Roofing in Toronto: 4 Common Problems

Close your eyes for a moment; you have a new home, and you’re still basking in the euphoria of owning a new property, Boom! You’re confronted with problems with roofing in Toronto. It’s never a nice feeling. In fact, most homeowners wouldn’t want to dream of encountering roofing problems. But then, these issues may occur due to one or more reasons over time.

Just before you worry so much about which problem you might encounter, here’s a heads up. Read on to find out 4 common problems with roofing in Toronto and their causes. Of course, you’ll see how to avert, curb, or fix any problem that might arise.

Poor Installation, repair, and maintenance of roofing in Toronto

One of the most common problems of roofing is poor installation, maintenance, and repair. They often give rise to other problems such as pooling water, leaks, and consequential damages. When you opt for low standard installation, maintenance of an existing roof, or even repairs, you’re sure to encounter problems over time.

This is why it’s paramount to go for only the best roofers in Toronto, starting from installation, there should be a detailed approach to ensure the roofing lasts for a long time. As a homeowner, you can conduct primary maintenance processes, or hire a contractor to inspect, maintain, and repair your roof expertly, if need be. This is where Universal Roofs Inc. comes with absolute expertise.

Shrinkage, Blistering, and Cracking

Some property owners must have encountered one or more of these problems with their roofing in Toronto. Irregular contractions and expansions of roofs give rise to these problems. Often, they start out small and deteriorate with time. When roofing layers undergo uneven contractions, the roof structure is affected, and problems like flashing occur. Shrinkage and blistering lead to cracking, and thus undermine the integrity of any roof.

With early detection through inspections, you can avert more significant issues. Make sure you consult with Universal Roofs Inc. for regular inspection, detection, and repairs.

Leaks and Moisture Damage on roofing in Toronto

Roofing contractors in Toronto can attest to the fact that most repairs focus on leaks and moisture damages. Due to excess snowfall, rainfall, hail, or harsh weather, moisture accumulates between roof layers. If left unattended, leakage occurs and distorts the roofing structure. This compromises the structural integrity of any roof.

You wouldn’t be the first to encounter leaks and moisture damage on your roofing in Toronto. But you can put a stop to it and ensure it doesn’t happen anymore.


One of the common problems of Toronto roofing is punctures. This often due to regular animal or human foot traffic on the roof. When the roof experiences more pressure due to punctures, it deteriorates to other problems such as cracks and leaks.

No homeowner would cheerfully want to have such experience. Always avoid foot traffic on your roof as much as possible. You can always call on experts to inspect and fix roof punctures for you.

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