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Almost everyone in Toronto knows that a good roof can turn a house into a home. In fact, it takes a good roofing system to decide largely if the exterior of any building is appealing enough to meet some market requirements. Flat roofs are becoming a trend and when you decide to go for flat roof installation in Toronto, you need to work with a reliable team. Universal Roofs is a team you can count on for premium flat roofing solutions in Toronto.

See Why Choosing a Flat Roof Might Be Your Best Decision

Otherwise known as low slope roofs, flat roofs can be used on commercial and even residential buildings. With a variety of designs, one can easily find what to use for their roofing projects. Here at Universal Roofers, we fully understand that most homeowners regard their building as their most precious asset. The reason isn’t farfetched, as this is possibly their biggest investment. Apparently, it didn’t just happen in a day but is a clear result of savings and hard work. So, it would be best if you opted for a roofing system that works for you and pick the right contractor to give you the best solutions. We understand this and place much emphasis when handling your project. 

If you’ve chosen to build your house or buy one, it’s obvious you’ll need to install or replace your roof. At this point, you might be stuck between choosing a pitched roof or a flat one. The fact remains that either of these roofing patterns has its benefits. Just in case you’re not sure about flat roofs, we’d be glad to show you the benefits and eventually work with you to choose the best quality flat roofs and deliver impeccable metal roof installation service, or even a replacement. See why you can opt for flat roofs

Minimized Cost

One of the significant things that make flat roofs preferable is their minimized costs. The costs of manufacturing and installation of standard flat roofs are minimal and this extends even to maintenance. So, when you choose to go for a flat roof, you’ll end up spending less even during its useful life. Even the techniques involved in manufacturing flat roofs are not all that expensive. When you opt for flat roof installation, you get to enjoy fewer upkeep costs and less breakdown.

Easier to Access

If the need for a quick DIY occurs, you might not need to look for an expert to get on your roof. Flat roofs are easier to access anytime. But you must observe security rules when you do this to stay away from injuries.

Looks good

Flat roofs are an attractive aesthetic option that gives houses a unique shape. If you love the landscape or city scenery around your home, a roof can help complement that without obscuring the view.

Rooftop space is usable space

Unlike a sloped roof, most of the square footage of a flat roof is available for use. This offers the option of adding a unique application such as a rooftop patio, garden, or green roof. Solar panels are also popular with homeowners and are much easier to install and hide from view, on a flat roof.

Any of these applications will require certain design considerations (such as adding guardrails and other safety guards and/or using stronger materials to handle the traffic and weight of the roof). Special permits may be required from your local building authority, but these efforts can result in an entirely new feature to enjoy in your home.

 Works and protects well

Flat roofs are a cost-effective option for homes, thanks to generations of use in commercial flat roof construction, modern materials, and application techniques, as viable, protective, and durable alternatives to pitched roofs.

By choosing the right materials, hiring an experienced professional to construct and install the flat roof, and committing to regular inspection and maintenance, homeowners can count on many years of dependable performance when selecting a flat roof solution.

Easier to Maintain

One thing about flat roofs is this – they are easy to maintain and this foots on the fact that they have low pitch. They are good for maintenance as they are easier to inspect. You don’t have to possess some roofing skills to climb up to a flat roof and inspect it. With a proper inspection, you can observe your gutters need cleaning. There, you can also check sidings and stay assured that your roofing system is in the right working condition.

Quick to Install

Choosing a flat roof means opting for a faster installation process. Contractors who are truly dexterous in flat roof installation can attest to the fact that clients don’t have to wait so long before they can move into their space. This is because flat roofs are quicker to install. It’s not all about the installation. If down the line, you find the need to make a quick flat roof leak repair, it’s meant to be somewhat faster because it’s a flat roof.

Parts of a Flat Roof

To the untrained eye, one roof looks a lot like another (especially from ground level!) But there are several different roof systems to choose from.

At the most basic level, a rooftop consists of three basic components:

– Waterproofing

– Reinforcement

– Surface

Depending on the materials selected, these can be combined into a single product, but all these functions should be present.

Universal Roofs Brings You The Best Metal Flat Roof Installation

At Universal Roofs, we’ve worked over the years to build a name that resonates with quality and versatility. Our experience is so vast that we can hardly say we don’t know anything about any roofing project you might present to us.

Our experienced flat roof installers have garnered knowledge over the years and have a combination of individual and group-work experience. We take pride in our versatility when it comes to metal roof installation, metal roof replacement, and even leak repairs. We’re proud to let you know that we specialize in installing, repairing, and replacing these types of metal roofs:

  • Modified Bitumen Roof System
  • Built-up Roof Membrane
  • Single-ply Roof Membrane

Modified Bitumen Roof System – As a reliable roofer in Toronto, we can disclose to you one of Toronto’s most installed roofing systems is the Modified Bitumen roofing system.

Modified bitumen blends hot black-top in with plastic and elastic added substances, not mistook for related items like black-top move roofing, EPDM, or TPO. At that point, they are layered between polyester or fiberglass sheets.

Because of its unrivaled tear obstruction, this alternative is usually utilized on business roofs in Seattle. That is because of the support layers of the fiberglass and polyester. Because of its waterproofing highlight, it is likewise famous. In case you’re expecting more prominent than standard people walking through on your roof, changed bitumen is the top choice. Modified bitumen requires low maintenance and can withstand extreme temperatures owing to its polymeric nature.

“Elastic roof” is conversely utilized with both roofing structures, regardless of its similitude to EPDM. They are altogether unique. Although EPDM is made from reused elastic tires, black-top is modified bitumen, and polymer mixes are modified. With the fortifying layers, it is then collected.

Modified bitumen is portrayed as a solitary employ roofing layer like TPO and PVC roofs in the Toronto zone. The roofing layer arrives in a mix of two structures – Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) and Atactic Polypropylene (APP).

Built-Up Roof Membrane – This is one of the available flat roofing options we offer with pride. Built-up roofs often referred to as BUR creates a sealed surface that appears continuous unlike roof shingles for other flat roof types. With proper maintenance, this flat roof option can last over 3 decades. It’s composed of bitumen material; ply sheets, and surfacing materials. In most cases, the surfacing material is often more than one.

BUR requires less maintenance as it flaunts fewer elements when compared to roof shingles. Even in a scenario where it gets affected, a quick patch or material replacement will do.

If you’re looking for a flat roof that doubles as an insulator, then you can’t say no to built-up roofs. They are good insulators as they have several layers – this goes to ensure that the climate regulation of your building will be conducive.

Having a BUR flat roof gives you the confidence that you own a fire-resistant roof. BUR is composed of materials that are resistant to fire especially the roof types that utilize cold bitumen. Ballasted asphalt which is often used as the outermost layer of the roof offers additional fire protection.

Single- Ply Roof Membrane – A single-ply roof membrane has fewer wrinkles than most housetop roller structures. The contractor ought not to be given dangerous or unsafe flammable burners during installation. This sort of material sheet is similarly available with instant embellishments that help discard numerous installation issues.

By and large, the single-ply roof membrane is perhaps the most normally introduced material system in Oakville. From immense business associations like air terminals and stockrooms, they do well for a collection of roofing needs including revealed housetops, green roofs, counterweight roofs, cooling roofs, and that is just a hint of something larger.

Single-layer membranes are as often as possible an admirable option because they are steady, have fire retardant properties, and are safe to fire, immunity to damaging substances, naturally safe segments, and are environmental-friendly.

While there are many single-layer membranes out there, TPO and PVC material are the most well-known. TPO and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) offer sublime material properties and a tolerably low worth stood out from other material structures.

Professional Flat Roof Installation Experts

One thing that is common among property owners who value their property is this – they know every contractor isn’t worthy to handle their roofing projects. In fact, there are a good number of roofing contractors in Toronto, but only a few actually deliver exactly as advertised or even more. Here at Universal Roofs, we’re proud to be one of the few brands that go far and beyond to ensure we deliver what we promised. It goes beyond that; we also ensure that your satisfaction is always our priority.

When you talk about flat roof installation experts who are professionals in their field, we always make the list. We’re proud to let you know that our expertise spans across many flat roofing options and all we deliver is the best, any time. So, whether you’re building your house, and it’s time to choose a roof patter and install it, or you want to replace an existing flat roof, don’t fret; our team will do it for you.

We truly understand that the need for some flat roof leak repairs occurs, and when you don’t pick the right team to fix the leakage, you might end up spending more on the same issue sooner or later. This is also where we come in handy. When you call us for any flat roof leak repair project in Toronto, we take the time to understand your particular needs and analyze your existing roof to ascertain the level of damage. With a clear understanding of these, we can tailor our expertise to ensure we deliver just what works for you.

We deliver timely services and when we offer you a quote, you’re sure that it wouldn’t dig a hole in your pocket. At Universal Roofs, we know that satisfying each client means that we must deliver excellent services at reasonable prices and must do these timely. When we take on your project and promise to give you the satisfaction you deserve, we mean every word of it as we already know all it entails.

Are you ready to install, replace or do some flat roof leak repairs? We’d be glad to be the brand that would deliver the best for you. Simply reach out to us and you’ll be happy you did at the end of it all.

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