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We all want large bay windows or French doors that open into the garden, letting in natural light and fresh air. But this isn’t always realistic, particularly if you live in the city. You don’t want passersby or neighbors peeking into your house. We know that you cherish your privacy and security, so we have found a way for you to eat your cake and have it.

If you don’t have roof space or large windows to let in natural light, or you have dark corners in your house that are not easily accessible to natural light, and you’d like an easy and quick fix to that. Here comes an easy and quick solution from Universal roofs, introducing the sun tunnels! We don’t just install sun tunnels, we also replace them and repair leaks in your sun tunnels.

Sun tunnels installation

It has been scientifically proven that natural lighting is good for your health and even does wonders for your bank account. How?! Natural lighting supplies light to a room, making it bright and supplying warmth too. Plus, you spend less on energy bills when you don’t use electricity often and rely on sun tunnels instead. The light supplied by the sun tunnel is free, environmentally friendly, and preferred by environmentally conscious people.

Sun tunnels are fun and inexpensive ways to introduce natural light into your home, especially if you don’t have space for a roof light. Let’s tell you a little about sun tunnel installation. 

It basically comprises a panel or roof dome that is set discreetly on your roof, a highly reflective rigid or flexible tube that runs from the panel into a room, transporting sunlight, and a diffuser that distributes the light naturally and evenly, minimizing shadows. At Universal Roofs, we have the expertise of installing sun tunnels on both flat and pitched roofs and pretty much any other type of roof structure. Those dark hallways, small loft space, bathrooms, stairs, and other places you don’t typically have access to light don’t have to remain that way with our sun tunnel installation. You’re also able to cut down on electricity bills in halls and corridors by installing our sun tunnels. 

Our sun tunnel services span across these:

  • Rigid skylights
  • Flexible skylights
  • Tubular skylights
  • Sun tubes

How much does it cost to install a sun tunnel?

Contact us at Universal roof for a budget-friendly estimate of how much it will cost you to have a sun tunnel installed. We make informed decisions on the type of sun tunnel suitable for you through consultation. Not to worry with very little hassle and expense on your part, we can have your sun tunnels installed within a very short period of time.

How much lighting can a sun tunnel provide?

For sun tunnels installation in ideal condition by our experts at Universal roof, you can expect between 150-200 watts from a 10 inches sun tunnel and around 200 to 250 watts for a 14 inches tunnel. Basically, the amount of lighting depends on where and the type of materials used for installation. Two factors basically affect the lighting of your sun tunnel: 

  • Type and length of the tube: the longer the tube that transfers light from your roof to the ceiling, the less the lighting to your room below. This is because a longer length of tube would lose light to bounces before it eventually reaches the room. If the tube is the flexible type, you lose even more light to ribbed sections of the tube. The shorter and smoother your tube, the more the lighting. Our professionals will make the necessary assessment and determine what suits you to maximize the most light from the sun.
  • The positioning of the panel or dome on your roof: based on our expertise, the best position for your sun tunnel is southwards. Not to worry if your room or loft isn’t positioned southwards. We will make use of ambient light to make the lighting more than adequate for your use.

You probably think the sun tunnel is useless at night when there’s no sunlight. Not if we incorporate light fittings into the sun tunnel so you can switch it on at night. Well, Problem solved!

Positioning your sun tunnel

This applies to pitched roofs, as flat roofs don’t really require too much manipulation. It’s our work at Universal roof to figure out how to position your sun tunnel to receive the most amount of natural light possible. South rooms often enjoy the most amount of light, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it work if your room isn’t southward inclined. We will be sure to place your panel discreetly at the apex of your roof to receive adequate sunlight.

Sun tunnels replacement

If you have had an unpleasant experience with poorly installed sun tunnels, not to worry, we also offer sun tunnel replacement services. With our topnotch services and experience in the field, you don’t have to fret about history repeating itself. Within a short period of time, we’ll replace your sun tunnels with our quality, state-of-the-art sun tunnels, and we promise you will notice the stunning difference from your previous one. 

Sun tunnel leak repair

You don’t want to go all out and replace the sun tunnels you currently have, but it’s leaking and you just want to repair it. At Universal roofs, we also offer sun tunnel leak repairs, since we have just the right hands to set your sun tunnels right. No more leaks and complaints on your sun tunnels with our seasoned team.

How many sun tunnels do you need in your room?

The good thing about our sun tunnels is that it doesn’t always look out of place and the more you install, the better the result. Depending on the type and size of the room, you can consult with us on the ideal sun tunnel for your place.

You can install the biggest size of sun tunnel that lets in the most sunlight or install multiple sun tunnels that are evenly or symmetrically placed and save up on your electricity bill and the need to flicker lights on and off. You can discuss the aesthetic and size of the sun tunnel you’d like to install with our experts. 


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