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When you ask many contractors and builders in Toronto, they will tell you that skylight installation is one investment many property owners can’t reject easily. Skylights become inevitable when you hold your property in high esteem and desire to give it the best. However, it can be quite a task to pick a reliable expert from the pool of skylight installers. Of course, it’s normal for every contractor to present their brand as the best, but only a few deliver as promised, and this is where Universal Roofs sits at the top.

Here at Universal Roofs, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality and reliable skylight solutions you can’t resist. Whether you’re looking for a reliable team to install, repair, or maintain various types of skylights on your commercial or residential building, our team will always be at your beck and call. All you just need is to reach out to us, and we’ll craft a tailored solution that works just for you. Apparently, you wouldn’t regret working with us in the end.

Skylight Installation Benefits

In the entire Toronto, many homeowners can confidently say they can’t do without skylights. The reasons are quite glaring. For property owners who are yet to install skylights, maintain or repair their existing installations, here are some benefits of skylights you can’t reject.

Better Ventilation – Nothing beats living in space or working from a space that has better ventilation. Everyone needs a building that lets in the fresh air. It’s not just about your windows. Having a skylight window ensures you get fresh air in your space while improving cross ventilation. The result is that your space will not be stuffy or hot even when you don’t make use of your air conditioning systems.

Reduced Energy Costs – No one would cheerfully want to pay higher energy bills. Almost everyone seeks a way to cut down their energy costs by a significant amount. It’s obvious that sunlight can heat your space and this can be controlled with proper cross ventilation. With quality laminated and leak-proof skylights installed on your building, you can save more on the energy spent to cool your space. It’s worthy of note that not every contractor you meet has mastered the art of installing leak-proof skylights. This why Universal Roofs stands out as the best. Our experts know the secrets to install leak-proof skylights and we make it happen for all our clients.

Adds Natural Light to your Space – Almost everyone knows that skylights add natural light to any space. In fact, one can confidently say that the biggest benefit of skylights is how they add natural light to any space. You could turn on your electric lights anytime but they might not give what natural light has to offer. Natural light has a way of improving moods and helps with improved performance at workplaces. 

Improved Aesthetics – If you’ve ever seen a home with a skylight on it, you can attest that it sends a different level of aesthetic feeling. Simply put, skylights improve the curb appeal of any home and make it worth living.

Better Market Value – Properties with skylights are often sold at a different price. This goes to say that skylights improve the market value of any building. So, if you’re looking to sell your property sooner or later, you might want to consider working with us to deliver the best skylight solutions.

Natural Views – Just imagine a possible scenario where you lay on your bed on a cool even and view the wonders of the sky. Such a panoramic view can be soothing and can balance your mood. Even during the day, skylights let you enjoy a natural view just like you’re standing outside.

Apparently, the benefits of skylight installation can never be overemphasized. Whether you install it on a residential building or a commercial structure, it has significant roles to play. To get the best, you need to work with a team that knows the rudiments of skylight installations, repairs, and maintenance. This guarantees that you get the best possible service as everything you’ll need is already within their areas of specialization. This is what we do best at Universal Roofs. Here, we go far and above to ensure that all our clients who opt for our skylight services, whether it’s a minor repair, maintenance, or a complete installation, get the very best services that will make them smile. We aim to give you the best value for your resources and only leave your space when you’re satisfied.

Universal Roofs Offers A Wide Range Of Skylight Solutions

At Universal Roofs, we’ve come too far that you’ll hardly present a skylight need or requirements we can’t tackle expertly. Over the years of growing this brand, we’ve equipped our team with the best knowledge, resources, and skills to handle virtually every type of skylight installation.

Whether you’re looking for a team that will offer a quick skylight leak repair or a contractor to replace your existing but worn-out skylight, simply call on us, Universal Roofs. Our team will work with you closely to ensure we understand all your needs and deliver even beyond your expectations.

We offer a wide variety of skylight solutions, and you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

  • Modular Skylights
  • Commercial skylights
  • Sun tunnels
  • Roof windows
  • Flat roof skylights (CFP- Flat roof skylight, CVP- Flat roof manual venting skylight, CXP- Flat roof exit skylight)
  • Residential Skylights (Solar Powered Venting Skylight, Electric Venting skylight, Manual Venting Skylight, Fixed Skylight)

Modular Skylights

One of the numerous skylight systems we install is the modular type. This type of skylight offers all the advantages of modularity to roof lights. With high glass quality flaunting integrated blinds, the modules are made to work as one system right from when they are made.

Modular skylights often appear complex to the layman, and to some contractors, installing such skylights is a herculean task. They are prefabricated in modules that are joined to form a single system. As such, not all contractors can install, repair or replace such skylights.

If you crave to have a comfortable, healthy, and productive indoor space, you can’t afford to miss going for modular skylight installations. This is ideal for commercial buildings and our contractors are ever ready to work with you and deliver the best modular skylight installations, repairs, and modular skylight replacement.

Commercial Skylights

 Just like residential spaces, commercial buildings deserve skylights. Property owners who own commercial buildings can get a lot more when they opt for commercial skylights. The benefits are too numerous to mention as the workers as well get to enjoy a better workspace. Installing skylights on the roof of commercial buildings offer benefits that you’ll hardly get from other light sources. With the right commercial skylights, you can create optimal light distribution in your commercial building while taking its architectural design up a notch.

Virtually every contractor knows that commercial skylights improve the value of a business building, minimizes glare, and improves curb appeal. But not every contractor knows the true art of installing such skylights. Here, at Universal Roofs, our commercial skylight installers have handled a good number of related projects, and have over time, mastered the art of doing this expertly. So, no matter how complex your commercial building appears to be, you’re sure to get just the best quality installation, repair, or replacement service. Our professional installers will go through all it takes to make sure we leave your building as you smile.

Sun Tunnels

 If you’ve ever wondered temporarily how natural light can be directed to a particular portion of the interior of any building, you might not truly know about sun tunnels. Unlike many other types of skylights, sun tunnels allow for light to be sent in a direct motion through a tube. At night, when the sun goes down, sun tunnels can send an imaginary full-moon image in your space.

Sun tunnels are one type of skylight many homeowners can’t resist. Of course, every room in your home deserves to have a touch of natural light. Sun tunnels are one of the fastest and less expensive ways of introducing natural light to your interior to transform it. For areas in your building that need a more vibrant and brighter appearance, you might want to add a sun tunnel.

Sun tunnels flaunt a low-profile design that adds a sleek appearance on any sort of roofline it’s installed on. They are often prefabricated and this cuts down the hassle that comes with installation. All you need to do is to handpick a reliable skylight installer in Toronto to install your sun tunnel, and that’s all.

At Universal Roofs, we house experts who have a wealth of experience in installing various types of sun tunnels. Our sun tunnel installation, replacement, and repair services cover the following types.

  • Rigid Skylights
  • Flexible Skylights
  • Tubular skylights
  • Sun tubes

We realize that property owners who need a better light transmittance when it comes to sun tunnels often opt for rigid sun tunnels. This type channels light directly from the roof down to the ceiling in a pure direct manner. This is unlike the flexible which are also known as light tubes or daylight tubes. Flexible sun tunnels come in handy when the distance between the ceiling and the roof is too big or too small to accommodate a straight sun tunnel.  It’s not so hard to install but requires an expert to pull such a project off in just one attempt. Universal Roofs is a brand you can count on when it comes to installing rigid and flexible sun tunnels. Our expert will take time to analyze your roof and ceiling to ascertain what type of sun tunnel will work best. The best part is this – no matter your choice of sun tunnel, our expert will work with you and deliver even beyond your expectations.

Tubular skylights come in a tube shape and flaunt a reflective-lined tube with a lens that captures natural light and delivers it to the interior of a building where it’s installed. It consists of a tube, dome, and a diffuser. Unlike many other rooftop skylights, they are more compact.

Sun tubes as a type of sun tunnel are ideal for buildings that have 6 meters or less between their ceiling and roof. You’ll need an expert to install such a type of sun tunnel in your building, and Universal Roofs is always available.

Roof Windows

Just as the name implies, a roof window is just a window in the roof and it allows light into the building where it’s installed. They can be made to be opened or fixed completely. But the best part is that roof windows improve ventilation, allow better and natural views, as well as allows natural light into your space. Roof windows offer a better view of the outside, and that’s why many property owners go for it. Our experts at Universal Roofs can help you with professional advice and do the installation too.

Flat Roof Skylights

Flat roof skylights are a special type of skylight designed to meet the ever-rising demand for homes with low-pitch or flat roofs. Some property owners who prefer flat roofs deserve to get the best skylight solutions as well, and this is where flat roof skylights come in handy.  This type deals with the common misconception that flat roofs can’t accommodate skylights.

If your building has a flat roof, you can also enjoy the benefits of skylights. Flat roof skylights are topped with a dome cover fitted in a PVC curb which helps transform your space into something you’ve ever wanted. We have professionals with a high mastery of flat roof skylight installation, replacement, and repair. So, whenever you want to install a flat roof skylight on your flat roof system, do well to reach out to us.

Our flat roof skylight solutions cater to your personal needs for any or all of these types:

  • CFP- Flat roof skylight
  • CVP- Flat roof manual venting skylight
  • CXP- Flat roof exit skylight

Residential Skylights

Many property owners who have residential buildings often feel the need for skylights. In such scenarios, residential skylights come in handy. From the installation of residential skylights to all the necessary finishing touches, we can guarantee that our team will work with you to transform your residential building into your dream structure with skylights.

We know what it takes to turn a house into a home, introducing amazing rays of natural light, allowing better natural views, and helping homeowners save more on energy bills. Our flat roof skylight solutions are second to none, and we’re proud to be able to offer a wide range of this solution.

Our flat roof skylight solutions span across the following:

  • Solar Powered Venting Skylight
  • Electric Venting skylight
  • Manual Venting Skylight
  • Fixed Skylight

Why Choose Us For Your Skylight Solutions in Toronto?

It’s common to find a good number of contractors who promise to help property owners in Toronto repair, maintain, replace and even install new skylights. But there are some things many property owners see in our brand and mode of operation that make them keep recommending our services. The secret lies in our expertise, commitment, and methods of service delivery.

When it comes to anything related to skylights in Toronto, our clients trust us to provide the best quality services that beat what they can get anywhere else. Here’s what we do; we draw on our age-long experience to craft ways that are unique and sure to solve each customer’s problems. Our experience makes us stand out; ensuring that no project that comes to our table will look strange. You’re permitted to think and believe that we’ve seen it all; you’ll not be wrong to think that way.

At Universal Roofs, we go far and above to ensure we deliver tailored solutions in each project. No matter how simple or complex your project might seem, we take time to craft ways and approaches that will yield a unique result for you. So, when you come to us with your requests, we’ll take our time to analyze them, and inspect your roof to create bespoke solutions.

One thing about our brand is that all our clients matter a lot to us. This is why we can’t talk less about customer satisfaction. When we agree to work with you on a project, perhaps any sort of skylight-related project, rest assured, you’re getting the very best results that will leave you feeling satisfied. Your satisfaction remains our priority so we wouldn’t leave your space until you’re satisfied.

In the entire Toronto, we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable skylight solutions. Whether you’re looking to install one in your residential or commercial building, we have a wide range of options you can always choose from. The good news is that we’re masters when it comes to installing virtually every type of skylight.

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