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Imagine not being able to tell night from day and never getting to watch the sunrise or moonshine from the comfort of your bedroom window. And think about a bad day in the kitchen when you accidentally burn some food. The smoke is filling up your lungs, your eyes are watery, and the air expeller doesn’t seem to be working. Try to visualize having a power outage for a short while. How will you get around the house without bumping into every piece of furniture you own, yelling one curse word after another?

Why Get a Skylight?

Visualizing these scenarios has given you some insight into how uncomfortable it is to live in a house without adequate lighting and ventilation. Modern technology has indeed stepped in to cover up these inadequacies through air vents, air conditioners, and electric bulbs. But these things can’t compete with nature’s source of fresh air and light- the environment.

And what better way to incorporate nature into our homes than skylights. Keep reading to learn more about what skylights are and how they can greatly improve the living conditions in any space they are placed in.

A skylight, also called roofing light, is a window set in the ceiling. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, just like regular windows.

If you aren’t sure whether getting a skylight is the next step to take for your house, then look at the benefits associated with skylights.


Skylights are windows, after all, meaning they can be opened at any time to improve ventilation at home. This is possible since they are remote-controlled. Let’s not forget that fresh air is essential to our survival.

Saves Cost

Some parts of a house don’t have access to natural light, such as hallways. Skylights are a cost-effective way to light up these areas and other spaces in your home. Your electricity bill would decrease significantly since you would rely more on natural light to keep your home bright.

Enhanced Privacy

Today houses are built close to each other. This makes our environment less private. Not everyone wants to be a naked window neighbor. Depending on the kind of glass your windows are made of, opening your curtains may leave your house exposed.

Skylights make it possible to enjoy lighting while enjoying some privacy.

Improves Health

The body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. Sunlight is good for your health. It does wonders for your mind and body by reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

Creates a Happy Environment

You find happier, healthier, and more productive people where skylights are installed. People tend to hang around that area more.

What to Consider Before Installing a Skylight 

At this point, getting a skylight seems like a great idea, but don’t be in such a hurry. There are a few factors to consider before having a skylight installed in your home:

Your Roof 

Before you can have a skylight installed, your roof must be able to support it—this is especially true since they are installed at the roofline of your building.

Skylight Type

While all skylights might look the same, there are actually two types of skylights. Fixed skylights are for daylighting. They are more energy-efficient and less prone to leaks. Vented skylights can be opened at any time either manually (using a crank) or automatically (with a remote)


The location where you want your skylight installed can affect your decision-making process on which skylight to get. Fixed roof lights remain shut permanently and thus do not promote ventilation. This isn’t an issue for an already well-ventilated room. However, quick to get hot or stuffy space would benefit more from a vented roof light.


Roof lights are bigger than conventional windows. This means they let in more light than the average window; sometimes, this results in a glare. Glares make a room hot and bright. Fortunately, there are materials that are less prone to glare. Ensure that you pick a skylight that allows your preferred amount of light into a room.


Skylights offer a wonderful view on a bright sunny day. The same goes for a star-filled night. It would be a shame to miss out on such a view because of some debris. This is why many rooflight owners prefer a dome shape to a flat shape. Leaves and other forms of dirt tend to slide right off.


The best time to install a skylight is during the dry season. This will make the installation process easy. Extra costs that could’ve been incurred from delaying the installation will be avoided, and there will be no need for regular maintenance since the skylight was installed without fault.

Why Pick Universal Roofs to Install your Skylight?

There are many companies in Toronto that could install your skylight, but here’s why you should pick Universal Roofs.

Our company offers you the best quality materials ranging from plastic to glass to choose from. Not only that, but we also have a vast range of standard-sized skylights. And if you prefer something more unique, we are ready to listen to every detail you outline to create the perfect custom-sized skylight.

You shouldn’t worry about whether your house is uniquely designed. Our team is capable of coming up with a skylight suitable for your house as long as your roof can take it.

Saving costs on electricity doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it? Our expert team is also skilled in maintenance. You don’t have to worry about your skylight giving up on you anytime soon because they’ll make sure it lasts longer than you can imagine.

How do I Get a Skylight?

Getting a skylight has never been easier. You can reach out to us from our website using the form. You could also give us a call to get in contact with a member of our team.

One thing’s for sure; your satisfaction is our priority. We can guarantee you’ll be spreading the good news of a job well done soon enough. Take that first step today.


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