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You just embarked on a new building project. Everyone expects you to be happy. After all, you are adding another feather to your cap.

This is not the case as you have a lot on your mind. You want to have the best building project, which will not happen if you do not know the best roofing material to use.

Why You Need Copper Roof ?

You have gone for many consultations and received suggestions from people, yet it seems something is missing.

That something is a copper roof.

Using a copper roof comes with many benefits that give you peace of mind and allow you to live a stress-free life. It is one of the best roofing materials anyone can use.

Research shows that there are many famous buildings worldwide with copper roofing. It is an inexhaustive list, but some of them are The Berlin Cathedral Church (Germany), Minneapolis City Hall in the (USA), Belvedere Palace (Vienna), and The Rotunda at the University of Virginia (USA).

These buildings stand elegantly, and we know that using a copper roof will fulfill the desires you have for your building project.

Understandably, this is not the first time you are getting roofing suggestions from people. Thus, you might be skeptical about going further to use a copper roof.

Here are the benefits of copper roof and why you should not have a second thought about it:

The goal is not just to have a building, but one that stays outstanding. You can achieve this goal when you use a copper roof.

Here are reasons why people recommend using copper roofs:


Imagine having to change your roof yearly or every six months. You would not want to be in such a situation as it is frustrating.

When one wants to get a roof, they want something that lasts long. It is why you should go for a copper roof as it is durable and long-lasting. A copper roof has a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

Natural disasters may happen, but your roof does not come off if it is copper. Ideally, no one can say when mishaps may happen. Instead of panic, you are at peace because you have a copper roof.

Suppose there is a fire outbreak where some people use copper roofs, and others have other roof types. You will notice and realize that nothing will happen to the copper roofs. Little wonder why it is a favorite for many people, especially building experts.

The fact that a copper roof is durable does not negate that you need to maintain it. The steps and processes for maintaining a copper roof will be highlighted later.

Some things wear out with time, but not a copper roof. We can almost liken it to land. Typically, lands appreciate with time. It is the same way a copper roof improves as the years go on.


It is safe to say that a copper roof is the lightest roofing material you can use for your building structure.

Are you the type who loves proves? You might want to argue or need reassurance that copper roofs are lightweight. Experimenting is the best way to prove this point.

If you try to weigh a copper roof and other roof types, you will see that the copper roof is lighter.

With this established, you might be wondering the essence of the light-weight factor.

When your roof is light-weight, it does not weigh down on the internal structures of your building.

A heavier roof will stress the internal structures, leading to you having to make regular repairs. This will not be cost-effective.

Since copper roofs are light-weight, you can say that it is cost-effective to use a copper roof when building a structure.

Asides from it helping the internal structures and saving cost, it also saves time as it will be easier to transport. The installation process will also not be challenging or complex.

Since the roof is lightweight, it becomes flexible. This means that you can install it on any type of roof shape.

Premium Appeal

What do you have in mind when building a structure? Do you want it regular or unique?

You have seen some of the buildings above that were built with copper roofs. Without a doubt, you know that they have a prestigious outlook.

If you want such for your building, you know what to do!

There is a certain beauty that surrounds buildings with copper roofs. It is always a beautiful sight for the eyes. The elegance that the buildings portray can almost not be compared to any other.

Your building project might be for residential housing, official purposes, or other reasons. Whatever the case might be, the value goes up due to the premium and prestigious appeal. If you are putting up such a building for rent or sale, you can be sure that people will rush for it.

It is not wrong to say that using copper roofs is a wise investment.

Once you use a copper roof for your building, you will be proud of your work and effort. Such structures are usually worth the money spent during the building phase. 

Taking Care of Copper Roofs

All good things in life need proper care and management. Copper roofs are not excluded.

Although the maintenance cost of copper roofs is low, you still need to care for them.

You do not need to apply pressure when cleaning your copper roof. If you have a soft brush, using it with water is enough to care for the roofs.

The idea is to gently remove stains that might be making it dull, ensuring that its sheen and attractiveness stay in place.

It is essential to do this cleaning process regularly. This does not mean that it should be every day, but you should clean your roof at least once a year.

Who Will Install, Maintain or Repair My Copper Roof?

If you’re in need of an expert contractor to help you install, maintain or repair your copper roof, Universal Roofs has got you covered. We’re a leading roofing brand in Toronto and know all it takes to deliver impeccable roofing solutions.

Contact us today to feel the difference!

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