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Cedar Shakes are some of the most classic roof designs on the planet. These wooden roofing elements combine a natural look with a dab of the artificial to give an overall fairytale aesthetic that speaks highly of the homeowner’s sense of style. They are cut from a variety of cedar trees, and hand-split to form a somewhat crude, but elegant appearance. Their rustic look is what makes them so endearing and they perfectly fit a wide range of houses such as cottages, country homes, cabins, and farmhouses. 

To install Cedar Shakes in your home, you need the best installation services possible, and you won’t find any better than Universal Roofs. We are a roofing company specialized in cedar shakes installation, replacement, and maintenance. Our roofers are your best shot at perfect cedar shakes, so contact us and let’s get down to business. 

Types of Cedar Shakes Available

Hand split and Resawn

These types of cedar shakes are split on one side with the natural grain of the wood and sawn on the back to give a super rustic look. They often come in 4 thickness variations: ¾”, 7/8”, 1”, and 1 ¼” or thicker and are generally regarded as the thickest and best of the three types. 

Medium split and resawn

These shakes share some similarities with the hand split and resawn shakes, but they are not as thick. They still give that incredible rustic look and often come in thickness variations of ½” or 5/8”. 


Tapersawn cedar shakes are sawn on both sides like a wood shingle, but thicker. This type of cedar shakes is quite popular among homeowners because of its unique aesthetics, and it typically comes in 5/8”, 7/8”, and 1” thickness variations

Here is why many homeowners love cedar shakes

They are eco-friendly

Going green is the order of the day, and for good reason. This is why many homeowners are moving towards eco-friendly options like cedar shakes. They come from sustainable sources, can be recycled to mulch, and require no chemicals in their processing. 


Cedar shakes last for quite a long time at top quality. They can last for as long as 25 years, and with good maintenance practices, maybe even 50. Even when the cedar shakes become old, they transform into a silver-gray color that blends perfectly with the environment. They are quite expensive, but their durability and aesthetics make them worth every dime. 

High thermal resistance

Cedar shakes have more thermal resistance than conventional aluminum roofs, which is quite impressive. They prevent the escape of heat, so they will maintain the temperature in your home, which will go a long way in reducing your heating and cooling bills. 


Cedar shakes are resistant to damage by extreme weather conditions like rain, hail, snow, storms, and so on. They also contain natural oils and toxic chemicals that protect them from damage by insects, mosses, fungi, lichens, and even rodents. This is what contributes to their durability over long periods. 

To enjoy all these features and benefits, you should get your cedar shakes installed by a professional roofing company like Universal Roofs. It will do your home a world of good. 

Cedar Shakes Maintenance in Toronto

Cedar shakes will eventually deteriorate. Their protective chemicals and natural oils will denature, they will become less fire-resistant, and start to split or warp. You can get ahead of these problems and significantly slow their progression by having professional roofing companies like Universal Roofs conduct routine maintenance practices on your cedar roofs. You need to protect your investment, and maintenance is your best weapon. Here are some maintenance practices for your cedar shakes:

Gutter and downspout cleaning

Gutters and downspouts are designed to move water away from a structure, but if they get clogged by twigs, leaves, and other debris, it can be a major problem for your cedar shakes. The water trapped by this debris evaporates to moisture that settles on your cedar roofing. The presence of moisture in turn will aid the infestation and growth of mosses, fungi, mildew, and lichens that degrade cedar shakes. Clearing your gutter and downspouts avoid such issues and keep your cedar shakes in good condition. 

Fire retardant treatment

Cedar shakes are not naturally resistant to fire. Special films and coatings like fire retardants confer various levels of fire resistance on them. However, these fire retardants degrade after a short while, so you need to constantly apply them to ensure that your shakes are always fire-resistant. Our roofers at Universal Roofs are capable of professional fire retardant treatment and will make sure your shakes are as fire-resistant as possible. 

Cutting of overhanging vegetation

Leaves, twigs, branches, stems, barks, and whatnot may contain pigments or natural chemicals dangerous to your cedar shakes. Plus, they may block sunlight from reaching your cedar shakes, thereby preventing the wood from getting dry for a long time. This will promote the growth of mosses, mildew, fungi, lichens, and so on, which degrade the fibers of your roof. So, ensure you clear any form of vegetation on or hanging over your cedar shakes from time to time. 

Replacement of broken shakes

Routine inspection by professionals may help you discover broken segments of your cedar shake roofs. To prevent the situation from escalating, you must replace the broken shakes with new, quality ones. Our experts at Universal Roofs can help you inspect your cedar shakes, discover broken segments, and help you replace them. 

Cedar Shakes Installation in Toronto

To enjoy the full potential and longevity of your cedar shakes, you must ensure that they are properly installed from the start. Poor cedar shakes installation is responsible for problems such as splitting, early degradation, warping, and so on. So, save yourself the hassle of such issues by getting your cedar shakes installed by reliable professionals like Universal Roofs. 

We are a team of experts in the roofing industry, and we’ve been in the business long enough to be the best in Toronto. We pride ourselves as specialists and perfectionists when it comes to installing cedar shakes. 

The individuals in our employ are highly professional and will handle the installation of your cedar shake roofs with the highest level of expertise, using the right tools and standard procedures. They are honest and will try as much as possible not to disturb your daily activities or make a mess of your home. 

Give your home the best cedar shakes installation possible by reaching out to us today. 

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