How to Make a Temporary Emergency Roof Repair

There are times when roofing problems become unbearable. If your roof starts leaking during a holiday weekend, you need an emergency roof repair. When your roofer can’t meet your roofing needs, or you need time to raise money, an emergency repair is paramount. Such temporary fixes will prevent heavy water damage while you are waiting for a new roof.

One of the fastest ways to make an emergency roof repair is to ensure the area involved with a plastic tarp is covered. Ensure you get one that is meant to be used outdoor and large enough to cover the affected area. Pull down the tarp tightly close to the roof and smooth it out. Make sure you cover the edges with a block of quality roofing cement and nail down the edges. This will give your home temporary protection from rain until you can afford a roof repair. 

If there are any missing, curling, or loose shingles, find a way to re-adhere them to your roof until a professional roofer comes to repair your roof. This isn’t a permanent solution, but if you need to buy some time before fixing a roof, it can be enough to help you scale through for a few rainy days.

Emergency roof repair procedures

  • Straighten the curling shingles by softening them with a heated piston and coating them with concrete on the wall. 
  • Slide some loose shingles below the bottom edge of the line above them. Then nail them with galvanized 6d nails firmly. Fill all the faces of the nails with top-quality roofing cement.
  • Add extra roofing concrete to all broken or worn joints and flashing edges to help seal the roof.

You can make any shingles out of sheet metal or copper if you have broken or cracked and destroyed shingles. Also, you need a temporary patch that will be a bit more attractive than a tarp. Cut the sheet metal into the individual’s form by placing a loose shingle on top. Lock the steel shingles onto the roof, in the same manner, you’d mount an asphalt shingle. Use concrete on the roof, slip the top of the shingle under the bottom of the previous one. Lock it in place, and cover the nail heads with additional cement. This is a perfect way to repair a handful of broken shingles if you don’t have any on hand, and you’re planning to replace the whole roof soon. The sheet metal should keep the roof watertight, making repairs to the emergency roof relatively unobtrusive and inexpensive.

You will prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage, mold, and mildew to your house with an emergency roof repair. Resolve issues as soon as they are detected, call for an urgent review and make any necessary repairs before a roofer visits your house. Secure the roof from additional damage and help minimize repair discomfort.

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