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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Toronto
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Vinyl siding is a type of plastic siding. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin accounts for up to 80% of its composition. Color, impact resistance, flexibility, texture, finish, and other characteristics are determined by the remaining 20% of ingredients. Vinyl siding comes in a number of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, and Universal Roofs can install all of them.

Our experienced vinyl siding installers have transformed homes all over Toronto and beyond over the years. We go above and beyond as an A+ BBB-rated company to ensure you find the best match for your unique home.

See Why Property Owners Often Choose Vinyl Siding


Vinyl siding is as durable as it is attractive. It is a smart option in virtually every environment or condition because of its fade-resistant finishes, scratch-resistant colors, and locking technology that keeps panels securely affixed. A homeowner’s investment is normally backed by a similarly long guarantee.

Beautiful by Design

Vinyl siding has progressed from a realistic choice to one that is unrivaled in terms of aesthetics. Homeowners now have a wide range of beautiful colors, patterns, and realistic textures to choose from. Mixing and matching to build the perfect exterior is now simpler than ever.

High Quality, High Value

Vinyl siding is easy to mount, built to last, and makes a stunning statement with little maintenance. As opposed to other siding materials, vinyl siding is practically maintenance-free, which means you’ll save money because you won’t have to buy paint, replace frames, battle insects, or employ professionals to do the job. 


Are you a fan of the look of other siding materials? Which may require painting, scraping, fixing wood rot, and battling insects are all essential to keeping it looking fresh. It requires time — and capital — to do so. If you go for concrete, stucco, fiber cement, or another exterior material, you’ll have to pay to hold it up – or employ someone to do it for you. Vinyl siding is a cost-effective option. Install it and then forget about it. The only thing you have to do to keep it clean is to spray it off every now and then if it gets dirty. That’s what there is to it.

Energy Efficient

When properly mounted, vinyl siding can reduce your heating and cooling costs depending on its R-value. If you combine your vinyl siding with new energy-efficient doors, windows, trim, and ventilation, you might save even more money on your energy bills. Your budget, as well as your HVAC system, would be grateful.


Different people have different designs and style tastes, but vinyl siding does not restrict you as a buyer. They’re available in a range of colors, textures, and profiles. There are hundreds of options to explore, so the possibilities are endless. If you have a broad theme in mind, there will almost certainly be something that suits you. If you want to replicate the look of cedar shakes, for example, there are designs that can do so. You can choose whether to mount them vertically or horizontally in terms of application.

Ease of Installation

Vinyl siding is lightweight, which is one of its advantages. This fastens and simplifies the installation process involved in vinyl siding installation. However, to ensure that it can successfully fulfil its function, you will need to hire professional vinyl siding installers to do the job for you.

Eco-friendly and certified green

Fewer toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere when you skip painting, filling, and caulking. And cleaning a paintbrush generates waste. When you choose vinyl siding, you are lowering your carbon footprint. Take things a step further by selecting a business that manufactures responsibly and uses environmentally friendly packaging. 

Our vinyl siding installers at Universal Roofs will work with you from the initial consultation to the final installation, as well as with any warranty claims. Get in contact with our vinyl siding contractors today if you’re ready to upgrade your house!

Vinyl Siding Replacement Options to Meet Your Needs

Universal Roofs is a full-service vinyl siding contractor dedicated to satisfying your needs and fulfilling your standards. Our team has been operating in Toronto and its surrounding areas for many years, so we know how to deal with all the seasons to give you the best in quality, durability, and affordability.

When you choose Universal Roofs to install your new siding, you will receive unrivaled benefits, which includes:

Free Project Consultations: Universal Roofs is committed to fulfilling your particular requirements. That’s why we’ll come to you for a free consultation to discuss your siding goals. For your convenience, we even have 100% interactive consultations!

Vinyl Siding Is Long-Lasting: Our replacement vinyl siding has no cracks, warping, buckling, or wavy lines, and is designed to endure the harshest weather without weakening over time. It’s also low-maintenance, as it doesn’t need to be scraped or painted on a regular basis.

Superior Thermal Efficiency: Our siding provides superior thermal performance, ensuring that your interior remains comfortable and your energy bills remain minimal. Our siding will keep your home in good shape no matter what the weather throws at it, from hot summers to cold winters.

Custom Designs: Our vinyl siding is created to make your home stand out in the best way possible. We have a wide range of colors, patterns, finishes, and more to help you create a one-of-a-kind look. You will boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your entire home by installing our siding.

Call Our Vinyl Siding Installation Experts Today

Thinking of engaging the services of vinyl siding experts, contact Universal Roofs, we are your nearest siding experts, ever ready to take you through the journey of your home exterior upgrade. We know what it takes to keep your home in top shape, thanks to our many years of experience.

We understand the importance of long-term value, which is why we have flexible financing solutions as well as lifetime warranty insurance. Call us today to speak with a vinyl siding expert, or fill out our online form to arrange a free in-home or virtual consultation.


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