9 Reasons Your DIY Roof Repair in Burlington Might Be a Bad Idea

It’s common to think DIY roof repair in Burlington is an inexpensive way to keep your roof working in tip-top shape. At some point, many homeowners feel the need to climb up to their roof and do some minor repairs and fixes. If you feel the same, know that you’re not alone.

Surprisingly, after doing some DIY jobs on their roofs, some homeowners still reach out to experts to complete the project, repair damages, or even confirm they did the DIY jobs well. In such scenarios, you spend even more because you’ve already invested time and resources doing it yourself.

Before you pick up your “amateur” tools and climb to your roof to do some repairs, we want to show you why it might not be a perfect idea. Nothing beats hiring expert roofers in Burlington to inspect, repair, maintain or replace your roof. If you’re to hire anyone, be sure they are professionals, so you don’t waste your time and resources.

Here’s why you might reconsider executing some DIY tips you’ve always known, read, or viewed online.


If you’ve ever climbed a roof, you’ll fully agree with the fact that some roofs are actually steeper than they appear from the ground. Imagine climbing that with your tools and materials and doing the actual repairs. You might be risking your safety.

As you know, professionals have done similar jobs and have mastered all it takes to climb and work on virtually any roof for a long time. With simple DIY tips, you might know how it feels to climb up there, spend some time, and come down safely.

It would be horrible if you unexpectedly fell and sustained an injury while doing some DIY stuff. Think about the hospital bill. It might be way above what it would have cost to hire a professional. When next you think about doing some DIY works on your roof, consider your safety. Go for it if you’re sure of your safety to a large extent.

DIY Roof Repair in Burlington Could Void Material Warranty

Most reliable companies offer material warranty to their customers only when these materials are installed by a professional. If you ever perform some DIY works on such materials with a warranty, you void it, and the manufacturing company will most probably not honor the warranty if need be.

If you opt for DIY roof repair in Burlington, then you risk the warranty of your entire roof. It would help if you thought about this before you climb your roof for repairs.

Non-professional Roof Repairs in Burlington could lead to More Damages and Leaks

No one wants to have their roofs leaking. If you ever experience it or any sort of damage, whether minor or significant, it could be worse, especially when you opt for a DIY repair.

In the entire Burlington, leaking roofs is one of the main causes of DIY repairs. But when homeowners fail to apply and install the roofing materials properly, a moisture-proof seal might not be created like a professional would do. This makes water seep into the building. In some cases, it becomes worse than it was before you performed the job.

Improper roof repairs and installations don’t just compromise the roof’s quality and functionality. It can also affect the structural integrity of the entire building. They might start small and degenerate. This is why choosing expert roofers in Burlington cannot be overemphasized.

Know-How and Workmanship

If you’ve ever watched the show “Nailed It” on Netflix, you’d know what it feels like for an amateur to try replicating professional works. Newbies try to bake custom-shaped cakes, perhaps animal shapes, buildings, and human beings in the show. Often, they fail hilariously. The case isn’t quite different from a homeowner trying to do some professional roofing jobs.

Without proper training, education, and practice, you can’t deliver like a professional roofer in Burlington. Doing your roof repairs in Burlington will hardly come out as perfect as that done by an expert. Remember, a poorly-executed job leaves your roof, building, and everything in it vulnerable.

Material Quality

The durability of any roof is dependent on some factors, and the quality of the roofing material is one of the significant factors. If you install a poor quality roof or repair an existing roof with poor quality materials, the durability will be compromised largely.

Contractors who deliver expert roof repair in Burlington often get quality material supplies from reliable contractor supply companies. They get these materials at discounted prices, and they come with guarantees and warranties.

If you try to source such quality materials on your own, you’ll pay much more and might not get the exact quality you desire. Less quality roofing materials will make your roof less durable as they will wear out easily.

Contractors like Universal Roofs who have mastered roof repairs in Burlington will help you find and install the best quality materials.


Insurance companies are into business and want to make a profit, just like every other venture. They make more money and spend little in return. If they insure you, they want to be sure they are making a wise business decision.

If you opt for DIY roof repairs, you may void your roof’s insurance coverage as they don’t trust your roofing abilities the same way they trust professional roofers in Burlington.

Imagine doing your DIY stuff, and a massive hail storm happens and damages your roof afterward; you’ll need a new roof and hire a professional to install it. If your insurance company finds out you’ve been doing your repairs yourself, they might not grant you the pay you deserve.

Save Time

Even if you’re a sit-at-home person or you work from home, you can save more time when you hire a professional to do your roof repairs in Burlington. Apparently, it takes a lot of time for a non-professional to fix roofing issues.

You could channel your time to other things, whether lucrative or recreational, and let an expert do the job. Remember, a roof repair isn’t as quick as replacing a window or fixing a burst pipe.

Damage Assessment

Every project execution requires assessment. Likewise, before any roof repair in Burlington, there should be some level of damage assessment. When you go for DIY, you risk missing the vital red flags that a professional can spot during a damage assessment.

Unless you’re a trained roofer, it might be hard to know what to check to determine your roof’s status. Apparently, virtually anyone can tell when their shingles are severely damaged, or flashings are obviously damaged. But it takes a professional to spot underlying and hidden damages, leak spots, and many more.

When you look at your ceiling, it’s easy to find water damages, but when you climb your roof, it can be quite difficult to find the exact source of leaks. Let a professional handle your roof repairs in Burlington. They will go as far as analyzing damages to find and fix the next possible damage on your roof.

Peace of Mind

This might be underrated, but it’s quite vital for everyone, including homeowners. This level of peace of mind comes with knowing a professional is handling your roof repair in Burlington. Your DIY ideas cannot offer you the peace of mind you deserve. Hiring expert roofers in Burlington ensures a job well-executed. It’s under warranty and keeps you away from troubles with your insurance company.

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