Fixed Skylight

Fixed Skylight

Fixed Skylight Toronto
by Universal Roofs

“The perfect roof design does not exist.” 

These are nothing but the words of people who have probably never heard of skylights. A skylight is more than just a roof. It is a system of panels, glass, and automation that can dramatically change the décor of a home for the better. 

Why you should get the Fixed Venting Skylight

Not only do they light up the place, but they also usher in a feeling of freshness by ventilating hot air for cool, soothing air. Their superb designs make them compatible with almost every ceiling type, including flat ceilings, and if installed properly, they will last for quite a long time. 

The best part about these skylights is that they come in different types, each with different features and perks. One of these types is the VELUX Fixed Venting Skylight. It is the most basic skylight type, but it still does a great job in making homes more beautiful and liveable. 


Since Fixed Venting Skylights are the most basic of all skylights, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are relatively less expensive. Installing these skylights is also relatively cheap since there’s no need for costly wiring and electrical works. If you don’t want to spend too much on purchasing and installing a skylight in your home, then you should consider a Fixed Venting Skylight. 

Note that the Fixed Venting Skylight is not sacrificing quality due to its low price. It isn’t just as enhanced and complicated as the others.


The overall structure and design of the Fixed Venting Skylight is as solid as a rock and will last a long time, irrespective of the weather conditions it is exposed to. If you live in areas that experience extreme weather conditions like hails and strong winds, Fixed Venting Skylights are your best bet. 

Easy installation

Fixed Venting Skylights are relatively easier to install, courtesy of their simple design. This means less installation costs and lower probabilities of installation faults in the future. 

Water resistance

These skylights are considered the most leak-proof of all available skylight designs. This is a major perk over the other designs and a reason why you should go for it. With the Fixed Venting Skylight, you don’t have to worry about constant flashing system repairs, condensation, or sealant degradation. 

Design flexibility

Probably what is most impressive about these skylights is their ability to fit and brighten multiple spaces. They are suitable for deck and curb mounted installations, and they will fit a variety of spaces such as stairwells, hallways, and other dark, enclosed spaces.  

Accessories for Fixed Venting Skylight

VELUX Blinds

The skylight literally lights up your room during the day, but too much light can be as annoying as little light. You need to be able to regulate the light coming in via your skylight and blinds allow you to do this. With these blinds, you have absolute authority over the brightness and privacy of your room. 

Installation and fixing of Fixed Venting Skylights

Fixed Venting Skylights are strong, durable, and easy to install, but all these can be undone by silly installation mistakes or accidents. To prevent this, you need to hire a company with a track record of perfectly installing even the most sophisticated skylights. For this level of installation quality, the only company that rings a bell is Universal Roofs. We are also adept at diagnosing and repairing faulty skylights.  

Professional Fixed Venting Skylight Installation and Repairs in Toronto

When it comes to top draw skylight installation and repair in Toronto, Universal Roofs sits at the top of the chain. We are a team of individuals with the skill and technical ability to install and repair skylights. 

A common misunderstanding about skylights is that their parts cannot be repaired; only replaced. But we are here to change the status quo and repair your skylight parts instead of totally condemning them. However, if they need to be replaced, we will recommend so. Our personnel is skilled at using various diagnostic tools, so you can rest assured that we will discover the problems with your skylight in no time. 

Our installations are super perfect and reliable. You will most likely never call us or anyone to effect repairs to your skylights due to poor installation. We pride ourselves on being the best and our quality never diminishes. 

We have been exploring the world of skylights for a couple of years now, and the experience we have gained so far, combined with technology and the passion to deliver makes us the absolute best in the business. 

Our Fixed Venting Installation and Repair Services

The installation and repair of skylights are a delicate, complex, and consequential procedure. We understand this and we consider ourselves above poor installation and repair. We can fix software and hardware issues and recommend ways on how to keep your skylight at optimal performance. 

Hail Damage Repair Toronto – Over time, the acrylic components of skylight glass that make them strong and flexible may degrade, thereby making them susceptible to damage by hail and other extreme weather conditions. To fix this, our experts will help replace the damaged skylight dome with polycarbonate skylights or fix the damage using special techniques.

Leak Repair Toronto- Leaks are the most common problem of all skylights. To fix a leak, we will first assess the situation and find the source of the leak. Our solutions to leak problems include resealing the frames with new sealants, replacing the existing skylight with a more thermally efficient model, or effecting flashing repairs. 

Fixed Venting Skylight Installation Toronto – The simplicity of installing a fixed venting skylight makes it highly susceptible to mistakes and errors. We are thorough in our installation procedures and will make sure that your skylights are perfectly fixed. 

Elite installations and repair are what we are known for at Universal Roofs. We can replace damaged skylight parts, fix hail damages, seal leakages, and perfectly install skylights. We are the crème de la crème of skylight specialists and our stellar track record is proof of that. 

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