Vinyl Siding: Amazing DIY Installation Tips

Vinyl siding is quite a maintenance-free installation that requires just a rinse to keep it shining. If you like to have a maintenance-free house, of course, you do, then, you need vinyl siding. While it’s true that Toronto experts always do it better, you can install this siding yourself. But you have to be meticulous about it and follow a few steps.

Measure and Use a Level

The first step is to take accurate measurements. Do well to measure everything on the side of your home without deducting for doors or windows. Take the measurement from top to bottom and snap a level line around your building.

With your level, you can ascertain how smooth your work is by placing it on the siding after every five courses. It’s good to know that the first vinyl piece will hang on the starter strip.

Get a Vinyl-Siding Blade

It’s common to want to cut vinyl siding with a circular saw or a wood blade. But this often causes the siding to shatter. This can be dangerous and detrimental to your work plan. So, it’s best to use a blade designed to push through such siding. If you’re using a miter saw and you observe chippings from the siding, you may want to pull the saw backward through the vinyl siding gently.

Make the Vinyl Siding Short

Whenever you want to cut vinyl siding, it’s wise to cut it short so it doesn’t buckle during summer. Take it to a corner and leave out about ¼” from your measurement for a perfect fit even during summer.

Don’t Let the Seams Show

Where ever there is a joint during vinyl siding installation, ensure you overlap it to hide the seams. Start from the back of your building and gently work through to the front. By then, you must have mastered the overlapping thingy and deliver better work.

Don’t Nail the Vinyl Sidings

Undoubtedly, some people nail vinyl sidings to their house, but it’s not advisable. The best way is always to hang the sidings and set your nails from the wall with a distance of about 1/8” or 1/16. When you hang it, the sidings will have enough allowance to expand or contract if need be, without buckling or overstretching.

Go for Longer Panels First

On each side of a door or window, begin with the side that requires longer panels. This is because longer panels hardly stretch like shorter ones. So, if there is a whack, they are not quite easy to adjust.

Before you push the nail gains the last couple of pieces, measure up to the window top, ensuring they are of the same height.

Fix errors with a Zip Tool

When installing vinyl sidings, you can make a minor mistake. To eliminate a piece of siding that has been nailed already, use the zip tool under the butt edge, hook the edge and gently pull down. To release, horizontally slide the tool along the lock. Elevate the unlocked siding to show the nailing hem of the piece below. Then draw a line along each siding top, and pull the nails.

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