Skylight Leak Repairs: Signs That your Skylight Needs Inspection

Skylights can be quite an aesthetic and energy-efficient addition to any building, but sometimes, the need for skylight leak repairs becomes inevitable. With skylights, inhabitants and property owners can add warmth to dark interior spaces. However, skylights require an inspection to avoid emergency or unexpected damages that might cost a fortune.

Just like other features and parts of any home, regular inspection and maintenance is key to their longevity. The big question becomes, “how do I know when to inspect my skylight?” There are no laid rules when it comes to choosing when to inspect skylights. However, a few tips will definitely be of help.

Here are some signs that your skylight needs inspection and/or skylight leak repairs. Let’s dive in!


Condensation is a natural phenomenon. It occurs mainly in damp locations like the kitchen and even bathrooms. Skylights with single glazing also experience condensation, and it often occurs suddenly. So, when you’re inspecting your skylight or looking to opt for skylight leak repairs, you may need to check for condensation between the dome and glass panes. Universal Roofs Inc. is always available to handle your skylight inspection and repairs.

Go for Skylight Leak Repairs if you have a Damaged Flashing

Flashing literally means the metal that connects your skylight to your roof. It surrounds the skylight and serves a great purpose when it comes to preventing a leak. It’s often exposed to weather elements, both harsh and mild. As such, it undergoes corrosion and breaks down over time.

During roof or skylight inspection, it’s vital to always check on the flashing. Most times, when you choose to go for skylight leak repairs, the contractors will change the flashing. With a new flashing, there will be no leaks from the sides of your skylight.

Cracked/ Damaged Acrylic Glass Calls for Skylight Leak Repairs

It’s not uncommon to see cracked skylight glasses. These glasses face severe weather elements and can’t withstand them forever. It might be easy to see cracks on the glass panes when you look up. Whenever you notice such cracks or even damaged glasses, there is a need for proper inspection. Get a professional to inspect it, and possibly opt for skylight leak repairs to avoid further damage.

Blocked Weep Holes

For every skylight system installed properly, there is a weep hole. Weep holes are tiny holes that allow water formed by condensation to flow out of your building instead of going down to the floor below. When there are blockages in your weep holes, it becomes a hassle to send water out of your building.

Anytime you observe difficulty in water flow through weep holes in your roofing system, then there is a need for proper inspection. You may want to hire experts to inspect and deliver excellent skylight leak repairs.

Universal Roofs Inc. offers top-of-the-line solutions when it comes to the roofing system in Toronto. We’re always available and ready to inspect your skylights, find the problem(s), and fix them expertly. Don’t put the value of your home on the line; go for skylight inspection today.

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