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You already know the traditional skylights are like mounting a window on your roof. They only supply light to the areas immediately above them, so what happens to your windowless office that doesn’t support traditional skylights? The solution that should come to mind is the sun tunnels, and at Universal Roofs, we have a variety of them depending on your need and preference.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Rigid Skylights Repairs

Rigid skylights are ideal for rooms you’d like an abundance of sunlight in. Most importantly, it is often easy to install in rooms that have a clear path from your roof, loft or attic to the intended room. If you’re confused about the compatibility of this skylight type with your room, leave the work to us, we will make the right choice after consulting you, of course. Rigid skylights are usually fixed and can only be adjusted slightly, which earned them their name. Since these types of skylights are installable directly from your roof to the room below, you can expect little to no bounces, which means you get more natural light from them. They can distribute light up to 20m in a room. 

We make rigid skylights from sections of straight or adjustable aluminium tubes that have a reflective surface.  

It is not ideal for rooms you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in or if you just want to store things there. This is because we don’t want you wasting all that sunlight on a room you don’t use often, although it will still serve its desired purpose. At Universal roofs, we guarantee you an exceptional and hitch-free installation.

We are here to transform that dark corner in your house into a bright and beautiful place. Our rigid skylight is sure to give your room the best sunlight experience better than other types of skylight.

Will I get the best experience with my room, not in the southward direction?

The answer might be surprising for you. It’s a resounding yes, we are that confident in our rigid skylight. With this type of skylights, it doesn’t matter if your room is in the south, its reflective surface and manner of installation makes sure it maximizes the sunlight that shines through it. This is why you should choose Universal Roofs to do the installation for optimal results. Our installation is not dependent on the direction your room faces or even weather condition. We promise and deliver on excellent lighting every single time.

Why rigid skylights?

  • They supply natural lighting in places you can’t install the regular or traditional skylights
  • Easy and quick installation for any roof type from shingles to shake roofs
  • They are ideal for really dark places like your closets, bathrooms or interior rooms
  • Available in customised forms for your roof type, be it sloped or flat models
  • You can easily access the straight tube or elbow extension type we have available.

Due to the fact that when rays of light bend or bounce their intensity tends to diminish, we design our rigid skylight at universal roofs to supply the most illumination to your room below by maximising the highly reflective tunnel of the tube.

The rigid skylight is the more expensive choice in all the types of skylights, but this doesn’t mean you should write it off. As long as you have it installed by our team of experts at Universal Roofs, you don’t need to worry about the technicalities of installing or how well your skylight will stand the test of time.

What do I look out for in a rigid skylight?

The parts of a rigid skylight may look the same, but there is a huge difference that is influenced by advances in technology. The main difference is in the lighting performance; we are sure you desire a full spectrum of light and would want to get the brightest, natural light possible. That is what we are here for at Universal Roofs.

You deserve a device that complements your roof style and is manufactured with a built-in and leak-proof material. This skylight type is not difficult to install, and we will leave little to no construction rubbish in your home after installation. Everything we do is not only perfectly finished but also professionally done. It is a cost effective skylight installation option and is over and done within a few hours. Also, if you are looking for ways to repair leaks or change your skylight totally, we promise you a perfect finish.

What size of rigid Skylights do you need?

The general thumb rule for determining which size of tube to install for a skylight is keeping the light size under 5 percent of the room’s floor space. This is ideal for rooms with two or more windows. Let us make the assessment and decision of what size and number of flexible skylights to install for you. At Universal Roofs, we install only the best.

How much does this skylight type cost? 

Contact us for an estimate of your rigid skylights; we will give you the best at an unbeatable price. We not only do installation but also exude professionalism in terms of repairs or leaks.  

You might be wondering if rigid skylights are worth all the hype? We are here to help you make that decision. We follow really easy and breezy steps to help you make the choice. We do an assessment depending on the room type and a whole lot of other factors.

If you insist on a particular type of skylight, it is our job to make it work however you want it. We are the best in Toronto and whatever type of skylight you decide on we are worth a try.

Why choose Universal roofs for your rigid skylights?

  • No leaks because of the extra water protection layers that are a guarantee on our installation
  • Different roof type compatibility because we make the research before deciding on the perfect one for you
  • We can install the skylights to blend in with your roof color. Our installation service is discreet and professional
  • Our tubular skylight repairs are done with efficiency and great expertise. Do your repairs once with us and get it right
  • No matter the positioning of your room, you should not have to deal with poorly installed skylights, make the right decision by choosing Universal Roofs.


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