CXP Flat Roof Exit Skylights

CXP Flat Roof Exit Skylights

CXP – Flat Roof Exit Skylights
Toronto & GTA

If you are looking for a great way to amp the décor and value of your home or office, you should consider installing a skylight. Skylights are like windows in your roof that light up your space with sun rays and allow fresh air to enter and circulate the inner environment. They come in a variety of models with different perks such as remote controls, rain sensors, extra-strong flashing systems, and so on. 

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal CXP Flat Roof Exit Skylights

For a while, skylights were only available for homes with elevated roofs, but now, homes with flat and low-pitched roofs can be retrofitted with skylight models known as VELUX Flat Roof Skylights. These skylights feature a creative, but simple design that allows them to fit perfectly on flat roofs and perform the same functions as the other models. 

Flat Roof Skylights in turn, also come in about three models with different roof applications and unique features. One of them is the VELUX CXP Flat Roof Exit Skylight model and it is a great skylight option for you. It not only gives you amazing sights of the sun during the day, and the stars at night, but also allows venting of your home by releasing warm, damp air, and letting in cool, soothing air. 

Features of CXP – Flat Roof Exit Skylights

  • Suitable for 0° – 15° roof pitch installations 
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • It opens up to 60° to provide easy roof exit and access to the rooftop. 
  • No automated system, so it is manually operated using crank rods for out-of-reach installations.
  • Features double-glazed panels with an insulating PVC, and low-energy inner glass that combine to keep the internal energy and heat intact. 
  • Insect screen is unavailable for this model
  • Comes with a polycarbonate dome, which makes it durable and resistant to damage from external forces like hail, storms, ice pellets, and other severe weather conditions.
  • 10-year Warranty on parts for defective skylights and 20-year Warranty for parts on seal failure.

Accessories for CXP Flat Roof Exit Skylights

Awning Blinds

On really sunny days, you may experience excess sun rays passing through the skylight into your room. This can cause some vision problems, especially if you look up or when you’re working on a computer. This level of intensity will eventually lead to overheating the inner environment, and you might find yourself sweating profusely. Don’t forget that the effects of UV radiation over time can also cause skin burns, acne, and other skin issues, as well as the degradation of objects like chairs, tables, and computers. Before this becomes your story, we recommend that you retrofit your flat roof exit skylights with some awning blinds. 

Blinds are typically attached to the skylight domes internally or externally, but no matter their positions, they will reduce the intensity of sun rays directly entering your space. Depending on the model, awning blinds can be automatic in their operations, that is, they cover the dome when their photovoltaic panels are triggered by intense solar radiation. You can also operate blinds using remote controls, while some models possess both features. 

Awning blinds require no electrical work to install because they run on solar batteries. Plus, they come in various designs and sizes to fit a wide variety of home décor.  

Installation and repair of CXP Flat Roof Exit Skylights in Toronto

To kickstart your flat roof skylight experience, you have to get it installed. The quality of installation will determine if you will enjoy the full perks of your skylight or battle with complications such as leaking and condensation. To avoid the latter scenario, you need to entrust your skylight in the hands of capable flat roof skylight installers like Universal Roofs. We deliver only the best skylight installation services in Toronto, and our track record proves it.

Besides installations, we also conduct flat roof skylight repairs. By applying standard procedures, experience, and field knowledge, our experts will assess the faults in your skylight and effect repairs immediately. When we make replacements, we use only original spare parts, because we offer only top-quality services in all our dealings. 

We strongly advise that you reach out to us immediately you notice early symptoms of problems in your skylights. These problems won’t magically go away, and if you ignore them for too long, you will have more complications and repair costs to deal with. Take, for example, a skylight leak. If you leave it for too long, it will gradually lead to the deterioration of the frame, sealants, roofing materials, and other integral parts of your roof and you don’t want that. A professional roofing company like Universal Roofs will save you costs and get your skylight up and running in no time. 

Our CXP Flat Roof Skylight Installation and Repair Services

Universal Roofs is the leading roofing company in Toronto, and for obvious reasons. We simply offer the best. Our installations are perfect and our repairs make skylights look and work as good as new. If you want to install a new skylight in your home or fix a faulty one, you should have a roofing company like us on speed dial. 

Flat Roof Skylight Soundproof repair Toronto – Over time, the soundproof quality of flat roof skylights may degrade and the external noise from rain, train stations, main roads, birds, and whatnot can be a real headache. But not to worry, there are many soundproof solutions that you can attach to your skylight and we can help you with it. 

Leak Repair Toronto – Leaks are probably the most common problems every skylight develops. They may ensue due to external impact damage, degrading sealants, cracks, or poor installation. Our experts will deal with this head-on by using factory-recommended sealants, re-adjusting the frames, repairing the flashing system, or conduct any other procedure that eliminates the leak problem. 

You can get ahead of skylight faults by hiring us to conduct maintenance checks on your skylights before they develop major problems. This will save you repair costs and the woes of going through skylight problems. So, reach out to us today, and let’s help you fix or install your skylight. 


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