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The process of adding value and quality to your home or office takes many forms. Simple renovation practices like painting, furniture change, floor, bathroom, and door renovations will transform your home for the better. In some cases, you might even consider replacing your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). However, the ultimate element with the potential of totally transforming your home’s aesthetics and value is a skylight.

Skylights are roofing systems that do more than just cover the top of your home. They bring natural light into your home, ensure manual or automatic ventilation of the inner atmosphere, provide heat during winter, and give you a superb view of the skies. If installed properly, skylights will show unreal durability and resistance against storms, hails, and other extreme weather conditions too.

The common models of skylights used to be for elevated roof designs, but thanks to innovations and advancements in tech, we now have skylights for flat or low-pitch roofs. If your home happens to have a flat roof, you can now retrofit it with a skylight, specifically the VELUX Flat Roof Skylight. It is a skylight model that will meet the growing demands of the market, and as you will soon come to learn, it is unique.

Why you should get a Flat Roof Skylight

If you have a flat-roofed home, then it is a no-brainer to go for a flat roof skylight since other models will not fit the roof type. But that isn’t the only reason why you should go for a flat roof skylight.

Clear, panoramic views

There are two types of flat roof skylight covers: the curved flat roof skylight cover and the flat roof exit skylight cover. Depending on your choice, you either get a CurveTech glass or a polycarbonate dome. The CurveTech glass disperses rainwater off its surface, thanks to its curved, edge-to-edge design. The polycarbonate dome is also designed to clean rainwater off the skylight. In both cases, you get to enjoy clear, panoramic views of the skies with no water spots or droplets ruining the experience. 

No Leak

These skylights are strong, durable, and built to be leak-resistant. If they are properly installed, you will never have to deal with leaks, courtesy of their structural integrity.

Little electrical work requirements

The simple design of flat roof skylights makes them quite easy to install for professionals. They do not require excessive wiring, bulbs, or lighting posts for installation, and this will go a long way in reducing their overall installation costs.

Types of Flat Roof Skylight

CXP- Flat Roof Exit Skylight 

This is a manually operated flat roof skylight. It allows the flow of fresh air into the home and provides access to the roof for repair, maintenance, or as an egress exit. It also offers great skyline views and helps light up the home with sun rays. It is suitable for 0° – 15° roof pitch and has a 60° opening angle for total roof access.

The skylight material for this type is available in two forms: Polycarbonate and Insulated PVC frame. The Polycarbonate material is durable and highly resistant to damage by extreme weather conditions like hail, storms, and ice pellets. On the other hand, the Insulated PVC frame has a double-paned glass with low energy that maintains the temperature of the inner environment by ensuring that heat does not escape.

It is also available in 3 sizes for you to choose from.

 CFP- Fixed Flat Roof Skylight 

This type of skylight is made up of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMM) or methacrylate for short. It is a great option to light up the home because it collects and distributes light evenly. Plus, its design (a dome and a base) makes it simple to install and operate. It consumes less electricity and is quite affordable to even begin with. It is stylish and resistant to leaks and severe weather conditions.

CVP- Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylight

Here, we have a skylight with a polycarbonate cover, which gives it impressive insulation to external noise. It comes with a double-glazed unit and is designed to suit curb installations. This flat roof skylight model doesn’t run on any automation; rather, it is operated using control rods that come with the packaging. With this skylight in your home, you will enjoy superb distribution of natural light and efficient power saving. Plus, it promises to last up to 20 years without seal failures and 10 years without component damage.

Flat Roof Skylight Installation and Repair in Toronto

If you have decided to get your home or office a flat skylight, the next course of action is to hire a flat roof skylight installer. The consequences of poor flat roof skylight installation are massive, so you can’t afford to hire a charlatan. What you need is a flat roof skylight installer like Universal Roofs.

We are a team of experienced individuals with the motivation and tools to install and configure any skylight model or design. We also specialize in flat roof skylight repairs. Skylights often develop issues such as faulty gaskets, excess condensation, leaking, broken handles/hinges, and so on. But not to worry, by the time our experts are done working on your faulty/damaged flat roof skylight, it will look and operate like it just came out of a box.

Our Flat Roof Skylight Repair and Installation Services

The experts at Universal Roofs are licensed Flat Roof Skylight Installation and Repair specialists. They are adept in the dynamics of skylight systems and are willing to deliver nothing but the best in installation and repair.

Broken skylight handles/hinges repair Toronto – Skylight handles and hinges may break due to mishandling or material degradation. Either way, our experts will solve the problem by replacing the broken ones with new ones.

Excess condensation repair Toronto – Excess condensation often occurs as a result of clogged air filters. To solve this issue, we will open the skylight panel, locate and remove the air filter, and clean or replace it.

Skylight glass cracking or chipping – Although skylights promise resistance to crack, some severe weather conditions may cause some serious damage to the glass. To fix this, our skylight experts will either recommend replacing the glass with more durable versions or repair the cracks or chips using special techniques.

Our repair and installation process goes beyond what you have seen so far. You’d have to hire us to enjoy the full experience. So, what are you waiting for?

Hire Universal Roofs to handle all your flat roof skylight repairs and installations today.


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