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Cedar Shingles are one of the most stylish roofing options in the world today. They are cut from Red Cedar or Eastern white cedar and machine-sawn to give a uniform and crisp finish. The core of cedar trees (known as the heartwood) contains moisture-resistant compounds that are also toxic to fungi and insects that try to infest the wood. Cedar shingles often come in three thickness and length variations; ¼” thick by 16” long, 3/8” thick by 18” long, and ½” by 24” long. 

Universal Roofs can help install and replace cedar shingles in your home, either as a sidewall or as a roof. Our roofers are the best in the business, and they will enhance the aesthetics of your home with these shingles.

Grain exposures of Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles come in four different grain exposures to choose from. These grains determine the quality of the shingles and their long-term stability, so you must consider them when purchasing cedarwood.

Edge grain

Edge grains are considered the best and most stable since they are cut from the heart of the cedar tree, perpendicular to the growth ring and are allowed to slant at angles up to 45° from the vertical. 

Flat grain

Flat grains are considered the least stable and most likely to degrade or split because they expose a large proportion of the sapwood to the weather. They are cut parallel to the growth rings and are typically used for walls, re-roofing, or as a starter course. 

Slash grain

Just like edge grains, slash grains are cut perpendicular to the growth rings, but they slant more than 45° from the vertical. They are also highly unstable, so they are mainly used for outbuilding walls, garden sheds, and gazebos. 


This grain level is treated as utility-grade material used for double-coursed sidewalls. It is not recommendable for use as a roofing material and or as a starter course for your roof.

If you’re still conflicted about which grain to use for your home projects, don’t worry. Our experts at Universal Roofs will put you through and advise you from a professional stand-point.

See Why Homeowners Choose Cedar Shingles for their Homes

Over the years, Universal Roofs has observed the reasons why homeowners opt for Cedar Shingles and we have decided to share some of them with you.


A properly installed cedar shingle roof can last up to 30 years in top form. Some may last for as long as 60 years if properly maintained. 


Cedar shingles are green roofing options because their wood comes from sustainable sources. Plus, they can be recycled as mulch when they get old, and there are no chemicals in cedar shingle processing. 


They are significantly more lightweight than clay tile roofs and slate tile roofs, and therefore do not require extra support on standard roof framing. 


Cedar shingles possess amazing insulation properties/thermal resistance. This makes them energy-efficient roofing materials.


They ensure proper ventilation by allowing air circulation via the tiny openings under the felt rows on which cedar shingles are laid.

  • They are naturally resistant to rot, mildew and insects.
  • They can withstand strong winds, rain, and other tough weather conditions.
  • Cedar shingles exist in a variety of end shapes such as diagonal, round, square, or diamond.
  • They exude pleasant smells- an attribute of their natural oils.

Cedar Shingle Maintenance Services in Toronto

Yes, cedar shingles show high resistance to deterioration, but they tend to succumb after some decades. You can slow down this deterioration process with proper maintenance practices and to do this, you need the expertise of a first-class roofing company like Universal Roofs. Here are some of the maintenance practices for cedar shingles:


One of the most common maintenance practices for cedar shingles is cleaning. Cleaning mild stains often involves gentle scrubbing with water. Tougher stains, however, will require stronger solutions like bleach, mild chemicals, detergents, and other compounds.

Vegetation removal

Removing overhanging branches on your cedar shingles is another vital maintenance process. These branches may shade your roof from sunlight and prevent it from drying as it should. Overhanging branches also stand as a potential fire hazard. 

Moss Removal and Control

Mosses can cause some serious damage to your cedar shingles. They accumulate soil and debris on your roof, thereby causing the roof to get wet and remain wet for extended periods without dry off. These conditions will enhance the growth of wood-degrading fungi. Our experts at Universal Roofs can help remove and control moss growths periodically to avoid losing your shingles to fungi. We are just a call away.

Fire retardant re-coating

The fire-retardant film on your cedar shingles need to be re-coated every now and then to reduce your risk of fire outbreaks. The personnel at Universal Roofs can handle this procedure and ensure that you and your home are at no risk of fire.

Sooner or later, you will need to apply specific preservatives, solutions, fungicides, and other treatments to keep your shingles in good condition. Make it sooner and hire a competent roofing company like Universal Roofs to conduct thorough and professional maintenance practices on your shingles.

Cedar Shingle Installation Services Toronto

Installing Cedar Shingles can be quite complex. These materials are expensive and unique, and they must be laid to match one another like a jigsaw.

Many cedar shingle complications such as warping, leaking, splitting, and so on originate from poor installations. This is why you must make sure that your installation is done by expert cedar shingle installers like Universal Roofs. 

Universal Roofs is a roofing company in Toronto that specializes in Cedar Shingle Installation, maintenance, and replacement. We have been shingle specialists for many years now, and it is safe to say that our roofers are the best in town. 

Perfection is our watchword, and we promise to bring the same mentality when working on your cedar shingles. Our experience over the years helps us install and replace cedar shingles perfectly, no matter the condition or roof elevation. 

Our roofers will work as silently as they can and try as much as possible not to disturb your everyday life. They are professional in their dealings and will show up in full wear and gear, ready to execute the roofing or siding task at hand. Of course, we will recommend what’s best for your home and make your investment in cedar shingles worthwhile. 

Reach out to us today for top-tier cedar shingle installation, replacement, and maintenance. Our representatives will be glad to have you.

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