Emergency Skylight Repairs: A Step-By-Step Approach

Nothing brings more energy and life into your space than skylights and natural lights. Unlike windows, they offer illumination without taking away any wall space in your home. Skylights can also provide a beautiful view of the stars on a clear night. But, it can become pretty messy if they begin to leak. Most of the issues that cause skylights to leak are relatively easy to fix. But diagnosing the problem is the most important thing to know before embarking on an emergency skylight repairs. You will find the right solution if you follow the steps below. These can help you save money from minor skylight repairs.

Step 1

To start emergency skylight repairs in your space, take a look around your house before you get out of the ladder and scale the wall. If your skylight is in a room that is ordinarily damp, such as a kitchen or bathroom, then the water that drips onto your floor may just be condensation that has been built on the glass. You may just adjust the temperature to fix the problem instead of fixing the entire skylight.

Step 2

If you have a ventilated skylight that can be opened, ensure it is completely closed. If there is enough wind, even a small opening can allow rain to blow into a room.

Step 3

If the leak takes place in the fall, branches or leaves can cause water to back up under the shingles. This can also happen in winter because the downhill flow of water can be blocked by ice or snow. In either case, the problem would usually be solved if you clear off the roof in the skylight area.

Step 4 of emergency skylight repairs

If you realize the problem isn’t from the inside after careful evaluations, it’s time to go up and take a look. The skylight panel itself is the first thing to examine — is it damaged or scratched? Is the seal around the panel sections missing, or is it fragile? Next, are the shingles damaged, or did some of the nails that hold the skylight work their way up? If you noticed any of these problems but not extensive, you should be able to make the skylight repairs yourself with a bit of quality roofing caulk.

Step 5 of emergency skylight repairs

If you can’t easily locate the problem after an initial inspection on top of the roof, then it’s likely that the leak comes from a metal defect that flashes around the skylight. If this is the case, then there are two options. You can either attempt to seal everything around the skylight or contact a professional at Universal Roofs Inc. to handle it for you. The caulk may provide a quick solution to the problem, but the best long-term solution is to have a professional roofer repair the skylight.

When you first discover a leak around your skylight, don’t just go to the roof and cover everything in sight with a bucket of tar. That usually only makes things worse. When you take a systematic approach, you’ll most likely detect and patch it.

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