A woman who stole $394,000 from a Pennsylvania contractor after being hired to balance his books has been sentenced.

A woman who stole $394,000 from a Pennsylvania contractor after being hired to balance his books has been sentenced.

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A woman in Ardmore, Pennsylvania who was caught stealing money from the company she worked for has been sentenced to prison.

Tiarah Tiffany “Nikki” Brokenborough was sentenced on Thursday to one to two years in prison on felony charges of dealing in proceeds of illegal activities and theft by deception. She is also sentenced to five years’ probation and must pay full restitution.

The bookkeeper is facing fraud charges related to incidents that occurred between October 2018 and March 2020. She used her position to misappropriate $400,000 of company money over the course of one year, using company assets to commit theft.

According to The Mercury, Brokenborough used the stolen funds for luxurious things like buying tickets for sporting events and concerts, getting liposuction or buttock augmentation from a plastic surgeon, car payments or dining at fine restaurants.

“The defendant was in a position of trust with the company, and violating that trust is selfish,” Montgomery County Court Judge Thomas P. Rogers said to Brokenborough. “There’s no excuse for what you did and it’s unacceptable.”

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She might be a young woman, but this Defendant is already on the path to personal recovery. Defense Attorney Eugene Tinari requested a term of house arrest for Brokenborough, who can use this option to work and pay restitution. That’s one way we can ensure that Brokenborough makes progress and leads her life down the right path.

Tinari also mentioned that both the victim and perpetrator should be punished, as well as compensated.

Tinari claimed that Brokenborough suffered from a bipolar disorder, which can cause an irrational and dysfunctional way of thinking.

When Brokenborough made a request to serve her time under house arrest, Rogers denied the request. He also denied her request that Brokenborough surrender to authorities next week and had deputies take her into custody to begin serving her sentence.

The sentence was handed down after hearing testimony from John and Michelle, who own the roofing company together.

“I am 70 years old and I am still working 10 to 12 hours a day because of what she did,” Hynes said, according to The Mercury. “It has been hard emotionally and financially. It is very emotional for me to speak about it, but there is good news,” Hynes continued. “My dreams of retiring ended up going down the drain, frankly.”

Brokenborough pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year.

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