A video has emerged on social media of a schoolie leaping from the roof onto a table in Port Elliot, Australia.

South Australia’s police commissioner said the victim was on a quest for social media virality and happened to be drinking alcohol when she attempted to jump from an apartment building roof onto a table.

A video posted online shows a young man jumping from the roof of a house onto a canvas-covered folding table.

Man A attempted the same stunt and landed on man B instead of landing on the table.

He falls to the ground, unmoving.

Most students acted responsibly while they were out of school and had a great time.

In the interview, he commented that the incident is an example of one of the downsides to social media – people are prompted to do things that are unsafe because of their perceived opportunity for more attention on social platforms.

“Unfortunately, there’s not a way to make sure that people are always safe and sound.

“In general, I think schoolies was successful. But there’s always room for improvement.”

The video was filmed in Port Elliot on Saturday evening.

The man was brought to the hospital by ambulance, but released shortly afterward.

Schoolies Festival, the official event for graduating high school seniors in Australia went on this past weekend with 5,000 attendees from Friday to Sunday.

There was only one arrest, with one alcohol intoxication and nearly 40 DUI’s.

Allegedly, a man was at a hotel when he allegedly hit and threw objects in the lobby. The police arrested him because they suspected that it may have been related to the property on the previous sentence.

Of the nine fines, two were for cannabis possession, seven were for drinking in dry zones (also known as public intoxication), and one was for minor behavioural offences.

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