Fiber Soffit Fascia

Fiber Soffit Fascia

Fiber Soffit Fascia
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Soffits and fascia are on the short end of the stick when homeowners think about designing their home’s exterior appearance. However, these elements are vital for anyone with a porch or overhang. They contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Fiber Soffit Fascia

Most soffits and fascias are prone to waterlogging and even rot if not maintained properly. Waterlogging results in even more damage because the water and rot could spread to the siding and roof of your home.

Fiber cement soffits aren’t susceptible to rot or waterlogging. They are water-resistant. They also require less maintenance than other materials since they do not fade, chip, or peel. It is also difficult for insects and animals to get past it. This protects your home from annoying pests. However, you shouldn’t let just any contractor install this type of soffit fascia for you. You need an expert who understands the rudiments of installing, repairing and replacing soffit and fascia to handle your project.

Keep in mind that fiber cement is a high-end option for soffit and fascia materials. That means they are more expensive than other materials like wood and vinyl. However, it would help if you didn’t let this discourage you. The benefits of using them outweigh the cost by far, especially in terms of durability.

Fiber Soffit and Fiber Types

If you have a large overhang that people can see below, your soffit and fascia should complement your home’s exterior. There are various options for fiber cement soffits and fascias you can install to suit your needs.

Cedar Soffit

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a beautiful cedar wood finishing without dealing with the downsides that come with it? Cedar fiber soffit and fibers make a lovely addition to your home’s porch or overhang. You can customize their appearance and size to fit whatever porch or overhang you have.

Ventilated Cedar Soffit

The ventilated cedar wood soffit allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to flaunt the look of cedar wood on your home’s exterior, but you also get to enjoy controlled ventilation in your building. The best feature of these soffits is their realistic wood grain finish.

Smooth Soffit

These are perfect for contemporary homes with smooth panels. They are available in a wide range of colors. You can also buy them in a ready-to-paint prime finish that allows you to paint over them in your preferred color.

Smooth Ventilated Soffit

No matter what kind of home you live in, be it traditional or modern, your ventilation needs remain the same. Smooth ventilated soffits are perfect for allowing controlled ventilation through your building. Not only are they available in over 20 colors, but they can also be painted over to match any color you want. Just be sure to get the ones that come with a ready-to-paint prime finish.

Hassle-free Fiber Soffit and Fascia Installation

At Universal Roofs, we believe in keeping things stress-free. We offer professional services on fiber soffit and fascia installation. Installation of fiber cement requires a lot of expertise. Our team is skilled in handling such materials and has adequate knowledge of how to use the specialized tools needed to manage projects such as these.

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