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Every structure requires a solid roof, but there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all roofing system. It’s awesome to have choices, and the team at Universal Roofs specializes in built-up roofing systems for homes and businesses in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We understand that the best roof is one that you can rely on for years of safety, dependability, and aesthetic appeal. As a result, Universal Roofs Company’s built-up roof services are planned with our experience and attention to detail in mind, ensuring that your roof continues to work admirably. Built-up roofing solutions are often favored for commercial buildings since they provide optimum value for a long period.

What Is Built-Up Roofing Membrane?

A common form of roofing material used on low-slope or flat roofs is a built-up roofing membrane. This material is made up of several layers of ply sheets and asphalt that work together to form a protective membrane that protects against the elements. For added safety and aesthetic appeal, the membrane is typically topped with stone aggregate.

At Universal Roofs, we may apply these coatings in a variety of ways, including hot or cold built-up roofing techniques. Although both methods are popular for flat roofs, cold built-up roofing is often preferred because it is cooler and easier to install in inclement weather.

Materials Used in Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing has been around for a long time, but new technology has enabled it to develop and become much more effective. To increase energy efficiency, newer forms of BUR have a layer of rigid insulation. Most built-up roofing consists of three components: bitumen, ply sheets, and surfacing materials. Bitumen may be applied either warm or cold. Hot bitumen is transformed into a liquid, while cold bitumen behaves more like an adhesive. Cold bitumen can be sprayed or spread with a squeegee. This version does not emit poisonous fumes when being applied, and it is not weather-dependent. Roofing ply sheets that have been built up are exclusive fabrics. To bond to the roof, they’re reinforced with fiber glass or organic materials and laid over the bitumen. The top layer is made up of fine gravel or small stones as surfacing materials. This gives the roof a finished look while still shielding the other layers from the elements and making it secure to walk on.

Types of Built-up Roof Membrane

Built-Up Roofing is divided into three categories:

Ballasted Asphalt Built-Up – The roof membrane of a ballasted roof is not adhered to or anchored in any way. People were pessimistic about its long-term feasibility when it was first launched. They were afraid that a strong gust of wind would expose the deck because it was covered in loose gravel.

The gravel and stones used in this method of roofing are larger in diameter. There is no unnecessary movement since a dense coating is applied with fasteners and plates here and there.

  1. Cold Built-Up

A squeegee is used to apply a cold built-up roof. The installation emits no poisonous fumes, and changes in the weather have no bearing on its effectiveness.

  1. Hot Built-Up

Liquid bitumen is used in a hot built-up roof. When compared to a cold built-up roof and a ballasted asphalt built-up roof, it is the most difficult to build.

How Long Will My Built Up Roof Last?

A variety of variables must be considered, including the environment and the materials used. Built-up roofing typically lasts 15 to 30 years, but many may easily last 40 years or longer. In warm climates, BUR holds up the best. Standing seam metal roofing and slate roofing are two choices if you want a roofing material that will last a long time. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of built-up roofing for your home or company.

Benefits of Built-Up Roofing Membrane

There are numerous factors to consider when searching for the ideal roof system, which is why Universal Roofs, with its years of experience and level of expertise, provides free consultation to assist its customers in taking decisive steps in transforming their commercial buildings by taking into account some of the outstanding benefits, especially for commercial buildings, that come with Built-up membrane.

Excellent Longevity: Built-up roofing membrane is built to last, with some of the toughest constructions surviving 30 years or more in warmer climates, according to our years of hand-on-desk experience. Our roofing systems are designed to last, which ensures long-term cost-effectiveness and dependability.

Resistance to the elements: Built-up roofing systems protect your building from harmful conditions that would otherwise hasten the deterioration of your structure. Our systems, for example, help protect against water penetration, UV rays, and fire.

Redundancy:  Built-up roofs have several layers of insulation because even if the top layer is compromised, the additional layers below will help to keep the building dry.

Guarantees/Warranties: Depending on the products used and the device mounted, BUR systems can be liable for guarantees or warranties of up to 20 years. For information on guarantee/warranty conditions and coverage, contact the manufacturer.

Reflective cap sheets are available: Cap sheets with a white coating are available to help reflect the sun’s rays away from the building, lowering internal temperatures.

Simple to maintain: The most practical roofing approach is one that is both robust and simple to maintain. Because of BUR’s low-maintenance properties, you can concentrate on your daily operations rather than constantly monitoring the efficiency of your roof. Built-up roofing is an initial investment that pays off in the long run due to its high-quality design.

Why do you go for Universal Roofs?

With Excellence as our watch-word and dedication to quality service delivery, Universal Roofs is committed to delivering long-lasting, quality and safety services with every roofing project. We will assist you in finding a dependable, low-maintenance roofing solution that suits your needs. We represent a diverse range of cultures in Toronto and its environs.

Our built-up roofing process is fast and reliable, allowing you to resume regular operations as soon as possible. We also provide repair and maintenance services so that you can contact us if you have a concern or an emergency. Our preventive maintenance services will help protect your roof structure from potential problems.

Contact Us for Built-Up Roof Services

A built-up roof will provide you with more value and security over time. We have the assistance you need to stay healthy and save money on electricity. To learn more about our built-up membrane roof facilities, please contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experts, or fill out our online form. 

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