CVP Flat Roof Skylight

CVP Flat Roof Skylight

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Skylights are great for adding finesse and value to homes and offices. They allow natural light to brighten the area and fresh air to ventilate the inner atmosphere. Sadly, homes with flat or low-pitched roofs could not enjoy these benefits, because most skylight models were designed for elevated roofs. 

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal CVP Flat Roof Skylight

However, the VELUX CVP Flat roof skylight has changed the narrative. Courtesy of this new, innovative model, individuals with flat-roofed homes can enjoy the skylight experience just as much as anybody! You can transform your flat-roofed home into something more magnificent and homely with this skylight model, and you get to enjoy other perks too. 

The best thing about flat roof skylights is that they come in a variety of models too. These models have different perks, capabilities, and price ranges to suit your financial status. One of the best types of flat roof skylights is the VELUX Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylight. It is an amazing skylight that will suit any flat or low-pitched roof perfectly, and it has some amazing features that you’d surely love to try out. 

Key features of CVP Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylights

  • Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylights feature double-glazed units with a laminated inner pane for additional safety. 
  • Energy-saving potential courtesy of its low-energy pane and insulated curb. 
  • The cover is made up of a polycarbonate dome that is highly resistant to external forces like rain, storms, hails, and snow, and is retrofitted with edge-to-edge counter flashing to make it airtight and impermeable. 
  • Since it is a manual model and cannot be operated by an automated system, it comes with a control rod. This rod can be used to control the skylight panels via a turn-handle. 
  • It is retrofitted with polystyrene insulation which allows it to protect the inner environment from external noise. 
  • It comes with standard security fittings that make its burglary resistance a Class 2.  
  • Features tempered glass over laminated glass layering.
  • This polycarbonate dome skylight is available in 8 different sizes. 
  • It has a sleek, stylish appearance that makes it an instant aesthetic upgrade to any home or office it is installed in. 
  • It possesses a maintenance-free PVC frame that reduces the need for constant maintenance practices. 
  • 20-year Warranty for parts on seal failure and a 10-year Warranty for defective skylights parts.

Remember that all these features are only optimal if they are properly installed by professional Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylight installers. 

Accessories for CVP Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylights

Accessories put you in control of certain operations of your manual venting skylights and nothing feels better than having control over your appliances.


Unless you are using the opaque version of the flat roof manual venting skylights, you might find your room flooded with excess sunlight during the day. Blinds exist to solve this major problem.

When installed, they reduce the amount and intensity of light coming in through the skylight, indirectly protecting humans and the inanimate objects in the home or office from excess UV radiation. By reducing light intensity, they also prevent overheating of the inner environment during hot summer days. 

Blinds come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, so you can select the ones that fit the décor of your home or office. 

Installation and repair of CVP Flat Roof Manual Venting Skylights in Toronto

Retrofitting your home with flat roof manual venting skylights takes careful installation procedures that can be quite complex. This complexity drives many installers to make mistakes, which can be very bad for you, your home, and your skylight. To avoid the complications that follow installation errors, you need to hire expert flat roof manual venting skylight installers like Universal Roofs. 

We are skylight specialists, so we deal with different skylight models. Flat roof manual venting skylights are one of our favorites. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to perfectly install your skylight, with the assurance of no hardware errors or complications. 

In addition to installations, we also conduct flat roof manual venting skylight repairs. Sooner or later, every skylight starts to develop issues, and you need a company like Universal Roofs to get them fixed. We promise optimal performance for all repaired skylights and you won’t have to deal with the same problems anymore.

Our personnel will fix the parts that can be fixed, and recommend replacements for those beyond repair. Furthermore, we only use original spare parts at Universal Roofs. We never deal with fakes or copies, because we know that they will affect the performance of your skylight sooner or later. 

Our flat roof manual venting skylight installation and repair services

Installing a skylight is a big deal since it will have long-term effects on performance. Repairs can also lead to other complications, if not done properly. So, why not hire a company known to carry out both procedures successfully? Why not hire the premium services of Universal roofs? We are fast and reliable, and our experts never are the best in the business. 

Flat roof manual venting skylight leak repairs Toronto – Skylights suffer from leakages due to a couple of reasons. But whatever the reason is, our professionals at Universal Roofs are up to the task. We’ll take a look at the flashing, assess the skylight for cracks, and check the frame for proper positioning. After finding out what the problem is, we will then proceed to fix it using standard operating tools and procedures. 

Flat roof manual venting skylight broken handle repairs Toronto – Over time, handles and hinges on skylights can break, which makes them difficult to operate. You can decide to purchase new handles/hinges and other parts from convenience stores or reach out to us to give you a professional touch. 

Flat roof manual venting skylight partial closing of windows repairs Toronto – If your skylight window does not close as it should, you should treat it as a security issue. Plus, if your windows do not close properly and it rains, you may have to deal with major water logging in your home or office. To avoid this, simply reach out to us and we will help you reset the window frames, change the magnet on the motor, or carry out other procedures to solve this problem for you.

We are skylight specialists, and when it comes to skylight installations and repairs, there’s no other company you’d rather have in your employ. Reach out to us today. 


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