Cedar Shake

Cedar Shake SERVICE Types of Cedar Shakes Available Hand split and Resawn These types of cedar shakes are split on one side with the natural grain of the wood and sawn on the back to give a super rustic look. They often come in 4 thickness variations: ¾”, 7/8”, 1”, and 1 ¼” or thicker … Read more

Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles SERVICE Grain exposures of Cedar Shingles Cedar shingles come in four different grain exposures to choose from. These grains determine the quality of the shingles and their long-term stability, so you must consider them when purchasing cedarwood. Edge grain Edge grains are considered the best and most stable since they are cut from … Read more

Single Ply Roof Membrane

Single Ply Roof Membrane SERVICE Why You Can Confidently Choose Single-ply Roof Membrane This roofing product line is available in six, eight, and ten-foot-wide 100-foot-long rolls. Single-ply membranes have a resemblance with dense sheets of white rubber that are rolled out on the roof and heat welded shut. It also reflects ultra-violate (UV) rays because … Read more

Modified Bitumen Roof System

Modified Bitumen Roof System Modified Bitumen Roofing Contractors in Toronto Our team of experts at Universal Roofs uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide a wide variety of commercial roofing systems to property owners. We are dedicated to excellence through our commitment to quality service delivery and creative concepts, which have helped us develop ourselves … Read more

Built Up Roof Membrane

Built Up Roof Membrane SERVICE What Is Built-Up Roofing Membrane? A common form of roofing material used on low-slope or flat roofs is a built-up roofing membrane. This material is made up of several layers of ply sheets and asphalt that work together to form a protective membrane that protects against the elements. For added … Read more

Steel Roof

Steel Roof SERVICE See Why You Need Steel Roofs Instead of putting a tag on the roof types, it is best to highlight and dissect them. This is best done by evaluating their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, you can choose which one works best for you. When you look at structures globally, you … Read more

Zinc Roof

Zinc Roof SERVICE What Roof can I use? Are Zinc Roofs any Good? If you have no idea about the building materials, you will encounter many challenges and want to give up along the line. It is why you need to be knowledgeable, especially as you do not want anyone to play a quick one … Read more

Aluminum Roof

Aluminum Roof SERVICE Best Aluminum Roof Services in Toronto Traditional roofs are no way near aluminum in terms of durability. Home owners, who are aware of how long-lasting aluminum is, never hesitate to make a switch when the opportunity arises. Once installed properly, metal roofs can last as long as the houses they sit on. … Read more

Copper Roof

Copper Roof SERVICE Why You Need Copper Roof ? You have gone for many consultations and received suggestions from people, yet it seems something is missing. That something is a copper roof. Using a copper roof comes with many benefits that give you peace of mind and allow you to live a stress-free life. It … Read more

Bituminous Slate Roof

Bituminous Slate Roof SERVICE Universal Roofs – Your One-stop Shop for Bituminous Slate Roofing Services Today, it has increasingly become recognized as an economical, aesthetic, and fire-safe product with a combination of longevity, durability, beauty, and value.   It is worth mentioning that bituminous shingles are not only known for their beauty and durability but are … Read more

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