Single Ply Roof Membrane

Single Ply Roof Membrane SERVICE Why You Can Confidently Choose Single-ply Roof Membrane This roofing product line is available in six, eight, and ten-foot-wide 100-foot-long rolls. Single-ply membranes have a resemblance with dense sheets of white rubber that are rolled out on the roof and heat welded shut. It also reflects ultra-violate (UV) rays because … Read more

Modified Bitumen Roof System

Modified Bitumen Roof System Modified Bitumen Roofing Contractors in Toronto Our team of experts at Universal Roofs uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide a wide variety of commercial roofing systems to property owners. We are dedicated to excellence through our commitment to quality service delivery and creative concepts, which have helped us develop ourselves … Read more

Built Up Roof Membrane

Built Up Roof Membrane SERVICE What Is Built-Up Roofing Membrane? A common form of roofing material used on low-slope or flat roofs is a built-up roofing membrane. This material is made up of several layers of ply sheets and asphalt that work together to form a protective membrane that protects against the elements. For added … Read more

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