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Tubular Skylights
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The idea of having skylights in the home was formerly limited and costly to think of. Not to talk of the technicalities of installing the traditional skylight. The mere thought of it made it seem impossible. In come tubular skylights with all their smartness, class and sophistication. Having skylights installed doesn’t seem like a chore any longer. Add our professionalism in the field of roofs and skylight installation, you have yourself a winner and a skylight that will last longer than expected.

What is the Working of a Tubular Skylight?

You can have windows and doors installed to bring natural light into your home. The only clause is that the room is next to an exterior facing wall. We have used French windows and glass doors as a source of natural light for generations. But with rooms that are in the interior of the house, away from an external wall, the source of light becomes limited and skylights look like the obvious solution. 

Tubular skylights have been around since the 80s and have gained popularity for being a straightforward way of supplying light to any room of the house. At Universal roofs, our tubular skylights are not just compact but efficient in lighting up homes.

Tubular skylights are shaped like tubes, just as the name suggests, and captures sunlight via rooftop lens and tubes lined with reflective material. They capture sunlight and deliver it into a room whether the office or house. It has three key parts which are the dome, tube and diffuser. They are more compact in contrast to the normal rooftop skylights. They are thus more affordable and less difficult to install. We design them with rigid, adjustable and flexible features and can be customized for spaces that can’t accommodate conventional skylight.

Tubular skylights work like the traditional or regular skylights that are more commonly seen. It is a natural lighting system again like the regular skylights. Except that it is a high performing natural light source that makes use of advanced optics to harvest sunlight in a method that is a great improvement to daylight control and usage.

These types of skylights capture sunlight from the roof and reflect it down through a tube into a fixture in the room below.

You can use them to provide natural light to living areas, kitchens, hallways, closets etc. this type of skylight can give off as much sunlight as a skylight more than twice its size. It also costs less than other natural light rendering options. 

What to Look Out for in a Tubular Skylight?

The parts of a tubular skylight may look the same, but there is a vast difference that is influenced by technology. The difference is in the lighting performance; we are sure you need a full spectrum of light and would want to get the brightest, natural light possible.  

You need a device that is compatible with your roof style and manufactured with a built-in and leak-proof flashing. This type of skylight is less disruptive to install, and we will leave little to no construction mess in your home. Everything we do is not only neat but also professionally done. It is the most cost effective skylight installation option and is over with within a few hours. Also, if you are looking to repair leaks or replace your skylight entirely, we promise you a hitch-free finish.

Do Tubular skylights leak at all?

Because we use the best brands on the market, you can be assured of a tubular skylight that is leak proof. The skylights are not just the best but also versatile at delivering only the best. We place a lot of emphasis on top notch services. Why don’t you contact us today?! We are certified as having well trained professionals. 

What size of Tubular Skylights do you need?

We take much pride in our custom made skylights that are customized specifically for your room type. We have already established the fact that your skylight does not have to be installed in a room with direct access to the roof. A tubular skylight can be designed to circumvent obstructions to get to the room below. We make the right choice by giving you the best on the market.

How much does this skylight type cost? 

If you want to make your home energy efficient, skylights will definitely help you cut down on electricity. It is a welcome change from having to pay bills of electricity, you can use tubular skylights instead. 

They are wonderful alternatives to the traditional skylights because you don’t have to worry about the restrictions around installing a regular skylight. Restrictions like the intended room being directly over a roof, not when you have tubular skylights to the rescue.

You can get our environmentally friendly skylights and not only cut down on electricity but also expect exceptional customer service too. Contact Universal Roofs to get an estimate and more benefits of the tubular skylights.

Why choose Universal roofs for your tubular skylights?

  • With tubular skylights you are guaranteed of more light into your room depending on who does the installation. This is why you should choose Universal roofs, the best of Toronto
  • Did we mention Tubular skylights being leak proof? Yes let us give you the best experience with our tubular skylight installation
  • It is energy efficient and will help you cut down on the cost of electricity. If you want to go green and environmentally friendly, you should try tubular skylights from us
  • You don’t have to worry about having to climb the roof and getting your hands dirty because of a dirty skylight. Our tubular skylights are not so prone to dirt
  • It is cost effective and quite easy to install, still skeptical? Contact us today, let us discuss the nitty gritty of skylights.


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