Solar Powered Venting Skylight

Solar Powered Venting Skylight

Solar Powered Venting Skylight
Toronto & GTA

Skylights are like portals that give you a perfect slice of the blue sky from the inside and allow rays of the sun to beautifully light up the place. They are roofing elements that would enhance the interior and exterior décor of any home.  Many homeowners install skylights for ventilation too. Ventilating a home with a skylight involves releasing accumulated hot air at the ceiling and letting new air in, thereby creating a healthy and cool home atmosphere. 

Why you should get the Solar Powered Venting Skylight Solar panels

Generally, skylights are cool. They’d fit your home perfectly and last for decades if installed by professionals. However, not all skylights are created equal.

Introducing the Solar Powered Venting Skylight, a dynamic skylight option perfect for any home. Its ergonomic and smart tech design makes it convenient to use and quite easy to install, but what makes this skylight so unique?

The in-built solar panels of this skylight capture rays of sunlight during the day and convert them to the energy that powers the battery source. This is not only a cost-effective quality but also a green energy initiative. You get to save costs and the planet at the same time!

Rain sensor

With the Solar Powered Venting Skylight, you no longer need to scurry or worry about closing your skylight units when it is about to rain, courtesy of something known as the piezoelectric effect. This phenomenon sends a small electric charge that prompts the skylights to close when triggered by the sound of raindrops. You get to enjoy peace of mind, no matter your location and no matter the weather. 

Remote control

Unlike the manual venting skylight, this version allows users to control skylights with a user-friendly remote. This way, you can easily open and close your skylights from the comfort of your bed or even when you’re in the shower. 

Laminated Glass

The smooth, laminated glass of this skylight makes it clean and highly resistant to water spots since it makes water disperse evenly and evaporate rapidly. Laminated glass also serves as a noise-cancellation feature and it is 25% and 50% percent more effective than standard double pane glass and plastic skylight glass respectively.  

No Leak

All VELUX Skylights are dubbed “No Leak” Skylights and the Solar Powered Venting version is no different. With proper installation, this skylight promises a 20-year warranty on glass and 10 years on product, plus 5 years on blinds and controls and 10 years on installation. 

You can enjoy all these features of the Solar Powered Venting Skylight and more without breaking the bank. The installation costs are also surprisingly pocket-friendly. Plus, you get to spend less on utility bills and enjoy refreshing air and lightning all day every day. 

Accessories for the Solar Powered Venting Skylight

You can enhance your Solar Powered Venting Skylight experience by retrofitting it with the New VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control. This accessory allows you to control your skylights and blinds with the mobile app on your phone. Plus, it equips your skylight system with smart sensors that regulate your home’s CO2, temperature, and humidity levels by closing and opening your skylights automatically. 

Note that this accessory is incompatible with skylights installed before 2010.

Installation and fixing of Solar Powered Venting Skylight Installation and Repairs

The longevity of your Solar Powered Venting Skylight Installation rests highly on the quality of the installation. Even for great skylights like the Solar Powered Venting Skylight, poor installation may lead to leaking or condensation problems. 

With this in mind, it is best to hire the top dogs in skylight installation and fixing, and there is only one brand that fits that profile- Universal Roofs. 

Professional Solar Powered Venting Skylight Installation and Repairs in Toronto

Installing and fixing Solar Powered Venting Skylights is our forte at Universal Roofs. We bring an unmatched level of quality in fixing and installing skylights, courtesy of our team of experienced professionals in the field. We will deliver according to your specifications and suggest ways on how to make your skylights perform even better. 

Using field knowledge and diagnostic test tools, our team will be able to detect faults in your skylight systems, fix them in due time, and provide recommendations on how to prevent such from happening in the future. Universal Roofs is the perfect option for elite skylight installation and fixing in Toronto. We are motivated and capable of perfectly installing your skylights to brighten and refresh your home every day. We also specialize in skylight repairs and trust us when we say we are the best in the business. 

We understand the implications and consequences of poor skylight installation, and we wouldn’t want to put you through such an ordeal. This is why our installation experts will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your skylight is installed according to the highest standards. 

Our Solar Powered Venting Skylight Installation and Repair Services

Installation and repair of Solar Powered Venting Skylights can be quite tricky, but not too tricky for our seasoned experts at Universal Roofs. We install skylights perfectly and you can be sure that there won’t be any software or hardware issues with your skylights in the future. Our installations last for as long as possible and so do our repairs. 

Leaking Repair Toronto – If your skylight is leaking, the flashing is the likely culprit. It is the part that surrounds and seals the skylight panel to prevent water entry. To fix this, we will expertly seal the flashing with some roofing cement, and voila! Your skylight is as good as new.

Solar panel Repair Toronto – Sometimes, the solar panels of skylights develop issues. Not to worry, our experts will fix the snag by repairing the solar panels or by simply replacing them. In some cases, we will fix the connectivity between the skylight and the panels. 

Skylight Installation Toronto – Installing a solar-powered skylight is as easy as it gets with Universal Roofs. Our installation costs are affordable and you don’t have to worry about future problems originating from poor installation. We are the absolute best!

Our experts at Universal Roofs know everything there is to know about solar-powered skylights. With us, you can rest assured that your skylight systems and hardware are in safe and competent hands. Whether you want to install a skylight, fix or replace a solar panel, service the skylight and panel connectivity, or mend condensation issues, Universal Roofs is your best bet. So what are you waiting for? 

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