Emergency Skylight Repair Tips for Homeowners

Some emergency skylight repair tips will help you do quick fixes if you have a skylight. Skylights are more than just an installation. They flaunt attractive features that would make anyone want to be in your space. During the day, you get to enjoy natural light and ventilation. In the evening, skylights allow you to get a panoramic view of the starry sky, right from the comfort of your space.

However, just like other aspects of your property, skylights deserve maintenance, and sometimes, repairs. While skylights are one of the best installations you can put to your home, they can cost you more if you don’t take proper care of them. Check out these emergency skylight repair tips; they can help you avoid bigger damage while you save more.

Find the Source of the Leak

Whenever your skylight requires repair, you don’t have to start repairing immediately. Take time out to find the source of the leak. Examine its seals and to know if they have been compromised. If excessive condensation happens underside of the window surface, a drip created.  Often, condensation happens in kitchens and bathrooms as skylights experience a high level of humidity in these areas. Also, extremely cold weather can cause condensation, which leads to leaks.

Check Your Flashing

While checking for leaks during emergency skylight repairs, you need to keep an eye on other parts of the roof. Perhaps, water is flowing to your skylight through a leak on another portion of your roof. This could be one of the common roofing problems related to flashing, especially when there is improper installation. Sometimes, when the flashing has loosened or damaged, water may seep in and cause damage to your home. There are several products available to seal leaks. So, if you experience any leak, you may want to hire Universal Roofs Inc., a roofing professional to handle the task.

Check the Skylight itself

When you check your flashing, and it’s in good condition, you need to inspect the skylight. Look out for cracks where the metal frame and glass meet and all the welded joints. For an average homeowner, this can be quite a tricky process. You can reach out to a skylight expert to assist you with this process.

Check the Gears during Emergency Skylight Repairs

If you own a skylight that can be opened, then you need to check the gears. Sometimes, they can jam and makes it hard for you to open or close your skylight. In this scenario, proper lubrication can be of help. Get a lubricant and apply thoroughly on the gears.

Hire a Professional for Emergency Skylight Repair

It’s vital to hire a professional to perform emergency skylight repairs since your skylights constitute a significant component of your roofing system. Most times, repairing such damages can even worsen the entire scenario. Without the proper tools and expertise, you can do a lousy job. Let Universal Roofs Inc. do the repairs without any hassle on your end.

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