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Bituminous slates, otherwise known as asphalt slates, have been around since the late 18th century. Since 1893, the asphalt roofing industry has grown to where it is today. Popular in the early years of the 20th century, bituminous slates roofing have been fulfilling the need for an economical fire-resistant roof covering. 

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Today, it has increasingly become recognized as an economical, aesthetic, and fire-safe product with a combination of longevity, durability, beauty, and value.  

It is worth mentioning that bituminous shingles are not only known for their beauty and durability but are also excellent at reducing heating and cooling costs because they act as an additional layer of insulation. So in those cold Canadian winters, they will help prevent heat from escaping your home.

Also, it is safe to say that the same tenets have driven bituminous slate roofing to date – poised to be economical and safe at the same time. You won’t find another slate form that prioritizes both qualities so high. Choose bituminous slate roofing, and let us fix you a combination that will leave you at peace. 

We are your one-stop-shop for bituminous slate roofing repairs, replacement, and installation. We will be delighted to work with you on your bituminous roofing projects or repairs. Universal Roofs will run you through all the available options for your bituminous roofing, and you can pick out what works best for you with our expert help. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service and access to the industry’s best professionals makes us a standout roofing company of choice. We communicate every step of the process and ensure that the project is customer-centric. Choosing Universal roofing Toronto is choosing bliss; pick right.


Installing your bituminous roof is one step that must be carried out carefully; this is why you should trust Universal Roofs with your bituminous roofing. We know the different designs that bituminous slates come in; our years of experience come with spotting what works with instantaneous accuracy. 

See below, types of bituminous roofing that you can choose to work with and their exclusive features.

  • The strip shingle: a shingle with a strip of material usually three times the length to height in proportion with tabs, and the most popular strip shingle is the 3-tab strip shingle.
  • The laminated dimensional shingle: a premium shingle and has multiple layers of tabs to create a texture and dimension to the shingle. The dimensional shingle variation is commonly known as the luxury shingle as it is much thicker and has more extensive exposures than dimensional shingles. Besides, luxury shingles can mimic the appearance of wood or slate shingles. 
  • Organic shingles: made with recycled paper (also known as fiber substrate) and asphalt and then compressed under high pressure. They are flexible yet heavy, making them durable and resistant to external factors. Instead of having a layer of paper, fiberglass shingles have a layer of glass. Also known as composition shingles, they are lighter than organic shingles, cheaper, and more resistant to heat and lifting.

Regardless of your choice of bituminous roofing, we can fix up the roof you would be so proud of. Remember the usual saying, “your roof is the first line of defense against the elements; that is why you must get it right. With Universal Roofs, getting the right roofing solution is a breeze. 


While bituminous roofing can be relatively low maintenance and long-lasting, it should be appropriately maintained to increase its life span. If the maintenance is skimped on, damages could occur. 

The maintenance of bituminous roofing begins from the installation, and you can trust Universal Roofs for a perfect roofing installation. The second part of maintenance is to ensure your attic is adequately ventilated. These are not the only two factors that are important in maintenance; they are essential nevertheless. 

Whether the maintenance is residential or industrial, we have capable hands at Universal Roofs that are up to the task and will get the job done. We make your repair and maintenance as efficient and seamless as possible. Get in touch with us for a site inspection today, fill out a form or give us a call, and we will be right on site! 

Bituminous Roof Repair and Replacement

Several factors could be responsible for a roof falling into disrepair; one of the reasons is maintenance. Roofing problems are evident in the form of drips and leaks. Repair leaky roofs before ceilings and walls get damaged; better yet, check your roof at least once a year before the storm season. When your roof has many damaged shingles or multiple leaks, that means it’s high time you replaced the roofing entirely. 

Also, are you noticing collections of mineral granules in common drainage areas leading away from your roof? This is a sign that the protective coating of the roof has been worn away. 

At Universal Roofs, we have come a long way in the roofing industry, and we know our onions when it comes to replacing bituminous roofing. You can rest assured of the quality of service.

Not to mention, when you have damaged shingles, roof leaks, and other issues, you may be wondering how to tell whether or not it’s worth going ahead and making the repairs instead of choosing to replace the roof entirely. While this may seem challenging, we are always more than ready to look at the roof’s current situation within the Toronto area and suggest if repair or replacement will be in order. 

It is worth mentioning that replacement becomes necessary if you notice multiple leaks across the roof’s surface. However, there is no need to panic. We have got you covered; we always do.

Our local experts are well trained to deliver exceptional bituminous replacement services and giving you an unmatched customer experience like no other roofing agency in Toronto. We have your interest at heart, and we will do all that is possible to get you back up quickly.

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