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Since more than 15 years, Torontoans have relied on Universal Roofs Roofing’s certified professionals to solve their roof-related problems. The experts at Universal Roofs Inc Roofing have the skills and experience to identify the root cause of the problem and quickly and efficiently resolve it to save Toronto property owners from costly structural repairs.

Toronto residents are well aware of the unpredictable weather conditions in the west end of the City of Toronto. They will need reliable roofing protection to protect their homes and commercial properties. Unfortunately, roofs may need to be replaced or repaired by professionals at some point. This could be due to weather damage, age, constant exposure to the elements, and/or storm damage.

Universal Roofs is available to assist with any type of roof repairs toronto or roof leak in Toronto.

 Universal Roofs Offers Comprehensive Roofing Services

  • Residential or Commercial Installations
    •    Flat roofing
    •    Green Roofing
    •    Shingle, Cedar and Slate Roofs
    •    Copper and Sheet Metal Roofing
    •    Skylight Installations
    •     Eavestroughing Systems
    •    Fascia and Soffits (wood, aluminum).
    •    Attic Insulation & Ventilation
  • Roof Replacements and Repairs
    •    Shingling
    •     Roof decks / Trusses
    •     Gutters, Soffits, Fascia
    •    Chimney repairs / Flashing
    •    Flat Roofing and Membranes
    •    Remove Snow and Ice build-up
    •     Emergency Storm Damage Repairs
  • Renovation of buildings
    •     Caulking
    •    Masonry/Siding
    •    Waterproofing
    •     Ventilation Upgrades

Recognize the Signs of a Roof Leak at Your Home

Toronto homeowners should be aware of the signs that indicate a potential leak in their roof. This will lead to the need to hire professionals like Universal Roofs to repair it. This is the most common evidence.

  •  Staining interior walls and ceilings
  •  Insulation in the attic: Damp/wet
  •  Broken, missing, or blistered Shingles
  •  Carpets/floors with moist moose near the fireplace
  •  After heavy rains, water in basement
  •  On shingles, mold/mildew growth (dark spots)
  •  Granule accumulation in the eavestroughing

These situations could indicate a roof leak. They should prompt the property owner to inspect the roof and have it repaired or replaced as soon possible to prevent any more structural damage to the building and its contents.

Toronto’s Universal Roof Services

Toronto has been one of Canada’s most populated cities in recent years. The city’s multicultural population has contributed to its rapid growth. It is home to many religious groups as well as their respective places and shops.

Toronto residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of activities to suit their interests and ages. The following are some of the most popular venues in the city:

  •  Toronto International Film Festival
  •  Toronto Caribbean Carnival
  •  Taste of the Danforth
  •  Toronto Comic Art Festival
  •  Cabbage Town Festival
  •  Luminato

Despite all the activity and growth, Toronto property owners still have roof problems.

Universal Roofs crews have provided their expertise/services in Mississauga’s varied neighborhoods for the owners and/or managers, over the past 15-years, of all types of property, including:

  •  Residential
  •  Commercial
  •   Municipal/Cultural
  •  Education Institutions
  •  Recreational Complexes

Call Universal Roofs if you suspect there is a leak or damage on your Toronto roof or property. 416-732-2421 Contact us for a service call as soon as possible

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