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At universal roofs, we not only know that roofers who desire shingle roofs want the best, our experts the best shingle roofing solution. A shingle roof is a piece of tile with which roofs are outlined on structures, to get and channel water away from the core structure. There are substitute techniques for outlining roofs, yet when they are made with tiles, they are called shingle rooftops but have made shingle roofs one of our specialties.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Shingle Roofing

Until the 1980s, the most well-known kind of black-top material shingle (otherwise called tile rooftops) was the conventional 3-tab, which stays an economical choice among property holders who appreciate its simplicity of establishment and a wide scope of shading blends. 

During the 1980s, innovative advances and changes in buyer tastes took black-top material shingles to an unheard-of level, bringing about structural cover shingles. The expression “cover” implies that the development of the tiles comprises at least two fundamental tiles overlaid or reinforced together. 

Over the years, our experts have mastered the art of installing and replacing shingle roofs. With a wealth of experience in the industry, you’re sure to get just the best from our experts.

We Bring Only the Best Shingle Roofing Solutions

Our asphalt shingle roofing solutions include:

  • 3-tab asphalt shingle 
  • Laminate asphalt shingle
  • Architectural shingle
  • Ridges and crest shingles
  • Shingle starter strip

Our experts have a vast knowledge of these types of shingles and know all it takes to install each of them. Simply pick your choicest shingle and we’ll do the installation. 

Shingle roofs ensure against the infiltration of unsafe water from the wind-driven downpour, giving you expanded security from the weather components.

Some shingle roof tiles are accessible in a wide assortment of shadings; in any case, those lines that are intended to emulate the presence of authentic wood shingles or normal record tiles will fundamentally be restricted to a similar shading mixes as those found in nature; for instance, hearty or ruddy earthy colors, light and dull varieties from dim to dark. 

Structural overlay tiles are regularly depicted as “top-notch” because of the profundity and form of each profile. A few producers utilize calculated cuts while others, as IKO, utilize a straight cut that improves the profundity insight and presence of a tile or tile rooftop. 

Before your conviction that shingles have a disappointing timeframe of realistic usability, let us tell you that four-tab and three-tab shingles can keep going for over 25 years, in any case. The overall life expectancy of rooftop shingles has been fundamentally improved throughout the long term on account of innovative headways in the business.

3-tab Asphalt Shingle

We’re proud to be one of the few brands that know how to deliver amazing 3-tab asphalt shingle roofing services. This type of shingle is becoming popular among many property owners and we can make your building stand out by having this material on it. 3-tab shingles are thinner when compared to some other roofing materials. The reason is this – they are made from a fiberglass mat and a single layer of asphalt. 3-tab asphalt shingles’ characteristic lightweight makes them an ideal choice for buildings that require very light roofing weight.

They are quite cost-effective and easy to maintain. So, you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to keep your roof in a tip-top shape after installation. With a variety of colors available in shingle roof, you’re sure to find your favorite or something that complements the exterior of your building.

Universal Roofs stand out when it comes to 3-tab asphalt shingle installation, repair and replacement. No one does it better than us.

Laminate Asphalt Shingle

If you’re obsessed with giving your building a distinct appearance, better protection against weather elements, and an elegant look, you might want to consider installing laminate asphalt shingles. This roofing material comprises asphalt laminated to the shingle using asphalt sealants. It doesn’t have a consistent color or thickness and it’s quite heavier than 3-tab shingles. 

Here, at Universal Roofs, we know when your building needs laminate asphalt shingles. So, we can always work with you to make the best and professional choice when it comes to picking the right roofing material for you. We don’t leave you stranded after choosing a roofing material. Whether it’s the laminate asphalt shingle you picked or any other material, our experts will gladly help you with premium installation, repair and even maintenance services.

Architectural Shingles

One of the shingle roofing materials we know how to handle best is architectural shingles. They are quite durable as they are reinforced and more much thicker than the traditional asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles are sure to add exclusive styling and texture to your entire building. We’re proud to be a shingle roofing installation company in Toronto with a wealth of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining architectural shingles.

Over the years, we’ve successfully assisted property owners in Toronto and delivered the best roofing experience. We understand you deserve more than a brand that barely picks up your choicest materials and installs. Our experts will open your eyes to the core benefits of this type of shingle and why you might need it. After which, we can help you handpick the best and install it like no other brand. We’re all about your satisfaction and giving you the best. So, when we promise quality, we deliver even beyond your expectations.

Ridges and crest shingles

On the list of shingle roofing materials we know how to handle best is Ridges and Crest Shingles. They are pre-bent and often used for roof ridges. They don’t break when folded over the ridge. The characteristic cap design also helps shed debris and water more effectively. 

Ridges and crest often come in one, two, or three thickness, and these exceed the standard strip shingles. So, if you seek shingles with a very unique appearance and something to protect your roofing system from the growth of blue-green algae, then you might want to give ridges and crest shingles a shot. Universal Roofs is always ready to assist you and deliver top-of-the-line ridges and crest shingles solutions.

Shingle Starter Strip

This is shingle roofing material designed to play the role of the foundation of roofing projects. It’s often installed first and serves as a reference for the ideal positioning of the other shingles that will come into work. Often, starter strip shingles are overlooked as some contractors compromise and end up using cut-up shingles as starters. Here, at Universal Roofs, we realized that those using starter strip shingles remains the best as their alternatives might lack proper adhesives in the right positions. This can make your roofing system less resistant to wind. 

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your roofing system and the exterior of your building in general, improve your roof’s water-shedding ability and take your roof’s wind resistance ability up a notch, then you need to opt for starter strip shingles.

Universal Roofs has all it takes to deliver amazing solutions that you can’t find elsewhere when it comes to utilizing starter strip shingles on your roofing system.

Why Choose Universal Roofs for your Shingle Roofing Projects

It’s normal if you wonder why you have to pick us whenever you want to execute some shingle roofing projects. We’re not the only shingle roofing installation company in Toronto, but we stand out with our services. Just in case, you’re not sure; see why many property owners can’t stop picking our services over others anytime.


We’re not just a roofing company. We’re an experienced brand you can always trust for expert service delivery. Here, at Universal Roofs, we house only experienced roofers who have proven themselves worthy over time. We handpick the best and dexterous workforce with a wealth of experience in this industry. That’s why we can proudly say we have it all whenever you talk about shingle roofing experience, as well as other types of roofing solutions.

Custom-made Solutions

We detest a one-size-fits-all type of service. While anything goes for other roofing brands; we don’t do that here. For each project that comes to our desk, we take our time to analyze what it entails. This will give us an insight on the way to go, after which, we can devise a unique approach to make the shingle roofing dreams of the client come alive. We believe that we need to tailor our services and expertise if we must give you the best. Our team is all about your satisfaction and it begins with giving you exactly what works for you and not others. Our custom-made solutions are what you need to make your dream shingle roofing come alive.

Swift Delivery

Whether you’re looking to shingle roofing repair, installation or even replacement, we understand that nothing beats swiftness laced with accuracy. This is why we go all in and deliver as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter if we’re working on your residential building or commercial structure; we truly understand that time is a significant factor. So, we strive not to extend our delivery beyond the estimated time of action. This, in turn, cuts down your downtime and let you continue with your business or project completion as fast as possible.


You’ll always find the difference between works done by a passionate roofer and a mere roofer. The former often flaunts a high level of stellar results. Universal Roofs houses only passionate roofers. The result is that roofers who are truly eager and happy to deliver, will be at your site and deliver like a PRO, of course, we’re PROs.

Customer Satisfaction

If there’s anything we prioritize so much in our company, it’s customer satisfaction. We believe that our brand keeps thriving because we make every customer feel satisfied at the end of any project we handle. Of course, we wouldn’t let our brand die and that’s why we can’t stop delivering services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Whatever your request for shingle roofing might be, if we agree that we’ll work on it, then rest assured you’re getting the best. We like it when our clients hoist our brand name in praise and that’s why we can’t stop giving you the best.


Universal Roofs is a brand you can trust to bring the best solutions to virtually all your roofing problems. We’re not just a shingle roofing installation brand. Our expertise cuts across a wide range of roofing solutions. Ranging from shingle roofing to metal roofing, cedar, and many more, our experts know how to make your dream roofing system come alive. We also do siding services, attic insulation, ventilation and insulation upgrade. The best part of our services is this – you can contact us for your entire roofing needs; from start to finish and you’ll be glad you did.

Affordable Shingle Roofing Installation, Replacement and Repairs in Toronto

If you own a property in Toronto, you can tell that roofing is one of the costliest investments in any building. We truly understand this and are totally committed to giving all our clients the best roofing solutions at prices that don’t break the bank.

We don’t compromise quality because we offer affordable quotes. Our quality remains topnotch while you get affordable quotes from us. Our aim is to ensure that you start and finish your roofing system without breaking the bank, and it’s that simple.

When you think about a team that has all it takes to meet and even exceed your roofing expectations, Universal Roofs is a brand to call. We’re always available to hear from you, understand your needs and work with you. 

Kindly contact us so we can get started.

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