Easy DIY Roof Repair Tips You Should Know

Sometimes, when your roof needs some fixation, and you want to save some money, the need for DIY roof repair ideas come in handy. In fact, you must not call an expert for every roofing issue you encounter – you’ll be saving a lot. Homeowners who don’t really mind heights can draw on some DIY ideas and fix minor issues on their roofs.

Several tips will make you stand out when it comes to fixing your roofs. We’ve handpicked and outlined some of these DIY repair tips. Check them out and save some money.

DIY Roof Repair Tips – Shingle Replacement

It’s not uncommon to see that your roof has a few damaged or missing shingles. In fact, such issues are often localized (happens on a particular portion of the roof). When such happens, you need a good DIY roof repair knowledge to replace the damaged or missing shingles.

Firstly, you need to get new shingles that really match the existing ones in color and style. You wouldn’t want the patches to be very significant and reduce the aesthetics of your roof.

Next, remove the damaged shingles and, perhaps, the surrounding shingles that are loose. Gently fix in the new ones and keep them in place using nails and adhesives made for such shingles.

DIY Flashing Repair Tips

Sometimes, roof problems will make you feel bad. Your shingles are okay and not due for a change, but your roof isn’t serving correctly. You need to check the flashing. This often comes in handy anytime to reroof wholly or partially. Some DIY roof repair tips will help you repair your flashing.

It’s important to know that the flashing is often around the skylights, chimneys, and other places where there is a space in the roof. This often prevents leak. 

If you don’t mind heights, you can climb up to your roof and seal these gaps with flashing. Take time out to ensure you do it properly to avoid leak issues.

Plumbing Vent Boots

Whenever you want to do a DIY roof repair on your plumbing vent boots, which is made of metal or plastic, always check their bases. Look for broken seams in the case of metal vent boots and cracks on plastic bases. If the rubber boot that surrounds the pipe has torn or is damaged, it can cause unwanted water flow or drip into the house.

Here’s what to do; get a new vent boot and replace the old and damaged ones. Also, check if the nails at the base of the vent are missing. You may want to do a total replacement with screws.

The shingles on the neighboring sides might need some work. You need to be careful when working on these shingles, especially if you don’t have another to replace them.

For homeowners who are not scared of heights, these DIY roof repair tips are sure to help them save some money. However, experts always stand out in any project. When next you need roofing experts in Toronto, Universal Roofs Inc. is always available to assist you.

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