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Fiber Cement Slate is a natural alternative to natural slates. Roofs are meant to protect people and possessions in the modern world and beautify the building. They also absorb the weather conditions’ direct impact, making Fiber Cement Slate a favorable option as its components make it solid and durable. 

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Made from the combination of Portland cement, silica, and fillers, one cannot but wonder about the durability, longevity, and resistance to external stimuli. Fiber cement slate is fast becoming a solid competition to natural slate, owing to its more attractive upfront cost. Like fiber cement siding, the fiber cement slate comes in an even wider variety of colors and custom formats such as diamond-shaped slate. Our carefully selected team of roofing technicians can fix your fiber cement slate to the highest level of satisfaction.

At Universals Roofs, installation, repair, and replacement of fiber cement slate roofs are our specialties. We provide you with trained and experienced experts for your roofing solutions and guide you through a suitable type for your building. 

Universal roofs make use of quality machinery and equipment. Your satisfaction as our client is our topmost priority at Universal Roofs. Our affordability, interactive client service, safety standards, trustworthiness, quality service, and reputable name have attracted our clients.

Fiber Cement Slate Roof Installation

During the installation of fiber plate cement roofs, Universal Roofs ensure that the fascia serves as a backbone to the underlays. A tilting fillet is used during this process to prevent the puckering of tiles between the rafters. 

At Universal Roofs, we are concerned about our clients’ fiber cement slate roof’s hygienic condition. Hence, during fiber cement slate installation and repair, we construct our underlays to face the gutter for drainage of any moisture.

It is worth mentioning that we also work with standard machinery to make the fiber cement slate roof installation work seamless. We are adorned with complete professional standards, and the quality of our work speaks for us. We specialize in actualizing your dream roof styles. We install new fiber roofs, repair dilapidated roofs and replace old roofs to your satisfaction.  

Fiber Cement Slate Roof Maintenance

Fibre cement slates, like every other roofing material, are susceptible to contaminants. Dust and emissions from the atmosphere settle on the roof over time. Moss is also challenging to avoid, and it is not dependent on the roof installation type; moss can grow on any surface.

Although fiber cement slates are coated with a moss-inhibiting substance, environmental factors play a significant role in whether the roof changes color to green. In the real sense, it is not the fiber cement slates that change to green; it is the sand and debris on the slates that provide ideal growing conditions for algae and moss. The intensity of moss growth on fiber cement slate roofs is dependent on the Orientation of the roof, acidic rain, ventilation, and presence of trees in the environment. 

Hence, the need for Universal roofs’ expertise to maintain your fiber slate roof to its optimum condition. At Universal roofs, we provide mechanical and chemical cleaning services to maintain and enhance your fiber cement slate roof’s general outlook. Our high-pressure washing equipment and moss detergents are of high quality. The detergents used by Universal Roofs are non-corrosive, non-penetrating, and have credible maintaining properties. 

Besides, we do not use any over-the-counter products. Instead, we evaluate and analyze these chemicals’ chemical and biological components to check if they are safe to use on your roofs. These equipment and product used by Universal Roofs maintain the fiber cement slate roof without depreciating its aesthetic appearance. 

We meant it when we say know how best to deal with Fiber cement slate roof repairs.

Fiber Cement Slate Roof Installation and Repair

Often, during heavy rainfall, fiber cement slate roofs are usually affected, and there is a need for them to be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage. Quick fixtures need to be carried out before another downpour. 

Universal Roofs specialists are on the ground to repair or replace your fiber cement slate roof in cases of minor or extensive roof damage. Our repair and replacement services include damage inspection, patch addition, shingle replacement, and finishing. An on-site inspection is carried out to ascertain the severity of the damage. For repairs, quality fiber cement slate tiles are used for partial or total patching. We also source quality shingles from reliable manufacturers for your shingle replacement. 

Our finishing services include coating the outer layer of our fiber cement slate tiles. This will bring an aesthetic appeal to your building. We make sure that every single fiber cement slate tile to be replaced is of the same size as the damaged one during replacement. All broken slates are aligned similarly to the original installation. Slates to be repaired or replaced are removed in a triangular form with hammers and rippers’ aid. These tools are readily available at Universal Roofs and are maintained regularly.

We remove rusty nails from the nail hole for repairs and replace them with copper nails with a maximum diameter of 2.8 mm and a minimum length of 15 mm. This will help to fasten the underlays of your roof, tighten the battens, and secure the roof decks.

In cases where repair is complicated, total roof replacement is advised. Replacing an entire fiber cement slate roof requires additional time and expense. However, at Universal Roofs, we are speedy when with our repairs and replacement and our fees are highly competitive. To cut the expense of total roof replacement, we offer you a tailored budget that does not impede your finances’ free flow Also, we use standard crawling boards, roof ladders, and access platforms when making fiber cement slate roof repair and replacement, so you can worry less about safety. Our fiber cement slate roof services are of excellent quality, meticulous, and affordable and we mean our word at all times. Procure the services of Universal Roofs today.

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