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They say life is not a bed of roses. One minute it seems like you have things figured out. The next minute it looks like you want to rip off your head because the solutions to challenges are not forthcoming.

People embark on different tasks in life, and one of them could be a building project. Some people feel all they need is the money and funds to make their building structure project achievable.

What Roof can I use? Are Zinc Roofs any Good?

If you have no idea about the building materials, you will encounter many challenges and want to give up along the line.

It is why you need to be knowledgeable, especially as you do not want anyone to play a quick one on you.

All humans always want the best when they embark on any project. The best thing is to ask questions and get clarifications on things that you do not understand with such a goal.

For those on a building project, there are many aspects you might need to figure out. One of them would be the roofing section. Universal Roofs is always available to help you with your roofing needs. If you ever want to use zinc roofs, then we’re your best plug for excellent installation, repairs and replacement.

These are some of the questions that come from those who desire to build structures.

Zinc roofs are one of the top suggestions you will get when building, especially as it has been around for a long time.

It is one of the best you can use. However, everything that has an advantage will also have a disadvantage.

Why Many Home owners Choose Zinc Roofs

You need to know why some property owners in Toronto opt for zinc roofs. Here are the benefits of zinc roofs:


The idea of anything being eco-friendly is that it helps or contributes to the environment. You might be working on a building project, but you also need a conducive environment for living.

After all, it is only a person that is alive that can progress with a building project. You will notice that you are more effective at whatever you do when you are in the right environment.

It is not out of place if you use eco-friendly materials for your building, and one of such is a zinc roof.

The eco-friendly factor starts from the production of these zinc roofs. It is important to note that zinc takes less energy to produce than other metal roofing options. Thus, you are not harming the environment in the production process.

Once produced and put to use, you can also decide to covert this zinc to another form later down the years.

Thus, not only are zinc roofs eco-friendly, but they are also recyclable.  You do not need to entertain fears about degradation when recycling a zinc roof.

It is no surprise why these roofs are dear to construction workers as they are keen on using things that do not disturb the atmosphere’s balance.

Quick to Install

Sometimes, it could be that you are running on a short timeframe. You want to finish your building project in record time, but you are confused about the roof to use.

You want something that would not take time to install as you like all work to be completed soon. This thought has been giving you sleepless nights as you do not know what options to pick.

Using a zinc roof is the answer in this situation because it is quick and easy to install. In no time, you will see your roof sitting pretty on the building.

Suppose you already have workers, but your roofing guys bail on you at the last minute. It might be a hassle finding someone or people to install the roof if it is other roofing types.

With zinc roofs, you would not have any worries as it does not take time to install. It is safe to call it a time-saver.

Low Maintenance

Building a structure is not the easiest feat. Once completed, all you want to do is rest and see how to replace the building process’s funds. Thus, it would not make sense that you are still spending money in the name of maintaining your roof.

This is not to say that it is wrong to carry out maintenance on your roofs. However, you get to have low maintenance when you use a zinc roof.

There are debris and falling leaves on the roof that you need to clean away. Once these are off, your roof stays intact.

Sometimes, the rain can help you wash off this debris, and you do not need to worry anymore. It is why zinc roofs are said to have low maintenance. It comes in handy for those who love to live a stress-free life and worry less about things. Now, other factors can have your focus.

Cons of Zinc Roofs

Now, flip the coin and see the other side of zinc roofs:

Some people will tell you that zinc roofs are void of rust. But are they?

Zinc roofs and water usually have a reaction that leads to rust. It is a challenge you will contend with if you decide to use zinc roofs.

Once there is continuous water on the roof, zinc hydroxide will form. Understandably, one cannot protect a roof from rain and other factors. However, the roof should also have adequate air.

If there is air, the chances of getting rust are lower. The problem comes in when there is only water and no air.

When the water continues, the layer of the zinc hydroxide gets thicker, leading to rust. Your roof will look older and less appealing when it has a lot of rust.

The goal is to ensure that it does not get to this roof. Make it a habit to regularly check on your roofs.

Universal Roofs is Always at your Beck and Call

Here at Universal Roofs, we house metal roof experts who have mastered the nitty-gritty of installing, maintaining and repairing metal roofs. Our zinc roofing solutions are topnotch and you’re sure to get the best results from us.

If you’re in Toronto and ready to install zinc roof, then you have to reach out to us now!

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