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Natural Slate Roof
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Slate roofs are a common option that is loved for several reasons. When people think about roof slates, the Natural quarried slate is the first thing that comes to mind, and there is a reason why it is the most common and popular slate.

Natural slate is one of the most impressive materials for roofing on the market, which adds value to your house. Contrary to popular belief, the natural slate isn’t reserved solely for libraries or museums. Matter of fact, a natural slate roof makes your home stands out in your neighborhood from an aesthetic point of view.

Natural Slate Roof Repair and Installation

A significant reason to love the natural slate is its eco-friendliness. It isn’t produced with petroleum or chemical additives like paints, plastics, or preservatives which can be harmful to the earth. The Natural Slate is a wise investment.

Universal Roofs specializes in providing high-quality and unmatched roof service. Our priority remains to give you the best roof service like never before, from advisory services to installation and replacement. Irrespective of the building type or size, you can trust us to deliver.

We prioritize your need, so we give attention and take our time to deliver exceptional and unmatched roof service. Our experts at Universal roofs are well trained and adept at handling natural slates, and you can rest assured of the quality of the service delivery.

In terms of pure authenticity, natural slate roofing is arguably the best material, and it’s worthy of mentioning that a specialist must install a natural slate roof. You don’t want to experience a cascade of issues both in the short and long run, and this is why you should trust us with your natural slate roofing installation, repair, and replacement.

We have come a long way in the natural slate roofing industry. We know our onions regarding providing professional natural slate roofing services in Toronto like no other. Our costs are highly competitive, and you get to experience an unmatched customer experience. Not to mention, our experts are locally trained and safety conscious. With us, you have nothing to worry about throughout the natural slate roofing installation, repair, or replacement.

We also provide advisory services based on our wealth of experience; we can offer strategic consultations to help you choose the right roofing that fits your environment.

Why You Should Work with a PRO Roof Service for Natural Slate Roof Repair and Installation

The worst thing that could happen after spending a huge amount of money to purchase a roof would be to have a novice ruin its installation or even the roof itself. This leads to more expensive and extensive repairs that can be avoided simply by hiring a pro roof service.

A novice can make excellent slates look mediocre and even ruin it entirely, whereas professionals do a seamless and brilliant job. There are several reasons why you should work with a pro roof service and not a novice.

One huge mistake is the water flow architecture, which disregards aspects like wind and ice damming and drainage and capillary action.

  • Nailing of long metal pieces then causes stress cracks on the slates
  • Using the wrong type of nail is one of the most common and essential mistakes novices make.
  • Using large pieces of metals in places that require flat lock installation.
  • Heavy traffic during installation causes hairline fractures.
  • Using caulked seams on non-solderable metals.
  • Step, apron, and counter flashings are installed incorrectly.
  • Use of warped slates, especially when improperly laid

These are all common mistakes that can be avoided by trusting a pro roof service like Universal Roofs with your natural slate roofing. We take into consideration everything from correct underlayment installation to correct soldering techniques and even using the right type of nails!

Universal Roofs is always available for your professional natural slate roof installation, repair, and replacement, irrespective of the structure’s size and type. You can rest assured that your natural slate roofing is in good and trustworthy hands at Universal Roofs. We care about our customers and provide you only with the best services.

Why Natural Slate is a Suitable Roofing Option

Although the obvious distinctive feature of the natural slate roof is its unmatched beauty, it isn’t popular for just its beauty. It is unmatched in a number of other things as well.

  1. Durability: One of the many reasons why the Natural Slate is common is its longevity. The Natural slate has an extremely long life expectancy and can last for up to a hundred years and even more if properly cared for and maintained. Trust Universal roofs for your complete installation of natural slates.
  2. Resistance: It can withstand updraft increase and decrease and is resistant to UV ray damage. It is impervious to fire and mold and has poor water absorption, which makes it resistant to frost damage and freezing. The natural slate can survive the test of the elements. Trust Universal roofs for your next roof service.
  3. Eco-friendliness: The Natural slate is one of the most environmentally maintainable roofing choices owing to its long lifetime and lack of toxic processing methods. Our experts at Universal roofs are well adept on how to handle eco-friendly materials and working with eco-friendly tools.
  4. Aesthetic: Natural slate provides a beautiful finishing flourish to every roof that makes the entire house itself stunning. Depending on where the slates are purchased, it is usually available in a wide range of colors including gray, blue, and even red, depending on the source. At Universal Slates, we also provide advisory services during the purchasing process to help you achieve that breath-taking aesthetics that you greatly desire.
  5. Maintenance: It is also worthy of mention the natural slate requires little or no maintenance. Although the Natural Slate is expensive compared to other slates, it requires almost no maintenance and will assuredly last a lifetime or two without issues. For the replacement of natural slates, you can trust us to deliver.

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