.

Roofing is an art – Universal Roofs is a team of locally trained experts ready to take on your roofing projects. This is the core value with which we take on every roofing project. So long as it is slate roofing, it can’t get better than Universal Roofs. Our long track record in the Toronto area speaks volumes of our ability.

What to Do Before You Roof Your Property in Toronto

There are two choices to make when it is time to roof your property in the Toronto area. The first would be to pick the construction firm of choice. The second will be to decide what type of slate roofing material you should use. The answer to the first one would be to choose Universal Roofs.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible value for their investment in a new roofing system. We understand that achieving this requires more than simply offering the industry’s best products. We have our team of locally trained experts who have years of experience under their belts. Unlike roofing companies that sublet roofing, we carefully control the quality of the projects we complete. For our efforts, we have earned the trust of countless homeowners in the Toronto area and elite-level certifications to show the level of work we put in.

The answer to the second is an array of options of slate roofing, all of which we are equally skilled in. There is a whole lot to love about slate roofing. A quick survey around the city of Toronto has shown that natural slate roofs are the order of the day for old houses. However, new buildings were seen to make use of patterned slate roofs, thus enhancing the building’s outlook as a whole.

What Slate Roof Should You Use?

Generally, there are three basic slate roofs: the natural slate, the fiber cement slate, and the bituminous slate. Slate roofs can also be patterned or plain depending on your choice as our client. Without a doubt, it is evident in the history of mankind that natural slate is a classic and irreplaceable element on the roofs. Look out of your window, and you will see lots of natural slate roofs on houses that date back more than 50 years ago, an indicative proof of its durability.

Nevertheless, like humans, natural slate has always known how to evolve through time. Its durability, resistance, and sophistication give the surface a certain prestige, guaranteeing a far longer service life. The fiber cement slates are used for roofing, cladding, and facades. They are slowly becoming an alternative to natural slate roofs. The bituminous roof is durable as it also increases homeowners’ options when it comes to roofing their homes.


Natural slate is highly impermeable to water and fire and will stand the test of time in extreme temperatures. It is safe to say that these traits appoint the natural slate in the upper echelon of quality roofing materials. They are of high quality and offer the best performance in breaking load, water absorption, and depth of softening. The slate you see on most historic buildings is an s1 slate and has a minimum rated lifespan of 75 years. Natural Slate material colors do not stop at black; they range from gray-blacks to greens, reds, and even vibrant purples. At Universal Roofs, we are well adept at repairing, replacing, and installation of natural slates. Regardless of the building type, our team of experts is more than willing to deliver professional natural slate roofing services.


Fiber cement slates provide a highly functional and attractive solution for a variety of residential and commercial roofing projects. In addition to roofing, these slates can also be used for facades and cladding. Fiber cement slate is fast becoming a solid competition to natural slate, owing to its more attractive upfront cost. Like fiber cement siding, the fiber cement slate comes in an even wider variety of colors and custom formats such as diamond-shaped slate. Our carefully selected team of roofing technicians can fix your fiber cement slate to the highest level of satisfaction.


Choosing a bituminous slate roofing is to increase your options that come with your roofing. Bituminous roofing has increasingly become recognized as an economical, aesthetic, and fire-safe product with a combination of longevity, durability, beauty, and value. Also, there are different types of bituminous slates: the 3-tab Asphalt shingle, dimensional shingles, and organic shingles. Regardless of your choice of bituminous roofing, we can fix up the roof you would be so proud of. Remember the usual saying, “your roof is the first line of defense against the elements; that is why you must get it right. With Universal Roofs, getting the right roofing solution is a breeze. 

Slate Repair, Replacement and Installation

With roofing comes repair, replacement, and installation. This is no child’s play as a single nail or mistake can cause a cascade of issues. Working on a roofing project is not for every tom, dick, and harry, not to mention, you don’t want to keep spending on repairs, considering how much you have spent on purchasing the roof. So, let the experts with proven expertise handle your roofing project.

When it comes to delivering unmatched roofing services, we have come a long way in the slate roofing industry. We know our onions regarding providing professional slate roofing services in Toronto. Our costs are highly competitive, and you get to experience an unmatched customer service experience like never before.

Besides, our experts are locally trained, and they work with utmost safety. You don’t want to risk endangering your household owing to hiring a novice for your roofing projects. With us, you have nothing to worry about throughout your slate roofing installation, repair, or replacement. We have got you covered.

Why Should You Choose Slate Roofing?

Beyond how good and professional we are with repairs, replacement, and installation of slate roofing, it’s high time we share with you reasons why we believe you should choose slate roofing. From our years of experience providing slate roofing services, we have highlighted some of the reasons why you should choose slate roofing.

  • Strength: The strength of slate roofs cannot be over-emphasized. They possess non-combustible properties that shield your house in cases of fire incidence. Slate roofs are resistant to changes in temperature and other atmospheric conditions.
  • Durability: Slates are natural products. They are made of stones that are durable than other artificial products. Slate roofs do not retain water due to their high density. Therefore, as a homeowner, you are safe from the adverse effects of heavy rainfall. They are known to be unaffected by microbes such as molds and fungi. This leaves you with no severe cost of maintenance.
  • Aesthetic Outlook: Slates are known for their aesthetic appeal. They enhance the image of a building when selected as a good choice. They come in different colors ranging from black to red and many others. Interestingly, the slate roof’s merit is that time and age do not depreciate its aesthetic appearance.
  • Environmental Conduciveness: Statistics have shown that 5% of the wastes that occupy and shrink our landmass are from roofing wastes garnered from the replacement of roofs every ten to twenty years. Slate roofs do not contribute to the waste problem as it does not require replacement due to its natural form and components. It is a perfect option for clients with a great passion for a clean environment.
  • Increased Resale Value: Slate roof installations increase the value of a house during sales. Realtors tend to sell homes with slate roofs faster and at a higher price due to the roof’s aesthetic outlook and durability.
  • Longevity: Not all roofing materials can compete with slate roofs. Slate roofs are known to last hundreds of years, thrice more than what other roofs can give. Manufacturers of Slate tiles do offer more than a hundred-year warranty for the slates they manufacture. The longevity of slate roofs is a bonus for intending homeowners.

What You Should Consider Before Installing a Slate Roof

Now that you are ready to install a slate roof, we must address a few factors you should consider before embarking on the slate roofing project. But, not to worry, there is good news. At Universal Roofs, we are more than a roofing agency, but we are that one solution to your slate roofing projects.

  • Cost: Even though nobody likes to talk about it, the expenses of installing a slate roof often discourage most homeowners from using slate roofs when building their homes; it yet remains the best value for money. But the good news is that you can rest assured that our roofing services are highly flexible and competitive, yet with unmatched quality.
  • Location: The location of a building also determines the type of Slate roof to be installed. Some people prefer to use plain natural slates because it is commonly used in areas where their building is located. Certain clients feel the need to blend in with their location trend. Irrespective of your decision, we are more than willing to give you the best roofing service that you can always rely on.
  • Weather: The weather condition of an area is also a significant determinant in which kind of slate is used. These slates differ from one another in strength, durability, and thickness. The atmospheric condition of a location is to be considered when installing a slate roof. This will be a determinant in using either natural, fiber cement, or bituminous slate roofs to increase their durability. At Universal Roofs, we don’t just jump to work; we also do our study and offer advisory services. Besides, we have strong background knowledge of Toronto, and you can always bank on our solutions.
  • Moisture Movement: The migration of water under each slate tile should be duly considered. Water flow for a tile shingle is often parallel with the shingle length. The migration of water in slate roofs is controlled by the angle on which the roof slope is constructed. Water migration is lesser in a steep slope, and we consider this before taking on any roofing project; you can rest assured that your roofing project is in safe hands.
  • Roof Slope: A very steep roof is better and enhances the longevity of a slate. The ideal slope is usually between the range of 12:12 and 18:12. The aesthetics of slate shingles are easily seen on steeper slopes and last for a more extended period. A very steep slope is an indication that during rainfall, water flows down the roof easily and quickly, leaving no room for water retention. While this is obvious to human eyes, we do not take for levity this crucial factor, and you can rely on our expertise to deliver excellent roofing services irrespective of the slope of your roof.

At Universal Roofs, we understand the art of perfection, and we do not take any step of the roofing process for granted. We know how important a perfect and suitable roofing is to the safety of your household, and we take every step with due diligence. Trust us today for your slate roofing projects, and you will be glad you did.

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