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Many property owners in Toronto and beyond understand that a cedar roof is a wonderfully rustic roof that can add a lot of charm and appeal to your home. Unlike other types of roofs, the cedar roof is made of cedar shingles. Cedar is a very strong wood that withstands the elements well and is a natural deterrent to mold, mildew, and many insects. This makes having a cedar roof a good thing. When it comes to cedar roof installation in Toronto, there is only one name that resonates with premium quality service, and that’s Universal Roofs.

At Universal Roofs, we’re a force to reckon with in the entire roofing industry. We believe that any property owner who decides to install, repair, or replaces their cedar roof should get nothing but the best. This is not just our belief, we also practice it. 

Just Before You Opt For Cedar Roof Installation

Before you make a final decision to install a cedar roof on your building in Toronto, you need to know some things to help you keep it in tiptop shape over time.

Clean it often

Although a cedar roof is naturally protected against water damage, it can warp and be damaged if it is continuously soaked in water. For this reason, the cedar shake roof must be cleaned frequently. If the leaves or branches are allowed to rest on it for days or weeks at a time, you will see a build-up of water in those areas. Leaves and branches can create a dam that will prevent water from flowing from the roof into the drain. You can use a large broom to push the debris off the roof. Never use a pressure washer on a cedar roof, as the pressure can break the cedar.

Protect against mold and algae

A cedar roof is made from real wood and as such can accumulate algae and mold, as well mold. It will usually be hidden under the cedar where it is dark and remains moist. If you allow debris to accumulate on your cedar shake roof, especially organic debris, it can cause mold growth. This happens when organic waste begins to break down. Removing organic waste quickly will prevent mold and mildew from forming. To protect the underside of the cedar shake roof, you need to check the flicker. The flashing consists of long, thin strips of metal that are used along the seams to waterproof the roof. Inspect the flashing for holes or places where it is not seated properly.

Open valley

If you have a multi-level cedar shake roof where the roof splits and forms multiple peaks, then you will have a valley where they meet. This valley (or several) is covered with metal and is treated and painted. Inspect these metal parts for rust. Rust can corrode metal and cause holes to form. Remove rust with a wire brush then treat and paint the metal.

Chemical treatment

There is a myriad of little plants that can grow on a cedar roof. These plants can cause all kinds of problems, like holes in the ceiling or cracks in the cedar. This can be avoided by treating the cedar shake roof several times a year with a very simple chemical mixture. Check with your local store and buy the right chemical for a cedar roof. Apply it with a brush over the entire ceiling.

Our Cedar Shake Roof Installation Is Excellent

A cedar roof is one of the most popular roofs covering and offers good insulation compared to asphalt shingles. It is also considered one of the most durable and attractive roof coverings, but mistakes are often made in the installation of this type of roof that should be avoided. This is where we come in with our quality cedar roofing solutions.

At Universal Roofs, our cedar roofing experts know the nitty-gritty of installing this roof type, and that’s why our works often come out excellent.

Here are some things that some cedar roofing contractors ignore when handling a related project.

Determining shingle requirements

When estimating how many shingles you will need, don’t make the mistake of trying to estimate the number of shingles until you have calculated the square footage of your roof. Then use that number to estimate the number of “squares” of shingles you will need.

Square foot area formula

Don’t try to estimate the entire roof area at once. Estimate the square foot area of each section, separately. Then add them together. Start by measuring the width and height of the ceiling in a section of your ceiling, then multiply the two numbers. A section that is 30 ‘long, for example, and 20’ from eaves to peak will be 600 square feet. Use this same formula to calculate each section. Add up the total square footage, add 10 percent waste, and then divide this number by 100. This total will be the number of squares you will need.

Missing nails and loose herpes

You will need a solid surface for your new shingles, so don’t begin installing the new shingles until you have replaced the missing nails in the old shingles and nailed down any old shingles that are loose.

Excessive roof layers

For a roof with more than three layers of shingles, or one whose shingles are not in good condition, don’t make the mistake of installing new shingles until you have removed the old shingles. Use a crowbar, nail bar, or roofing shovel to loosen old shingles. Remove these old shingles and loose nails from the roof of the roof. Next, lay a layer of roofing felt.

Installing Cedar Shingles

Begin nailing the new shingles to the lower edge of the roof. Inexperienced roofers often make the mistake of laying the bottom edge of this first row of shingles even with the roof edges. You will need to overlap the roof edges by 1/12 inch or more. An even more serious mistake to avoid is placing the thick end of the shingle in this first row at the bottom of the row. For this row only, put the thick end at the top of the row. In each shingle, drive two nails, one inch from each side and 4 inches down from the top of the shingle. Do not gather the shingles together. They need space to expand. Maintain a ¼ inch to 3/8 inch gap between each shingle.

The Peak Row

When you have shingled from one row down from the peak, stop here. Never finish installing your top row until you’ve put a layer of roofing felt on the peak.

Things To Look Out For While Fixing a Cedar Roof

A cedar roof is a functional and aesthetic roofing option. Cedar roofing is preferred by homeowners who want to establish a classic look without compromising the overall durability of the roof. Most cedar roof repairs involve repairing the smallest parts of the roof. A conventional cedar roof is made up of roofing ingredients like shingles and shakes. Each shake is essentially a pre-cut roof patch, similar to a tile. 

Sometimes, it becomes hard for property owners in Toronto to determine if they truly need a cedar roof repair service. With this uncertainty comes the lackadaisical attitude on the side of the property owners. Over time, these damages can deteriorate and make you spend more on cedar roof replacement.

Moss Growth

Cedar shingles often develop moss deposits. The problem becomes more serious if the ceilings are not cleaned regularly. Moss compromises the durability and aesthetics of a cedar roof. For starters, the moss retains moisture. Moisture seeps into the roof, often leading to roof leaks and damp patches along the internal walls. Also, layers of moss spoil the appearance of a roof. A moss-covered roof develops a ramshackle appearance. Moss feeds on moisture that has buildup over time. When you notice moss growth o your cedar roof, you might want to reach out to an expert to help inspect and possibly fix it.


Much modern cedar shakes undergo a reasonable level of chemical treatment so they can resist rot. However, when these roofs are exposed to the sun for a very long time, these chemicals might lose functionality, exposing the shakes to direct weather conditions. The shakes soak in rain and this isn’t good for your cedar roof. When you notice that your cedar roof shakes are beginning to rot, you need to take swift action. Our experts can help you determine if your roof can be repaired or replaced. Whatever the case is, we’re ready to ride with you till you get the results you desire.

Misplaced Shakes

Most cedar roofs consist of rectangular shafts that are installed overlapping or sideways. Smoothies are often displaced due to adverse weather conditions. Wobbly shakes allow moisture to seep in, making shingles vulnerable to corrosion.


One of the things you need to look out for if you have a cedar roof is distortion. When wood is cut, natural stresses are released. After some years of being exposed to the sun, these woods begin to dry. This leads to curling and possible roof deck exposure. Whenever you observe that your cedar shakes seem distorted, it’s advisable to reach out to an expert for proper inspection, and perhaps, a repair. It might not always be what you think about your roof. An expert can explain better.

Professional Cedar Roofing Experts You Can Trust

Anyone who isn’t scared of height can hit a hammer against a nail or cut sheets of roofing materials and join them. But it takes a professional who is passionate about their work to deliver amazing cedar roofing solutions. At Universal Roofs, our experts stand out when it comes to cedar roof installation, cedar roof replacement, cedar roof replacement, and cedar roof repair in Toronto. 

We take pride in our ability to deliver amazing solutions you can hardly get elsewhere, and this foots on our experience and unique work approach. Our team of professionals knows the rudiments of installing, repairing, and replacing the following:

  • Cedar shakes
  • Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles differ from cedar shakes as the former are always milled with a saw. Cedar shakes are often hand-split and are more irregular. This gives it the striking rustic appearance it flaunts anywhere. Cedar shingles are carefully sawn on both sides. If you seek a more durable cedar option, you might not want to miss choosing cedar shakes. They are not just durable but tend to last longer than cedar shingles as they are thicker.

If you live in a region characterized by harsh winter weather, then you might want to opt for cedar shingles and not shakes. They have better weather resistance features.

The best part is this; whether you’re obsessed with cedar shingles or cedar shakes, we’re ready to give you the best. At Universal roofs, your satisfaction is our priority and we make this come alive in every project we handle. 

So, when you reach out to us either through our website, a telephone call, advert, or recommendations, you should have just one thing in mind – we’ll work with you till you get exactly what you have always wanted. Adding to it, you get these amazing solutions at affordable prices. Of course, our prices don’t dig a hole in your pocket and you can’t just say no cheerfully.

With a modern and bespoke approach to installing cedar roofs, replacing and repairing cedar roofs, whether shakes or single, rest assured that we’ll attend to your particular requirements. We leave the table when it comes to offering a one-size-fits-all type of service. We advocate a philosophy that supports giving each client what suits them and not just what everyone wants. Your requirements will most certainly be unique, and so are our cedar roofing solutions. 

Contact us today to get started and you’ll not fail to share the good news afterward.

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