Electric Venting Skylight

Electric Venting Skylight

Electric Venting Skylight
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One of the best and easiest ways to enhance the aesthetics of your home is retrofitting it with a skylight. 

A skylight is not your average home decor element. It is a merger of science and art that augments the ambience of a home. With a skylight in your space, you get to stare into the skies during the day and the stars at night. Plus, the rays of the sun passing through the skylight during the day are enough to brighten your home, so you spend less on utility bills. 

Why you should get the Electric Venting Skylight

With a skylight, you can exchange the hot air at the top of your ceiling with some cool outside air – a process known as Venting. Venting keeps home temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels healthy for human inhabitation. 

There are various designs and configurations of skylights, each with its unique features, but one particular type stands out – the VELUX Electric Venting Skylight. As the name suggests, this skylight runs on electricity. 

Rain Sensor

Imagine you’re out of the house, with your skylight panels open, and all of a sudden the weather changes – it’s about to rain. What do you do? Probably rush home to close the skylight panels yourself or resort to coming back to a waterlogged apartment, right? Well, with the Electric Venting Skylight, you don’t have to worry about doing either, thanks to the rain sensor powered by the piezoelectric effect. When the rain sensors are triggered by raindrops, they send a tiny voltage to the skylight panels which propels them to close automatically. 

Laminated Glass

The silicone and titanium dioxide Neat® coating of the Electric Venting Skylight’s laminated glass makes it so smooth that it dispenses dirt and water swiftly, thereby eliminating the possibility of watermarks. This laminated glass also suppresses noise far better than other skylight glass models. 

Sleek design

One of the more obvious features of the Electric Venting Skylight is its stylish and portable design. It is suitable for deck and curb mounted installations and can be easily fitted to new buildings. It is also perfect for total home structure makeovers. 


A leak is a major dent in the aesthetic and functional forte of any skylight. However, if the Electric Venting Skylight has 99 problems, leaking is not one of them. With proper and professional installation, this venting skylight should last as long as the warranty says. It is durable and maintains top quality for several years.

Remote control

In tech, control is everything, and the Electric Venting Skylight got the memo. With its sleek and simple screen touch remote control, you have total authority over the skylight panels from anywhere in your home. 

Experience these features first-hand by retrofitting your home with the VELUX Electric Venting Skylight. Everything from its purchase to installation is quite affordable and it is an investment that will yield returns in terms of great lightning, panoramic views of the sky, and cool, soothing air. 

Accessories for the Electric Venting Skylight

Flashing Systems

These systems are custom-built to prevent the flow of water through the skylight without jeopardizing the integrity of the sealants over time. These flashing systems give you and your skylight double watertight assurance. 

Installation and fixing of Electric Venting Skylight Installation and Repairs

The durability and optimal functionality of the software and hardware systems of your skylight rest heavily on the quality of installation and repair. To get the best of both worlds, look no further than Universal Roofs. 

Professional Electric Venting Skylight Installation and Repairs in Toronto

We are a team of seasoned experts in skylight installation and repairs. Universal Roofs will install your electric skylight and make it blend in with the existing home design. Our experts will also get your faulty skylights back to optimal functionality in no time. 

Our well-trained employees will perform their tasks according to standards and tailor the results to your specifications. We are capable of devising new standard plans and techniques of skylight installation and repair on the spot, which will go a long way in solving a myriad of skylight issues within a short time. 

We possess the diagnostic software and hardware tools, technical know-how, and labor to properly fix and install your skylights, which is why our services are error-proof. With us, you don’t have to deal with complications from poor skylight installation and repairs. 

Our Electric Venting Skylight Installation and Repair Services

Installing new skylight systems and repairing a faulty one is no child’s play. To pull these procedures off, you need experts like Universal Roofs in your employ. Our standards are stellar, which is why we know that we are the best in the field and you’d be settling for less if you hired any other service. 

Electric configuration repair Toronto – Electrical faults may develop in skylights for a couple of reasons, but they can be fixed with simple hardware or software configurations. This is what we do, and no one does it better. 

Leaking repair Toronto – A skylight leak points to faults in the flashing system. The flashing is the element that seals the edges of the skylight panels, thereby making them impermeable to water. Depending on the gravity of damage to the flashing, we will either seal the leak with roofing cement or silicone caulking or replace the metal flashing. 

Electric Skylight Installation – Installing an electric skylight is not as easy as it sounds. It is a complex procedure that requires the expertise only we can offer. With our installation prowess, your skylight will display optimal performance for as long as possible, so you won’t need to deal with excess repair or maintenance costs in the future. 

The Electric skylight is perfect, and you must complement it with perfection in installation and repairs. We deal with all the hardware and software components of electric skylights, which put us in a good position to deal with skylight installations, electrical configuration, sealing and attaching flashing systems, and so much more. 

With us, your skylight experience will be a million times better, so why settle for less?

Contact us today! It’ll do your home and skylight a world of good. 


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