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A building remains incomplete without roofing. In fact, a house without a roof has a significantly low market value. But then, having a roofing system isn’t just enough. To get the best, you need a roofing system that has all the necessary components, and soffit and fascia are just a combination you can’t ignore. When it comes to installing a quality roofing system, you need to hire a soffit fascia contractor with a wealth of experience to give you the best results. Here, at Universal Roofs, we know soffit fascia installation like the back of our palm, and nothing surprises anymore in it.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Soffit Fascia

Many property owners don’t truly know the importance of soffit fascia. Some see these components as just one of the parts of the roofing system that can be compromised. But here’s it; these vital components are more than just decorative elements that make up the look of your building exterior.

When you talk about the fascia, it’s the board or the roofline that extends along the area where the roof meets with the outer walls of the building. On the other hand, the soffit covers the eaves or the rafter extension from the actual building. Soffit and fascia protect your home from animals and pests that can invade your home. The soffit is specially designed to let air pass through while flaunting a finished appearance.

Professional Soffit Fascia Installers

Universal Roofs is not one of the average roofing companies you know in Toronto. We stand out from the pack when it comes to anything roofing, and one of the roofing services we derive joy in delivering is soffit fascia installation.

We truly understand how these things work, why your building needs them, and how to install them for you. Universal Roofs is not just a professional brand, we’re passionate about the services we offer, and that’s why we’re always ready to go far and above to ensure you get the best results.

As a leading soffit fascia contractor, we take our time to know what your needs are, how you want your project to be handled, and other preferences. We draw on these to suggest even better and professional solutions. After which, we can get down with your project.

Universal Roofs – A Versatile Soffit Fascia Contractor

Universal Roofs is a brand that always makes it to the top of the list when it comes to ranking versatile and professional soffit fascia installers in Toronto. Our works speak for us and we’re proud to always represent our brand’s mission anywhere. We stand out with our soffit fascia installation and know all it takes to offer a good number of soffit fascia varieties.

Our soffit fascia installation services are ideal for the following:

  • Steel
  • Fibre cement
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Upvc

The best part about our soffit fascia solutions is that we know how to deliver every service we claim to offer. When we work on your project, you’d always spot the difference from what others deliver and that’s our biggest flex

Steel Soffit Fascia

Steel is one type of soffit fascia materials we know how to handle best. They are sure to freshen up your existing overhangs and give your building a sleek, finished look. Steel soffit fascia is often tougher than many other materials and tends to withstand extreme weather better. Often, they are custom-made on-site to ensure your home gets the perfect design it deserves. Remember, you don’t have to work with just any soffit fascia contractor. You need a team that has handled steel soffit fascia projects successfully, and here we are, ready to work with you.

Fibre Cement

Fibre cement soffit fascia material offers good looks and protection just like many other materials. They are insect-resistant, water-resistant, and don’t chip, peel, or rot over time. It’s obvious that soffit fascias are often overlooked. But with fibre cement as your choicest material, these roofing components are sure to last a long time even with little maintenance.

When it comes to choosing a soffit, you should go for something that complements your home’s exterior, especially if you have an overhang that is quite visible to anyone standing below. We know what it takes to handpick and install fibre cement soffit fascia, and we draw on our experience to help you choose what will last you a long time.


For several decades, aluminum has been in use as a good option for covering the exteriors of many buildings. Just like vinyl, it was meant to be a wood alternate, an option that wouldn’t require so much care or rot.

Aluminum soffit fascia comes in various colors and textures. While some are smooth to feel, others flaunt a simulated wood grain. Aluminum materials are resistant to insects and rot; likewise, they are flame retardants. They hardly chalk or peel, instead, the color fades unevenly with time. Of course, you can repaint them if need be.

Universal Roofs knows all about using aluminum for your soffit fascia, and we’re committed to drawing on our long-standing experience and passion to give you exactly what you need.


UPVC is one of the numerous materials options for soffit fascia installation projects. It doesn’t contain plasticizers, hence the name – unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Since they don’t contain plasticizers, they are more rigid and durable. For property owners who seek soffit fascia materials that are sure to require fewer maintenance efforts, this might be an ideal option.

UPVC is quite aesthetic as it takes the curb appeal of any home up a notch. With a characteristic smooth surface, UPVC allows better water flow and this means there would be little or no case of waterlogging. They are chemical resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions significantly.

At Universal Roofs, we take pride in our ability to deliver the best UPVC soffit fascia installation in Toronto. Our works speak for us and we’re sure not to disappoint any client who entrusts their project in our hand.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, often referred to as vinyl when it comes to soffit fascia is a good material option for this component. It includes plasticizers and this accounts for the increased flexibility it flaunts. If you don’t want to spend much time and resources in maintaining your soffit fascia, then vinyl material might be an idea. You can leave them unpainted and the color still goes through.

Vinyl soffits come in vented and perforated options, and they mimic wood appearance.  They have overlapping seams which cast a shadow that may detract from the building’s appearance.

However, it’s advisable to note that vinyl materials are prone to melting or freezing during extreme heat or cold. The implication is that they may not last very long like some other options.

If you make up your mind to get a soffit fascia contractor to help install this option for you, then we’re always at your beck and call. We’ll draw on our long-standing experience and commitment to ensure we deliver the best to you.

Why Your Building Needs Soffit Fascia Installation

Just like every other significant component of your building, the structural integrity of your building will be compromised if it doesn’t have soffit fascia. Indeed, some property owners don’t truly understand why their home needs this, and that’s understandable. But you need to understand their importance.

Soffit fascia contributes immensely to the aesthetics and energy-efficiency of your home. Soffit has venting that ensures there is a steady flow of air between your attic and the roof. Of course, the attic needs proper ventilation; else there might be a build-up of moisture which can cause mold formation and growth. That’s not all. If there is no soffit to supply air to your attic, heat accumulates in there and eventually affects your roof shingles.

Soffit also serves good purposes when it comes to keeping insects and animals away from your home. It’s obvious that wasps, and bees like to be in the soffit. This is why you need to ensure your soffit is in good working condition all the time.

Fascia isn’t left out. They work hand-in-glove with soffit.  Fascia is the last support line for the bottom row of your shingles or roof tiles. The component upon which gutters are installed. Even during a torrential downpour, your gutters need to be held firmly, and this is what a quality fascia does.

Fascia takes your exterior’s aesthetic up a notch. With its availability in various colors, you’re sure to pick the color that does it best for the beauty of your exterior.

Of course, the need for soffit fascia can’t be overemphasized. But to get the best functionality of these components, you need to work with an expert soffit fascia contractor. Whatever your needs for soffit fascia installation in Toronto are, our experts will work with you hand-in-gloves to ensure we deliver not just the best service, but what works for you personally.

Soffit Fascia Inspection

If you have soffit fascia already, there is a need to inspect it. Often, storms are not favorable to a home’s exterior. When heavy winds blow, rain can blow beneath the eaves. Soffit is always there to keep the rain away from the roof boards and rafters. If you fail to inspect your soffit and it gets damaged, water can easily collect in the roofing system, leading to costly repairs and a negative impact on the structural integrity of your building.

While cleaning your gutters, it’s advisable to perform a visual inspection of the soffit fascia. During this time, you might notice peeling, damages caused by the elements, and even other signs of wear. If you notice bee nests, hornet, wasp, mildew, or mold growth, you need to get rid of them. You can always reach out to an expert to inspect your soffit fascia.

Universal Roofs – Your Best Bet for Anything Soffit Fascia in Toronto

One of the significant ways any property owner can keep their soffit fascia in tiptop shape is by conducting a regular inspection. But when the need for replacement or an entirely new installation arises, our team is a brand you can trust. Here, we have a team of reliable professionals who have been through it all as long as it pertains to soffit fascia.

No matter what your choice of material is, our team of experts will install, seal, caulk and ensure it’s in perfect working condition before we leave your space. Whenever you need to install soffit fascia on your building, the cost of achieving this will vary depending on several factors which include your home size, choice of materials, and many more.

When you turn to Universal Roofs for soffit fascia installation, whether you’re looking to have it done with vinyl material, UPVC, aluminum, steel, or even fibre cement, you can count on us. Our long-standing commitment to delivering a completely hassle-free experience has helped our brand earn a lot of recognition, rewards, and referrals. This is just one of the reasons why many property owners and holders in Toronto trust Universal Roofs since our inception.

We tailor our service to ensure that anyone who chooses to work with us will not get a one-size-fits-all type of service. Instead, we go far and beyond to ensure that we customize our service processes to meet each client’s unique needs. Of course, customer requests vary, and no two buildings are the same.

We’re customer-focused and that’s why we’re all about your satisfaction. Here at Universal Roofs, we don’t leave your space until you’re fully satisfied with our work. Of course, dexterous soffit fascia installers know how to make it happen. Your satisfaction is our priority.

When next you’re out, looking for a smart and reliable soffit fascia contractor you can entrust your project into their hands, we’re here for you. Simply reach out to us with your request and we’d be glad to discuss with you and jump on your project.

Call us today to get started, and you’ll be glad you did in the end.


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