Types of Skylights Ideal for Your Roofs

While many people desire to enjoy natural lights through their roofs, not all know the different types of skylights. Without a doubt, these installations recreate any space, allowing ventilation, bringing in natural light, and even offering panoramic views. Before you ask your roof contractor to install a skylight for you, there is a need to be familiar with types of skylights.

Below, we have discussed different skylights, and when you will most probably need any of them. However, it’s subject to the discretion, and you can always make your choice.

Fixed Skylights

These are arguably the most common skylights available. They don’t open for ventilation as they are sealed to the roof permanently. This works well where you want to add extra light to areas that people don’t access often. It could be stairwells, hallways, or attics.

Tubular Types of Skylights

Tube or tubular skylights are other types of skylights in the market. If you have small roof space for skylight, this design will fit it best. Tubular skylights have a tube shape with a diameter between 10-15 inches, and it flaunts a spherical dome at the top. The dome collects light and transfer light through the tube. The silver finish ensures that light transfer is complete without loss of light. Lighting up aquariums and living walls has become easier with this design of skylight.

Ventilated Skylight

This is a multi-purpose skylight design that lets in air and light. It works well for bathrooms, kitchen and other places where there is a need for constant airflow. With this design of skylights, there is a steady flow of fresh air with impressive illumination.

Ventilated skylight can be controlled manually, automatically, or even remotely. With this design of skylight, there may not be any need for AC.

Pyramid Types of Skylights

Just like the name implies, this type of skylight has a pyramid shape and is mostly used in entryways, lobbies, and other areas of a building with larger spaces. However, this type of skylights has a high tendency of leaks if the seal between purlins and the glass is not well placed. Depending on each building or client requirements, the length of this skylight often varies with a width of around 20 feet.

Barrel Vault Skylight

This is one of the types of skylights that are not common with residential buildings. It offers somewhat less privacy and occupies more space. There may be need for skylight repair often as they are so exposed. Barrel Vault Skylight often takes up about 80% or more of the entire roof space.

It’s often in parking shelters, canopies educational institutions, medical institutions, and industrial complexes.

Without a doubt, there are various types of skylights available in the market. Your builders will recommend one or more types, and your roofers will recommend what they feel is good. But then, it’s best to work with a team that really considers loads of factors to help you choose a skylight. This is where Universal Roofs Inc. comes in with unmatched expertise. Let’s help you find the type of skylight that fits your structure, and install it.

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