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Without a doubt, every homeowner will have to decide at some point to either replace their roof or opt for roof repairs. If your current roof has lasted for some years, then there might be a need for a quick fix sooner or later.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are dimensional or laminated shingles of superior quality that enhance the appearance of your roof. They’re made out of a fiber-glass mat with ceramic coated minerals embedded in water-resistant asphalt. The shingles can be made up of many layers of material.

What Are Architectural/Dimensional Shingles?

Architectural shingles are the product of a variety of factors, starting with the shingle’s actual materials and quality. They’re usually made of higher-quality materials and more material than a traditional asphalt shingle, resulting in a much thicker (and more durable) shingle. Architectural shingles, also known as laminated or dimensional shingles, add texture and exclusive styling to your roof by producing a beautiful three-dimensional look.

Some of the most attractive architectural roofing shingles on the market can imitate traditional luxury roofing materials like cedar wood shakes, stone tiles, and slate. Architectural shingles also provide homeowners with a wider range of color and design choices, allowing you to create a roofing system that complements your home in a way that you prefer.

Universal Roofs is a full-service roofing company that serves the greater Toronto area. For new construction, home repairs, and complete roof replacements due to storm damage or insurance claims, we market and install architectural and dimensional shingle roofing systems.

We respect consistency and honesty at Universal Roofs, so we only sell and install roofing systems from reputable manufacturers. Since a big part of being the best is the warranty behind the products and how the manufacturer treats lawsuits if they ever happen, our team of experts ensures we only install the best products on your house.

At Universal Roofs, we’re watching out for you not only during your roof installation or replacement, but even 5, 10, 15, and even 25 years down the road. We want your roof to last a long time!

Why People Choose Architectural Shingles

The benefits of an architectural shingle roof for the house and the homeowner are numerous. Through our wealth of expertise and hands-on-desk customer service support, our team of experts at Universal Roofs aims to ensure that all of our clients are informed on the benefits of their chosen roofing content. The following are some of the benefits of choosing architectural shingles for your home.


The cost of an architectural shingle roof is less than that of cedar shakes or slate shingles, making it a more affordable luxury option. As compared to asphalt shingles, architectural shingles have a slightly higher longevity, which accounts for the higher cost.


Homeowners adore the fact that they have full influence over the appearance of their architectural roof. It enables you to add a personal touch to your home’s appearance and achieve a distinctive look.

Easy Installation

Installing architectural shingles is an easy method that ambitious homeowners can also do themselves. Since labor requirements are lower than for a traditional residential roofing option, this ease of installation has an effect on total costs.

At Universal Roofs, we have years of experience installing architectural shingle roofing and other asphalt shingle varieties in Toronto and its environs, therefore, hiring a specialist to install your architectural shingle roofing can save you the stress of messing up your home design, which could have a dangerous long-term implication if installed incorrectly.

Durability: The design of a traditional shingle roofing system is accounted for by a single layer of material mounted on roof decking. The design of an architectural shingle roof is characterized by additional tiers of stronger asphalt. Architectural shingles can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, while normal shingles can break down at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.

Appearance: Architectural shingles come in a number of styles and colors, as well as designs that can replicate a variety of different roof materials. These shingles also need less maintenance than other roof types.

Why Choose Universal Roofs For Your Architectural Shingle Roof?

Universal Roofs is a full-service roofing company whose mission is to achieve excellence by providing high-quality service in Toronto and its surrounding areas. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality service while employing cutting-edge equipment and materials, with the aim of being the leading roofing company in Toronto and the surrounding area.

When you choose Universal Roofs for your architectural shingle roofing project, you’re enlisting the help of a trusted partner who cares about your home or house. Our company growth is as a result of the excellent work we do for our clients and their families. We only get referrals if we do an outstanding job! So you can be assured that you’re hiring a team of specialists who all have the same goal in mind: to build or restore your new architectural shingle roof in the most reliable and cost-effective manner possible.

Your peace of mind can be rest assured; knowing that your new roof construction is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a workmanship warranty, depending on the project and materials used.

The choice of roofing materials for your home or commercial roofing system has a significant impact on the cost, but with the assistance of our team of roofing architectural shingle experts, we will assist you in making the right decision within your budget to provide you with the expected result, thus saving you the stress of dealing with quacks who may waste your time and money.

Will you like to entrust us with the installation or repair of architectural shingles? Fill out our online form or contact us to receive an outstanding service that includes a perfect finished product, technical advice, and customer service assistance from our team of experts, who are always ready to take you from beginning to end, without compromising on promises, standards and your possible expectations about the architectural shingles you can trust.

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