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Have you ever noticed that at a particular time of the day, your business’ productivity drops? Workers are feeling sick or falling asleep on their desks. And the overall atmosphere of the environment is dull. It’s almost like everyone requires a pick-me-up.

It’s a well-known fact that spending hours behind a desk can harm work. When workers spend hours indoors, there’s a tendency for them to feel tired and become less productive.

This drop-in productivity could be a lack of vitamin D. This vitamin is a mood booster because it is associated with lowering anxiety and stress symptoms. Your body makes vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. This is why workers are expected to work facing a window.

But what happens when you work on a building like a factory? One where windows aren’t so standard. For situations like that, we’d recommend getting a skylight.

Does My Business Need a Skylight?

The idea of installing a skylight in your commercial building sounds attractive, but is it worth it? Next up are a few reasons why a skylight could be a valuable addition to your facility.

Reduces Cost

A significant advantage of a skylight anywhere is the role it plays in cost reduction. This is possible because your building will consume less electricity. Money that would’ve been spent on light bulbs or replacing light bulbs is avoided with the lighting that comes from the skylight.

Suppose your skylight is installed in an area that usually doesn’t have access to natural lighting that also serves as a cost saver. You would avoid tons of money that could’ve been spent on wires and other materials.

Improves Atmosphere

During the winter, seasonal depression sets in because of the reduction of exposure to sunlight. A skylight is one way to combat this. Exposing workers to some natural lightning can positively boost their mental health and increase productivity.

It is also proven that people tend to hang around areas with skylights more. This is especially encouraging for business owners. The longer your customers hang around, the more likely they are to buy something.


Skylights are windows, after all, meaning they can be opened at any time to improve ventilation at home. This is possible since they are remote-controlled. Let’s not forget that fresh air is essential to our survival. When a building is well ventilated, it reduces temperatures- It’s easy for an environment to get hot and stuffy when too many people are confined in it. A room with good ventilation solves this problem almost instantly. This makes workers more comfortable and more productive.

Eco Friendly

Skylights are beneficial to our environment. This is because they cut down our electricity consumption. This reduces our carbon footprint in the ozone layer and promotes a healthy ecosystem.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Skylight


While there are many styles to designing a skylight, the most popular ones are flat and dome. Dome-shaped roof lights have a significant setback- only being available in plastic. Plastic domes require more maintenance and cleaning. They also have a tendency to get discolored over time.

Flat skylights do not have a discoloration problem. However, they are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. They also require regular cleaning since you cannot expect any debris on them to slide off.


You can’t install a skylight in your home without knowing where you want to put it. The primary purpose of a skylight is to enhance lighting and promote ventilation. Naturally, you’d position it in an area that gets as much light as possible during the day. Determining your building’s rafters’ position will give you a hint of where to position your roof light.


Many people do not know this, but the time you intend to install your skylight is also a crucial factor to consider. The best time to get one is during the summer when rainfall is less likely to occur. Rainfall could make the installation process more complicated than it needs to be. Our advice is you should research when you have a dry season and install your rooflight during that period to boost its chance of being successful.

Type of Skylight

There are two kinds of skylights- fixed skylights and vented skylights. The one you get is dependent on what you need it for. Vented skylights promote ventilation and enhance lighting at the same time. However, they are more expensive than their fixed counterparts. Not only do they cost more to install, but they also require care to avoid leakages.

Type of Glass

Skylights are made from two kinds of glass- tempered glass and laminated glass. The reason for using these types of glass is to reduce the probability of glass breaking from impact from an object. Tempered glasses are stronger than regular glass. In instances when they break, they are less likely to cause any harm because they remain smooth. Laminated glass is also safer than regular glass because it is coated in a film that prevents it from breaking sharp pieces.

Why Universal Roofs?

Commercial skylights conserve energy and improve living. Every business deserves that, and we can assist you in achieving that.

Projects such as roof light installation are huge, and you wouldn’t want it to mess up. That is why it’s best to work with a professional. Universal Roofs is that professional. You can trust us to handle your skylight installation with competence and care.

Our company does more than install skylights. We are also staffed with individuals who ensure they leave no room for mistakes during installation, saving you costs associated with regular maintenance.

At the end of the day, we want to provide you with a service that will knock your socks off.

Need a Skylight for your Commercial Building?

Getting a skylight couldn’t be any easier. The first step is to come in contact with a group of professionals who can seamlessly get the job done. You can reach out to any of our team members via email address and a telephone call.


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